Perut Ikan ( fermented fish stomach ) Exotika

The M a s t e r ' S P i e c e s

The perilous search & find mission up the dangerous ravines off Balik Pulau , Penang ended with the successful capture & entrapment of the most prized, elusive but essential aromatic herbs

Braving the arduous escort thru 4 hours 400 km terrorist infested journey from
Penang Island across the treacherous plains of Bukit Merah while
busy repelling waves of stinking attacks from
regiment Bukit Gantang Durians ,
and masterfully avoiding Gangland Ipoh's sensuously alluring white chickens ...
... the precious imperial cargo arrived safely in Petaling Jaya without any casualties
the full arsenal with the Star ( perut ikan ) top right hand corner
primed and ready for action

...the crowning final bunga kantan cut , capping all of 60 mins non-stop knifing combat

the release of da sorceress , that most potent magical 'secret' pasty weapon of fiery destruction

flaming cauldron & steaming hot transformation countdown ,
in full technicolor & cutting-edge digiSSurround
nearly completed finale , notwithstanding only another 20 more mins

...and presenting...
the flamboyant , colorful & ready-to-please
perut ikan
a drop dead gorgeous multi-brew classic
a heartpounding special from the Chef
team BSG... Riana Green

Special thanks to the production crew , the pub , Long Cool Danes


lovely guest artises teckiee & wmw for gracing da occassion
NB : this minty, fishy marvel is also available at a Nyonya Restaurant near you


Wennn said…
Wahhhhh very traditional nyonya food wor!! Too bad here kenot get all those leaves la.. So kenot cook it here...
Looks delicious! Am regretting not going already. :-(
Anonymous said…
Aiyo, drool-inducing larr.
Ginger said…
pity that u said the vege lack in wok hei.. looks very good!!!!
thank u thank u thank u for visiting.

ooooh.... glorious foooood.
i dont have to go far to have some real seddap food whipped up pronto!
coool. i mean hot.
sc said…
i'm such a katak bawah tempurung...heard so much about this dish and i've never even tried before! looks good, looks good..kudos to the chef
Anonymous said…
i love perut ikan! all the ingredients are best lah - i like, i like, i esp. like bunga kantan.
wmw said…
Thanks, that evening was an eye-opener! ha ha ha...
Unknown said…
hmmmpphhh..we r not invited! i've never tried ikan perut and kgboy keeps raving bout KT's ikan perut
What a bounty of produce. It looks great.
Anonymous said…
There are so many veg accompanying the stomach, is that to "hide" the smell?
v can try on our nex quest save some greenies just 4 u !

as u will always say , ...its the co baby

its smelly lah ( that type one )

actually it tastes bitingly pungent

its our great pleasure to read the all-refreshing alternative view , and welcome to the other mouthful alternative !

since u said it we have to do something bout it soon !
the dish takes all of 3 hrs preparation time thank the chef !

one of the honored guests said it tastes a whiff of laksa. she is right !

indeed u saw only a bit...

nex time nex time coz the cook is demo first time...sommore some professinal photographers u know...
this dish u shud try coz its v v strong...

it will be great if somehow u remember and request this one shud u be in Msia !

coz not , its to complete the show ! means to provide the Nyonya fragrance ,btw have u cooked this before ? if not do try ( check RM )
MeiyeN said…
:( :( just so unfortunately that fiance worked late that night :(
teckiee said…
The perut ikan was awesome! This is as good... actually maybe even better compared to the one Tanjung Bunga fish head restaurant in Cheow Yan serves.
nex time We'll fetch you ourselves ! hahaha

tks for yr charming presence , and we shall meet again soon , with yr chui pai of course !
boo_licious said…
Aargh! That looks so delish - I'm so sad now for missing it.
v r sadder too u r not there !
no worries NU nex
Anonymous said…
Can I get the recipe.
Unknown said…

teckiee and wmw get to eat it!
i want too!!!!
tks 4 dropping by , yes we are getting ready our recipe v soon !

come come , c u !
Anonymous said…
Aiyoh, why la you want to torture me early-early morning! Eh, where did you buy the perut ikan ah? Market can get ah? If no perut ikan, what can i use to substitute it? Eh, why your dish got yee pheng wan? So wrong. But looks nice la. dang!
perut ikan from Pg , very hard to get one !must order one from ppl.
perut ikan cannot substitude coz then no more call perut ikan ! haha
ye pheng to give more body !