Penang Charms

Holding on

The good thing about this Pearl of the Orient is that it is still shining ( faintly ) though things are rapidly changing. For instance the once stunning 13km long bridge beauty has now turned into a sort of don't look at me right now babe . With ugly barriers left, right and centre & all da way it isn't so majestic anymore.
fast disappearing great view
the really classic who's behind this ? along good old Macalister Road ( "5 corners" )

Revealed, the not-so-busy alone again sister.

Why , this one ( famous yam cake ) is not so fine. There are some unusual rough edges.

but still a stellar standing ovation from the oldie herself, the perfect sisters Char Kway Teow as only she can ! RM4 with impeccable pairsome springy naked prawns , a little crab meat and the ultra reliable usuals ! Visit Sisters Year now ( before its over ) !
and that is not much we can say about the empty streets even in this Visit Malaysia Year 2007 ! Although we have been given to understand that they are collecting triumphant accolades everywhere in foreign lands ( for booth display omg !)... except at home.


Wennn said…
Sedaps nya.... hmmmm wish I am bek in Penang...
Anonymous said…
Ermm.... Now I miss my relaxing trip to Penang many months ago :(
Anonymous said…
wow..lugi liao four dolla only got fleshy crab meats + naked jumbo shrimps, yummys :)
Anonymous said…
Perhaps Penangites take their food choice for granted. I had Sister's ckt once and I never wanted to go back again :P I prefer the ones sold in market or at road side. There's one in 'chit tiao lo' (7th St/Cecil Street) market that's really good. The best I've had is at the tong sui kai in Ipoh (Jason would know). Served piping hot with the softest q-q koey teow. Yum!
Anonymous said…
apa dei??? you in penang and never plan to meet me? ayoh!! should have email me and let me know lah. i can show you where the best food are.

btw, this may sound odd but thing is although being a penangite (and staying in penang all thru my life from birth to now) i had never try the sisters char kway teow (CKT) at all. never. there were times i said to myself must try it one day but kept putting it off then later when i said must try it, people been saying now it is not nice anymore, so i gave up trying it. haha.

yes there are other places with better CKT than the sisters'. oops. i haven't try sisters how can i say that, so i will just say there are other places with good CKT, like of course lorong selamat (but damn expensive and the auntie frying the CKT damn proud), new lane, batu lancang.
wmw said…
Mmm...lovely CKT! Where to next???
one more destination for you. We can go durian plucking in da jungle

Pg gals nice or not ( not the sisters lah, others )

melting wok
many ppl say no more good but we say still v good ! da prawns like size of middle finger so definitely impressive lah.

that is the fun in eating everywhere. supose a person's taste is similar to the choice of b/f or g/f. who is better ah ? for us we say it is ok ( we try all ! ) It is always nice for locals to show an outsider his/her favorites. V haven't try 7th road yet hopefully soon and also the others as mentioned.the ipoh one wonder if jason has blog yet ?

sorry dearest v were occupied with a customer and he was insistent to show us Pg delights all da way until Balik Pulau ( lucky not the jungle ) and we only were here a day .sommore went up hill.Lrg Selamat we have been told also. No problem if you still havent try sisters maybe u Pg people have too many choices ! Definitely remember u nex time around ! btw some of my materials in post if you notice v curi from your blog one TQ !
coming coming.... wait wait hehehe
J u n e said…
Wahhhhhhhhh.....i didnt know CKT got crab wan..-_- I havent eaten one before.=(

Eh where are u guys from actually? XD KL?
sweetest cutie
yes sisters got crab one! We are from Teluk Intan,Bagan Datuk , Manjung, Ipoh , Penang, Klang but most are in SJ USJ / PJ / KL
( that many... hahaha )
Rasa Malaysia said…
Same here, I have never tried Sister's CKT, like Lucia. I would go there to ta pau the Or Kuih but never have any urge to try their CKT...first of all, I am not much a CKT lover, prefer Laksa and Hokkien Mee, plus the way I see the sisters fry their KT, no wok hey like that...other places or roadside stalls seem to do better job.
actually talking form pure food credentials surely sisters have many failures as you have mentioned ! but as bsg we tend to look from a side angle , as u know haha !