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Eating & Drinking for the right reasons

by Jeswan Kaur Jul 11 07

WHEN it comes to eating/drinking it's definitely a case of Malaysia Boleh! Malaysians now top the list as the most overweight in the Asian region. Hold it , before U start celebrating with another round of teh tarik and nasi lemak bungkus on !

An Authority ( not team bsg ) on Malaysian eating habits says many Malaysians enjoy patronising mamak ( Indian Muslim ) stalls and attribute this to the fact that eating habits of Malaysians corresponded with their attitude towards value for money. "Our people eat food that falls under the value for money category and they find that mamak stalls offer meals that are worth the money spent. But what the people fail to realise is that in terms of nutritional value, the food eaten might be over and above what the body needs. "So, the other issue that comes up is the need to educate people on eating healthy which is a challenge because in Malaysia, food is available at every nook and corner," she says. ( you bet )

lure of the satanic eatdrink whorehouses of utmost sin ( Jln 222 , PJ )

Know what (& who!) you put in your mouth ! Health Minister Dr Chua Soi Lek early this year cautioned that "affluent" diseases such as diabetes and hypertension were affecting more and more Malaysians and that obesity was the root cause of these diseases. Chua warned that if the trend continued, 12 percent of Malaysians would end up having diabetes by year 2020.

Speaking of diabetes, it was reported in the newspapers recently that about 1,000 canned drinks (obviously they have inadvertently left out TigerCarlsberg) are consumed every minute in Malaysia. If people continue to entertain their sweet tooth, then there is no way the country can prevent obesity from bursting into an epidemic.

de nasi lemak bungkus da roti telur

top 2 Mamak lucky devils

There really is no such thing as good or bad food but rather the need to eat correctly, keeping in mind the body's calorie requirements and activity level. "It is alright to have the occasional burger provided you do away with the mayonnaise. Likewise instead of making nasi lemak as a staple meal for breakfast, try healthier alternatives like thosai or chappati. And instead of adding sodium via sour plum powder or soy sauce to our fruits, eat them in their natural state."

Keeping the Malaysian eating habits in mind,our Dear Authority says no less than a revolution is needed to change their mindset and encourage them to eat healthy.

but first lets have rice and then...

CHEERS ! 4 only one more for the Road before we hit da gym ( hahaha , dun laugh )

NB this article is reproduced in part ( but heavily censored ) from malaysiakini

..this has been ...a community service from team bsg


Love your heavy censorship.
Tummythoz said…
So going on strictly greens diet soon?
Unknown said…
haha a community service fr team bsg..the key is can be healthy n yet ur enjoying ur food..
Anonymous said…
allow me to quote dr. liew (a blogger):
eat first, die later!

so who cares eh!! lol!!

hey, i spy a PDA in the first pic, right? what PDA you use? HP? me use dell axim x51v.
Anonymous said…
Nah.. blame it all on inflation!
Anonymous said…
i noe lar, all msian food yummy but bad for health mar, like the cina curry nudles, indian roti canai & malay nasi lemak, all comes wiv artery clogging ingredients. So how leh. Shall we continue binging or stick to japanese diet? raw fish n white rice...actually not bad oso.
MeiyeN said…
oh... maybe it's time for you to review da "greens"! ;)
good stuff!! healthy good food not!..can u pls show us what we should eat..not what we shouldnt eat?
boo_licious said…
everytime my mum goes, "don't think I should eat this as it affects my cholestrol", my brother the doctor will say "aiyah! it takes 20 yrs from the time u eat for it to affect it so you'll be dead by then!"

Great article, BSG as usual.
Anonymous said…
hahaha, thanks to the rich condensed milk, pekat dan tepat santan, and ? what ? I'll be in the national watch list if I ever move back home grrrrr :PP
no , we have to come 2gether & enjoy oni da real thin'

u must be kidding again. only if u do it first ( afterall v r in it together )

da beauty is who's gonna stop u , us & them now ! just look at our top 2 tourist ministers !

our dear Doc always say dun worri 2molo we go jogging ( but make sure da usual place one ah beside the mamak shop with the roti bomb one ). the pda is Xda II , yr dell shud be pretty cool huh ( one of us has the dopod900 and now eyeing the u1000 )

hw right u are coz one small trip to da cafe ( like laksa shack in malls 1 curry mee will set u back by RM11 with tax sommore )

actually we will love it & become super fit ( and happy ) if we collect yr delicious whatever home cooks but make sure not 9.99 ah !
can or not start afterwards

ok, coming

haha what we shud all eat is as you,xlb.meiyeN,boo,kbcg,jason and lots more are enjoying all da time ( and if only bsg also can follow suit)

yr lucky bro da Doc knows what he's talking ( and eating ) about ! and did he also tell u bout dat health freak on the other side of the town eat many greens then nothing red and oily one also fell quite sick got admitted the other day then dunno what happened after that ? haha

cant be u will be forever cooking and making more others happy !
and busy shooing bsg off every evening