Steamed Fish , Brickfields , KL

Fishy Chinese tales in Little India

A mention of India anywhere is bound to flickr hot images of strange aromas , overcrowded pavements , loud music ...and that biting fragrance signaling yet another Curry House ...
which Brickfields ( near KL Sentral, the heart of the KL's railway KTM , LRT and Monorail integrated transportation hub) is indeed famous for...
...Yes ! the ever exciting popular & wild banana leaf rice and Curry Fish Heads !

But wait a minute , aren't there anything else for milder gentler palates ?

In the 1980's before there was KL Sentral ( operational late 1990s ) there were a few much talked about wooden houses cum traditional Chinese family restaurants along the main road ( Jalan Tun Sambanthan ) just beside the present Shell Petrol Station. With the then super building boom in the early 1990s these were displaced to make way for ultra modern KL Sentral and some of these oldtimers were resettled into a row of 'medan selera ' ( food square ) directly opposite the humongous Brickfields Police station.

One such evergreen 1960s to 80s Oldies Unforgettable Hits is still thriving today & bringing back super memories with its evergreen piquant mashed gingers steamed fish ( bony river fish tails to be precise ) , which we are sure the sentimental young ones will also find irressitible ... this one's for you Cliff...peter pan Richards...

never forget to request this musky number , 'mui fan' ...composed within 2 days and nights when he was heartbrokenly down and tears-a-struggling the day his first love was cruely snatched away by the evil landlord's 3rd son.

RM4 an upside down request ( yes ! it comes like that ).

Legendary present & clear Chart Topper & simply de ultimate no-frills steamed fish tails of

all time.

Full robust gingery smacking titillation for the pure fish afficionado.

RM25 a tailend
catch the full performance here
medan selera Kheng Heong
297-8, Jln Tun Sambanthan
Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur
tel 03 - 2274 1032


I remember the good ol' days when those restaurants were housed in wooden shacks in Jln Tun Sambanthan. *sigh...filled with nostalgia*
That dish looks so different, great find.
UnkaLeong said…
I like Kheng Heong's Boxing Chicken...Chicken wings shaped like drumsticks...yummylicious!
sc said…
how interesting, i've never even heard of this place. fish looks really fresh and yumz!
Anonymous said…
Wooo... getting fishy from my post to yours....buahahah! Love mashed ginger steamed fish. THink I've had those with MORE ginger than this. I did not see "mui fan"....where izit????
MeiyeN said…
what is "mui fan"? and that steamed fish is my favourite... just like mom's cooking! :D
Wennn said…
I think I hv been there!! One of my aunty took me there when I went bek last two years!! The fish was fabulous!!
ya the nostalgia of u and writer having met wonderfully somewhere before might be here

it was refound after a long break !

we are amazed at your wandering culinary adventures before ( or is it after ) u escaped North ! got such chickens one ah ?

u shud see all da years of newspaper rave reviews bout this ancient place.

the mui fun is da rice with fresh onion strips 2nd pix only RM4 to last 8 hours before returning to sea

see above comments, this fish is so fleshy and then not fishy ( how come ah ?)but watch out da bones

this one u must treat me dun forgit
then u still have many millions remaining
boo_licious said…
that steamed fish looks so good. Thanks for the tip to try here.
Anonymous said…
Mui fan is something new to me. Looks really appetising :) Can't wait to try it
Wennn said…
No worry when I go bek U take me there again I treat U lor!!!
Jackson said…
wow... the big pieces of steam fish!!!
its very unfishy and fresh.
a most understated dish

we call it the unpside down rice LOL ! but fully loaded with squids , pork meats etc ...and oh...those onions

can't wait oredi loh

this one can also for lazy eater coz just open mouth and put in hahaha together with shiny hard bones...

yg macho man , kwikly go try it.\, can have many tails one shot
Tummythoz said…
That mui-fan really sounds 'ada ummphh!'
UnkaLeong said…
Definitely before my escapades up North..Thanks to Dad and his gastronomical adventures ;)
Precious Pea said…
Wow..mui-fan sounds very interesting.
J u n e said…
Peek a boo! Getting all fishy eh?
Ginger said…
looks delicious!!

pls link my foodblog

Rasa Malaysia said…
What kind of fish is that? One thing i noticed is that fish in klang valley is different from the fish in penang, seem to be eating different species of fish.
thoz u r still East ! da mui fun is a must order

suppose papa knows best ?

dun forget to order nex time,
it is complete by itself !

its getting a little too fishy oredi , must eat yeah mei oredi !

welcomt to our site ! u must be hot ! (mean the name lah !)
sure will link tks

this is a fresh water fish looks like carp but quite fleshy. but dunno da name ( as usual )!
shud remember to try this one when u come ( because its a tail !)