Famous vs fame

old f l a m e

This colorful & visible stall with a most magnetic sexy banner just beside da main road on the other end in Gourmet Street Jln Macalister, Penang 1km or so from the sisters Char Kway Teow shop didn't quite say it all ( you knew it ) .

Not only lacking the Xtra famous bright oooomhhorange color synonymous with "Penang Hokkian Mee", which is a proud trademark of the Romantic Island it also unnerved us a bit with some nonchalant sagging appendages of unbecoming roast pork ( siew yoke ).
Then it failed the ultimate test .
... aiya bo kau bee sor . Means sh*# not tasty ! RM3

We had to see her... true love just directly opposite , still snugly hidden & invisible to the traffic. Toptaste Penang Hokkian Mee ,with vivid flashbacks of secret romps & unforgettable mantis prawny teasers & solid boobs( errrrr pork ribs ) which floored us many moons ago.

Still strickingly hot & Xtra spicy though the irresistible classy feel is fading..
...and ...whatever happened to those lustrous teasers ? RM3.70

You know , things change ( when you are away too long ).
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Michelle said…
"unforgettable mantis prawny teasers & solid boobs"

wow.. "telan saliva dulu" hungryyy d..
they all moved to KL.
MeiyeN said…
aiseh.. didn't get to try prawn noodle when we were in penang though :(
Anonymous said…
ah yes, this hokkien mee stall is famous for its mantis prawns.

the kopi tiam where this hokkien mee is at is at the corner of rangoon street and macalister road. just next to it are 2 other kopi tiam! yep, all 3 kopi tiam together - food stalls outside surrounding these 3 kopi tiam. order food can sit anywhere but order drinks only at the kopi tiam where you sit!

you know, the kopi tiam in the centre is call 'tien tien lai' which means 'everyday come'.... no wonder at one stage my brother alwaays likes to go there when we mentioned hawkers' food. :)

did you guys went to new lane hawkers centre? lots of good food there but expensive lah. new lane i go very often since the church i goes to is just next door to new lane.
Anonymous said…
Not to exaggerate, this is just plain weird..as I clicked on the comment button, I smelled fried shallots and the prawn + pork rib broth..so strong right up my nostril hair muahahaha..gosh !!
haha well we love the old timers (before he passed away ) version the best, until now. looks like somebody new is now there but still tastes ok

alamak why u never tell us ! gonna k*#l you !

the way it went don't see how you can have mood to try ? right !

din know yr church nearby ! no we only tried this particular one since we remembered it from last visit. So maybe you shud for a change include a small little post called 'food jog' on yr next post since you do have great food places o recommend too ! dun forget ah !

melting us again
wow wow u have discovered aroma cyberportation omeegosh ! ok here we come with da steamed garliks ...
Rasa Malaysia said…
OMG, you are having all my favorite foods in Penang...where is Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng? And Lorong Seratus Tahun Curry Mee, and Pasembor in Padang Brown and so on and so forth?
Rasa Malaysia said…
Again you ate at the wrong stall, where got siu yoke in HKM one? Aiyo...the mantis prawn stall is inside the kopitiam and serve only morning session. Who is your customer? Not from Penang I think.
when v ate and wrote we already knew something was missing coz she was far away climbing mountains and endangering herself ! what to do we had to go on but nex time things must be different !