cheap & good PJ

Recently declared city PJ in newly ( & only ) 'developed state' Selangor has some really convenient and handy street food too. In very Chinaman Dominated SS2 & Seapark for example early birds can catch some quick ta paus ( takeaway food) backStreet on the way to work or otherwise pick up some fresh groceries for the mom. These vibrant morning roadside markets can and will surprise you with some excellent bites.
Evergreen morning roadside food stalls beside the wet market , Seapark PJ

catch this fried mouse tails ( rice vermicelli ) caught near da backlanes. Frill-less but
tail-tasty. around RM1.50 per hit. You can also trap the other look different but taste alike variants.

This is the cool morning hive of hungry activity( be prepared to be floored by the amazing range of eye-popping fresh meats here!) of Glutton Square SS2 ( the Street Gastronomical epicenter of PJ) , and thereabouts also where the
iconic Mondays Only
SS2 Pasar Malam ( night market ) rules supreme.

da touch & go nasi lemak bugkus Melayu ( do compare & contrast
with the Chinaman version few steps away )

da most nakedly sexy bestseller chee cheong fun ( flat rice vermicelli ) unplugged.
All tastes are guaranteed genuine and should there be another area where the comparable prices for the disputable items are lower than here you can and should request for a definitive refund of the difference.


MeiyeN said…
only rm 1.50 for da "lou shu farn"??!!! O_o
Yinsi Yat said…
Fried "loh shi fan"/ mouse tails is my all time favorite!
These photos are great, thanks for sharing!
wmw said… from my neighbourhood!
teckiee said…
ahh thatstall sells good fried bee hoon also! and yeahhh cheap cheap cheap!
ok nex time v tapau 10 4 u !

the head also quite good u know

we await yr nex starving attack on Cool street food ok

ss2 the best right ?

must be yr fave roaming area too !
Anonymous said…
Mmm.. yumyum! I've never seen keng chai mai fun stall selling fried lou shue fun. Only RM1.50 so affordable when it's the end of the month :P
those pack and go are wonderful cheap tasty snacks ! someone said better than all those cafes where u pay 5 times more for
a m b i e n c e
Unknown said…
i do miss PJ food.
use to go there often enough when I was working in KL for 2 years.
u shud come again here !