Best Highlands Resort in Malaysia ?

U bet...

Taking the old Tapah-Camerons ( as against the newer Simpang Pulai- Kg Raja-Tanah Rata ) road you will first meet Ringlet Lake just after Ringlet town where once upon a time long long ago stood a pleasant little family rest area cum playground beside some cheerful vegetable and fruit sellers , and before the final lap up to destination Tanah Rata. Da clear green colors of yesterday has today mistransformed itself into a kind of giant cold pot of a popular local brown-orange pulled tea . Then the broken repair debris and abandoned heavy machineries scattered about will probably leave you with some seriously mal-aligned anti-nostalgia mental scars. That, is certainly not a nice start .

As you turn and walk away ... don't look back.... Xcept a couple of feet away this giant of a billboard with 2 fake-looking Oldies sticking out like a sore thumb profoundly announcing that your beloved Malaysia is the
World's Best Tourism Destination . But hold it...look closer and see.
Xploiting Mount Kinabalu Park , Sabah in Cameron Highlands ! ? omg ! WT@*#% !! !

Pulling away from this Ripley's unbelievable mess... what a welcome sight , finally ,
English tea & scones !

breathtaking calm , panaromically cool , that high euphoria , + a naturally fabulous view of
a giant rolling magical tea plantation !

the Valley , a superb feeling of letting it all go and ...

soak in the look-alike Colonial splendour , classy with

grand Corporate Presence at the back

...pppsssst this one 'curi' ta pau ( illegal put-in-pocket takeaway only RM1 ) from the other roadside Malaysian stall just one or two staircases from this valley England look-alike tea house ...

...since these tasteless odd couple with the equally bland red & colorless creams from 'England ' cost a cool RM16 a set of
2 stones ( errr scones ) + 1 Cameronian English Tea

better hurry up , T Cafe / smell of Restoran Bunga Suria 's authentic curry spices are
up there waiting in Tanah Rata


Anonymous said…
Woah! this lake fishing sure nice wan. kekeke
k.t.x said…
i thot scones goes with jasmine tea or earl greyyyy, awwww.

and, pull tea goes with roti chanai? lol.

isn't the best highland resort has to do with gambling and liquer and bringing tailok muis up there? err, that's what i was
Ginger said…
wah.. sorry to hear that u didnt enjoy ur scones.

i had absolute tasty scones with cream and jam in melbourne!!! simply delish.. nyek nyek
What's the point of hurrying up? It's all gone. :-(
Wennn said…
Guess ur cup of tea wud me mamak's teh tarik with roti canai lor!!! English scones and tea not as good as those, rite??
Anonymous said…
I thought you ta pau the brown orange pulled tea from Ringlet Lake - why still must pay RM1 ????? wahahhahah! OH ya hor, 1 ringgit from the Ringgit Lake, LOL!
But surprisingly, the Ringlet Lake still can show reflections...
join u in Klang nex time and then we also go deep sea

y r right on both counts. Sure Genting has more pumping Xcitement but less nostalgia u know...

we believe u , having heard so many nice stories bout scones, wait till we get hold of another one

how right u r ! slow and steady ...
( but hey not toooo sloooww ok ! )

suppose English tea and scones ( real one lah ) would be decidedly quite charming , darlin' ?

just u wait v snatch you here to ta pau ! then v will show you your glowing saticfied reflection HAHAHA ! they call those things STONED in Big Apple right ?
Wow, nice photos, looks charming.
Wow, nice photos, looks charming.
Anonymous said…
i have question!

Are u a Msian tour guide?
how come so crap ar?..i thought its their best bet??
you know....the last time i was at cameron highlands, was, maybe, i think...hmmmm...must be..yes yes.. 30 years ago! imagine that! don't ask how come. i also dunno!
maybe i had oher place to go to.
but in those days, cameron highlands was really ethereal...beautiful, magnificent.. no rape of the hill yet. no ugly development.
i was told there are some really ugly spots there now.

but thanks anyway for the update..and once again, thanks for visiting.
wmw said…
Scones and English tea??? Of course lah, you don't enjoy....maybe if you put some perut ikan on the scones, you'll find that it'll taste better! LOL...
its supposed to be the most charming hill resort in tropical malaysia ! hahaha

actually we have many friends in the tour industry and we ourselves have travelled extensively locally but no , we are not tour guides hahaha! Altho we do sometimes do marketing work for certain private cos some of which are in restaurants and even spas ( glad you have sharply noted the resemblance)

thats the whole problem...

while there are some ugly spots here and there generally the area has still got its may interest you to know that many strawberry farms have sproated up for good or for worse and Tanah Rata has seen a remarkable rise in Mamak eateries and hotels

hahaha ! we just might do that on our nex trip and say its a brilliant fusion tea break from a brilliant SS 2 connoisseur !
MeiyeN said…
sabah @ cameron.. lol!!!!!!! :p da tea tastes so different when brought back to kl :|
Michelle said…
i like scones leh... say until stones pulak.. =(
Unknown said…
haha never think that scones in cameron highland is takes only 45 min from my house to mum will usually source her weekly greens from cameron
Jackson said…
wowowo.. cameron highlands.. so did u go for bycycle riding in the BOH tea garden just like the advs?
Anonymous said…
Yeah, agree agree.. I had the scones and found that they are dry and hard like stones. But the strawberry cheesecake from T-cafe is not bad :)
well only the air and scenery is good !

we have wanted to belanja you some goodies u know

u r at which end , SP or Tapah hahaha !

no no we ROFL ! becoz stoned

if only we had gone a little bit earlier then we qould have enjoyed the asli durians , cheesecakes , steamboats etc etctogether how nice ! then surely you will forget plenty things right ?
Unknown said…
it's been so so so long since i went up to Cameron Highlands.

someone recently sent an old old primary school cameron highlands school excursion pictures and ah.. it brings back memories...

btw, Sabah Kinabalu Park is really really nice. It's much much nicer than Cameron Highlands! hehe...

But Sabah tea says very "liang teh" to me.
u shud come again to CH , much has changed. Have not been to Kinabalu park will remember to check out that tea !
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