batu feringgi, penang

Laksa Melayu by the beach

One time top 5 Beach in Malaysia with hundreds of frolicking Australian sunbathers from morning till dusk... the Pearl of the Orient

Last surviving remnants of an endangered & dying breed of roadside stalls , facing the magnificent breezy seafront , somewhere along the 5 km long Hotel Belt of Batu Feringgi

simple and no frills (means no eggs nor others) because we sell cheap at RM1.70 a plate ok

freedom to add these boosters for enhanced thrust if you so wish .

verdict : did not pass bsg standard ( should try next stall RM2.00 )

good luck !


Soup looks kinda sad, but at RM1.70, it's hard to expect anything more. Probably just a snack.
Yinsi Yat said…
fuiyoh! getting cheaper and cheaper! Bagus!
MeiyeN said…
can't believe that you actually tried this stall...saw it while on our way to golden sands.... :D
Anonymous said…
Wah! I see you guys have fully explored the food trail of Penang. Did you wait until sunset at the Penang Hill? The view is absolutely photogenic at that time.

The Malay laksa looks like what I used to eat in school canteen :P
man ur way of creative writing about food nvr fails to amaze me..good job!..
Rasa Malaysia said…
Your ordered from the wrong stall...I think.
Wennn said…
I like the beach...nice nice wish I cud be there now away from all these hectic jobs now!!

Err U guys are tagged by the way!!
wmw said…
At such a price, it's a good tummy filler I suppose!
no not a snack , was a discovery gauge in food utopia

can be cheaper still if they remove the boosters !

we simply love stalls run by young sweet things esp if their moms din come !

we were only up the hill for 120 mins , coz the call of foothills were empowering. actually we only tipped the skin of Penang's holy grail( we need a whole year of gobbling only can ) , yes the laksa melayu was really bad !

TQ we tend to poke fun at "famous" foods ! ( good thing is u/v/us cannot be wrong here )

after the wrong stall we were quickly shooting to Balik Pulau , no time to continue nex stall( think got egg one) !

Pg has nice sand but poor water quality , oh we shall cross over now

the view/breeze is superb tho
Anonymous said…
RM1.70, can't expect much I guess
Anonymous said…
hey, there's one excellent laksa you have not try out - the one at a kopi tiam at penang road. the famous chendol is just beside this kopi tiam.

it is one of the best in penang and a must try lah!
Jackson said…
RM 1.70??? so cheap!!! yr team ROCKS!!
Tummythoz said…
Neverending laksa binge, dear team? It's like ciggies, garlic & durians. Remember to gaggle! =P
surprisingly they manage to pull in a decent crowd

definitely nex time v must remember
TQ 4 tip

we rock ? actually we prefer to be dynamite like u ! hohoha !

we promise if u sit very near ok