Balik Pulau makan Durian, Penang.

means go back island eat Durians

yeah why not ! afterall its de most amazing tropical fruit , ever

The tall, big, & handsome durian tree encompassing much of the highlands around very famous in Malaysia Balik Pulau ( 25 km west of Georgetown ) Penang is native to Malaysia , and produces the most heartbreaking thick-skinned, browny-green, rugby-ball sized thorny fruit.

the mean some say most ugly circular weapons of some destruction on standby mode

After the fruits are harvested around July-Aug & Jan-Feb each year the busy Balik Pulau market backStreet goes into a kind of overdrive samba frenzy, with Gluttons from near & far squatting by the narrow roadsides staring into thin air and finger-gulping a kind of really really pungent but Xtraordinary tasteful sticky creamy pulp zombie-like oblivious to dangerous passing traffic. Such is the stuff legends are made of where disputed Penang founder Sir Francis Light couldn't take lightly , god knows how hard he tried .

de quintessential tricky durian seller . Love him or really hate him ! Going rate now from RM4 to RM8 a regular sized fruit ( of 1 kg ).

Not surprisingly our old horny Durian Expert says older trees bear fruits with a more wrinkled texture , are sweeter and have a more matured/experienced feel.
So ladies you have been warned... !

wow ! golden color , willowy texture , ....that aroma... d t a s t e !

or this gentle fair ( not from Mongolia ) creme de la creame.

According to our Durian Xpert again sweeter durians have a yellowish and creamy texture. These include high-sounding names like 101, 118 , 188, Hor Loh, Lipan, Green Skin, D2, D15, D95 and Kun Poh. The alternative bitter sweet types are usually paler in colour while the orange coloured variety (e.g. "ang heh", red prawn) are usually not as sweet as the yellowish type.

If you want to have the best Durian Xperience , get at least 4 persons and eat them on the spot , forget about all those 118 , 108s or what nots and just well EAT ! afterall 'good or no good ' is guaranteed by the man himself ! try different varieties and by one ...slowly

...and... do not takeaway ! assam laksa is waiting

NB... 1. u can never beat the durian seller , da ultimate unnatural xpert

.........2. choosing a good durian is a most daunting task , with high failure rates

so , just have a little thorny fun ok !


Are you equating durians to...*gasp*...older men??? LOL.

Hey, thanks for the word of advice on eating durians. I feel so much more confident about going up to the durian man and telling him Gimme all u've got man!
Tummythoz said…
I want the yellow bellow sweet err fellow (Pls tke big note: I mean DURIAN here). Pity no time to make a trip there. *sniff sniff*
J u n e said…
So sick of durians. >.<
Wennn said…
hmmmm long time no eat liulian lor...
Yinsi Yat said…
Durian season ledi! hooray!
Babe_KL said…
no need to gather 4 ppl cos 2 oso can jalan!!! hehehe we were there last year for the durian. all we told the expert was "bring them on!"
hey steady...durians are many wommen's best friend ( like teckiee, remember ?)Actually one more tip for u, individual fruit with wrinkled oldie saggy feel is best ! V will show u later. when u do say gimme gimme all u got be careful he might really just do that ! haha

hey v thoz u r from up there ?
yellow and blue also coming dear

dun worry nex time we try strawberries ok ?

v save for u till return

meet before tanah rata as usual ok

very brave ah you people ! you dunno ah he got manysharp knives point up one !
Anonymous said…
I totally miss durian, man! Whatever, sweet or khor bak(bitter), all I like! Also like those with just flesh-no seeds....
Now is the can have a galore, man!
wish u wee here , we were a few short to sapu across the red zones!
Kirk said…
As a Sweed, I can only shiver in fear of this fruit, is it a fruit? Or is it a weapon of mass destruction? :)

My own experience, is horrible! hehe let me recount it and how I as an uninitiated felt as i tried it out. Be warned however, that it is a completely honest recollection of my encounter with this...thing. So feel free to delete the post if you find it inappropriate.

My first encounter with Durian was in Vietnam. I was in a very nice galleria and being a warm day I decided to buy some icecream. I picked strawberry and some other flavor, and then I noticed Durian. Having never before encountered it, I wanted one big juicy ball of Durian on my icecream.

The vendor, a lady in her middle years started wiggling a finger indicating "No, no". I was going "yes, yes" as much as I could due to the language barrier. She then took out one of the small spoons you use to, well in most cases gobble up your icecream and handed one to me with a tiny bit of durianicecream.
I put it in my mouth and it immediatly expanded to become some mucuous phlegmy bubbly thing filling my entire mouth. The taste I cannot remember at the time as I kind of entered some catatonic shock state.

I tried frenetically to locate some kind of bin to spit the crap out, but there was none to be found. Finally I used a bunch of paper napkins to get rid of it.

My second encounter with Durian occurred in Cambodia where i smelled it for the first time. My description of the smell is somewhat like the rest...the day after you have spent a long night out getting into a stupor and the day after when you go to the toilet and get rid of one ounce of old rotten spirit soaked sour poo. Dont flush, put whole head inside the toilet and take a deep breath and you'll have Durian. I seriously doubt it's anything for Lancôme but who knows.

My third and final encounter with Durian, which I hope to be the last ever in my whole life so help me god and every other mythological figure in the past, present and future occurred in Malaysia.

In twin towers at the basement you got this pastry named "The Durian Shoppe" I decided to take one more test. So bought a small, soft cake with Durian filling; it looked like the whipped cream/vanilla filling you normally get in soft cakes.

Me and a friend split the cake in half and decided to gobble the whole cake up in one bite. Behind the counter were two vendors, a male and female who were smiling and holding my camera to get a picture of us eating the cake.

I take the cake put it into the mouth, the vile thing shook my whole body so badly that i just puked over the whole table. Needless to say no picture was taken as everyone in the shop was laughing so hard they were crying.


Now, believe me, I really hate this thing beyond measure. :)
thank u so much for sharing your voluptious troubling Xperience with our 'King'. Obviously you must be quite well travelled , having the opportunity to try so many durians in different countries ! As many Europeans used to say ( true enough ) Wwwwhattttt is that ssssssssssssss smell ! I have yet to meet a European who is indifferent to durians , all hate them just like u ! But I do hope u continue to try a few more...just in case the bug any case we shall love to hear your nex aromantic adventures with da One ! & welcome to BSG