s@X & da City

treasures of IPOH

famous salted ( paper wrapped herbal roasted ) chicken ( Restoran Tat Seng tel 05-547 6680 ) of Bercham , Northern outskirts ( near Jaya Jusco and Tesco ) of Ipoh City. Try to eat all at once per person ! RM 15 a packet

Amber Chia ( the Lips )...I want I wan ! ..............boiled beansprouts ( nga choi )

Crouching tigress Datuk Michelle ( the Touch ) aka Ferarri worth $$$$$

da Big Sister as silky smooth as flat rice noodles
massage Queen & ...Lou Wong , 49, Jln Yau Tat Shin

dim sum Honky Kongky Style
Foh Sun (Osbourne Street)
lip smacking knees shivering red temptress chee cheong fun ( old town )

white but black old town (genuine of course ) coffee

...then also got grainy ( just like Bayan Lepas Penang and Nibong Tebal PW style ) wet rice.
really exceptionally tasty ( watch out msg ) . ...with 'Sepang' ( chicken look & feel alike ) fillet
can see grain ?

Actually all of the above Ipoh chui pai ( specialities ) are as it says here...
...Xtraordinary Same Taste .
Enquire within for somemore fishy & quite lustful stories.
72 ,Psrn Bercham Selatan , Tmn Desa Kencana 2 , Bercham , Ipoh
HP 012-519 7018 , 012-502 1132

Most men ( actually team bsg ) just love Ipoh !


J u n e said…
Wahh..the wet rice look damn nice! >.<

Eh i heard the dim sum is damn good. But need to go early wan right?
Michelle said…
err.. i can't take wet rice.. i don't like. =P they're not exactly porridge, right?
boo_licious said…
LOL on the girly pixs. Didn't know Amber Chia is from Ipoh, always thought she was from East Msia. Love the nasi air type food, didn't know Ipoh had it as I've eaten it in Kelantan and Malacca only.
yes it is but it actually is more talked about for its seafood range too ! surprisingly many Indian looking helpers too for a Chinaman shop

thats right just like those famous in Nobong Tebal ( PG )

cute cute
one day v go together here then can talk about your coming book. yeah the dim sum is v famous so v better come 7am !

they are porridge Northern version unlike KL's sticky ones

Amber was born in Ipoh but grew up in Tawau. She now claims got no steady boyfriend( as if she needs any ).
this porridge if you are here can try , after or before you step foot in happening jaya jusco nearby with all the super nightlife
k.t.x said…
lol. cool.

i m from kampar and i am not biase, but i really really think the food from kinta valley tops in malaysia and is the driving force behind the malaysian food scene. sounds like a big claim huh? but i guess it is true...lol.
Anonymous said…
That's the teochew style porridge lar! Although I don't like my rice to be flooded, but I like this somehow. Bercham - that's where my home is!
Precious Pea said…
Team BSG ar..next time can bring me along also ar? Recruit me as member la..i way pass the gluttony stage oledi!

Is the chicken nice? I got mine from the other famous shop.
good to have u here Bkk kaki !
while food is consistently v good in Ipoh ( & Kampar too )V believe da girls are better ( some of us have old flames in Kampar and Ipoh errr dun tell anybody ok ) !

its time bercham get its fame rather than Ipoh only , agree ?

it will be such a pleasure ! u have become the grandmaster oredi we must now follow u ! YES Ms ( this one babekl says tabik ).
Yr wish is our command...also Menglembu got salted chickens too ( aiya we wait for u lah ok )
wmw said…
Wah...what a roundup of Ipoh food and non-food! hee hee...
Anonymous said…
I would like to enquire about the fishy and lustful stories as mentioned in the post. Thank you. :P
Anonymous said…
BSG: Agree, Bercham does have it own sort of name by itself.
Did you know Ipoh was D place for massages/fun etc for decades ? thats how the cantonese word for that was called chickens

oh o then make a trip to Ipoh. Jason & co will be pleased to show you ! ( right jason dear fren ! )

the area around Jaya Jusco has plenty of action right ! and more happening pubs than now sterile Bangsar
UnkaLeong said…
Err...Never try the curry mee meh?
great that u mentioned it . We tried but hit the wrong jackpot so we gonna try again !