Malaysian Superheroes

the Fantastic 4

1 Mr Fantastic himself

Sometimes called mein , ramein , mee , noodles , even sphagetti . Hardworking , extra flexible and can bend into many shapes & sizes ( round , square , stretched , wrinkled , long and short , black or white ) . Usually you cannot recognise him coz he's always soaked wet here & there lying at da bottom of the pit . Best and happiest when relaxing at the backStreets with his kakis ( buddies ) .

2 Flame on !

Hot , flamboyant & definitely charming . Wildly dangerous & uncontrollable when in full flight & tends to leave a sizzling melting trail of screaming ooohs and aaaaaahhhs...the tomyam !effect... ( esp from da ladies ) . Very picky though and temperamental. Loves to roam in da kampungs . Nothing pleases him more than to see his big name announced in big singboards, afterall don't he just love the attention.

Don't mess around with this one. He is rough , mean and he is h e a v y . Blows you apart with just one single scoop . Extra generous unlimited helpings. da reluctant hero . He can't even hold a ring with his fingers but can certainly sapu ( sweep ) an entire busload of rice wrapped in banana leaves. He aint 3 the thing for nothing.

Lovely calm before the storm. da teaser & voluptuous one . Princess of Malaysian fruit . Found in front & back gardens of many households. Can sometimes become invisible .
Watch your back yards ok . Hi 4 mrs fantastic

the real comical one , only found in U S of A

Watch out ! the arch rival is surfing in fast ! on da King .

have fun in the movies !
If you want to get close & personal with the Fantastic Four click here !

mr fantastic
the torch
the thing
mrs fantastic


The arch rival's pic damn tempting lar...I can see it surfing fast into my mouth.
Anonymous said… farnee :D...
Is that Loh Fantastic ? Clumping crowding altogether....
Anonymous said…
Em... the last pic of arch rival is... dough? :P
MeiyeN said…
whoaaa....... lol nice one from you! :D
Unknown said…
i want the mango!

mango! mango! mango!
Precious Pea said… fever?? Good one !
Jackson said…
Wahlau... u r so creative in writing blogs la
Anonymous said…
whoa! for the first time, now i see you describe your food in 'masculine' form. (well thank god there are 3 males in fantastic four!). remember all the time you used to describe them in 'feminine' form and i had once asked you to use 'male description' for once but you said you can't since you are a male! but now you did!

btw, the fantastic four is one of my fav. marvel comic superheroes.
Yinsi Yat said…
Brader, that chef at your sidebar izzit your hallmark of "cari-cari" makan? kakaka

Nice foods. Bagus!!
wmw said…
Hahaha....You guys are creative! What a write up...
wah good 1st didnt know wat u were talking u director for fantastic four part 3?
Anonymous said…
Kekeke...funny post. :-)
just you wait when he breaks your heart like da rest then u know

haha right on !

no sir its da.. the King durian found near gopeng

haha actually v are looking for a female lead ( dunno whether u ...)

hey v thought back of yr bungalow shud have too ?

long live F4 !


v are so glad you love F4 too ! V only prefer the invisible one ( when she is not )

looks a bit like one of us right? hehewakakekekek


F4 part 3 is on the way tq

we shud get together and do a makan movie next!