Kuala Selangor's Auntie

1935 nostalgia

Kuala Selangor is a small fishing village about an hour's drive from KL more famous for its seafood restaurants ( fresh from the sea )and attracts people from far away KL / PJ like a real & great seafood lover rather than the neighbouring (really world class but fast dimming fireflies) Kg Kuantan & the invisible Bird Park.

It is also sometimes briefly mentioned for its historic ( Malawati ) hill with a tall lighthouse ( but shorter than the quite tall radio tower ) , some authentic black English Cannons and 2 warring tribes of fierce macaque long tailed and friendly silver leaf monkeys.

So it is quite a pleasant & refreshing sight when this Auntie appears right out of the row of oldish looking shops like a pre-war genie with a tea cup .
Simple interior with ancient Malacca-like antique looking wooden chairs and marble tabletops. Nice oldies yet modern ambience enhanced by large pictures of signature mouthwatering dishes and on the right even a special pictorial corner depicting the many charms of Kuala Selangor and a brief history of the Kopitiam (Chinese coffeeshop) itself.

' Matahari ' (Western styled toast bread, sauasages , beans and fried egg )
RM 3.8 for the light eater.
More from the menu including Malaysian rice and noodle favorites , at very good prices .
Even a rice petai dish ! A very popular family restaurant indeed.
Watch out for its popular kuihs and delightful fast selling takeaways of nasi lemaks , beehoons and keow teows in small pyramind paper packings ! ( and don't forget to say hi to the friendly Mandarin speaking Indian lady , in Mandarin please...) )
Auntie Kopitiam ( since 1935 )
C-3 , Jalan Sultan Ibrahim
Kuala Selangor
Tel 03-3289 7289


Tummythoz said…
Not cfood post but instead a kopitiam? That's so unexpected.
Anonymous said…
Besides seafood, kuala selangor also famous for prawn, and sweet potato crackers...
Michelle said…
yalor.. unexpected.
u should go in to pasir palembang..
tons of great and not expensive seafood for you guys to enjoy.

i have relatives in kuala selangor all the way to sekinchan. i been to this auntie kopitiam. for me.. i think the food was so-so only.. i prefer o-town better. hehehhehe..

anyway good job.. i want seafood reviews!!! hehehehe...
wmw said…
Good also...give your cholesterol a rest!
actually thoz of dedicating this kind of far away obscure but good eats to a lady called Tthoz ( last time name ) then kanot becoz its not the same !

we noticed there are many good things here and a complete seafood haven but just couldn't try them all ( unless one fine day all of you are here same time ! )

thanks but V shud really go together to a complete sweep of/from K Sgor to T Karang, to Sg Besar to S Bernam to T Intan to Pangkor...then if still can onwards to Langkawi...

yes yes !
Rasa Malaysia said…
Aiya, those wooden chairs not only Melaka has lah, Penang also got a lot. :P
Precious Pea said…
You go all the way to Kuala Selangor for kopitiam food??!!!???!!!!
now only u tell us ! hahaha

becoz why u so far away in disneyland , we donno how to order without u !