fresh in Tanjung Tualang , Perak

close encounter of da leggy Kind

It is always nice and easy when you cruise along the old roads dotted with numerous clear water lakes around Ipoh , Batu Gajah and other smaller kampongs where once stood many tin dredging machines and hundreds of hard toiling bare back workers. Quite interesting today because you don't see many forests here as the surroundings are usually barren & you can actually have a wide panaromic view.

Then this rickety sight will jolt you from your half slumber ! 2 feelery things that look like some insects greeting you as you enter the soon approaching curvy left turn announcing your arrival to famous small PRAWN town ( pekan ). This pekan is really small and probably consists of a few rows of shops centered in a small area less then 1/4 mile square.
But gosh many restaurants with air-conds too !

Then we bump into this nice looking shady restaurant for our date .

Very nice and interesting leggy creature the size of a lady's palm as seen outside one of the many glass tanks placed around the restaurant.

If you love thorny slim legs this is it ! Be careful they sting real sharp ok !

de Gorgeous looking bouncy & succulent one ! ...after meeting its heavenly fate at the hands of the Master Executioner cum Chef at da back. Great savoury sauces and nice color of which we were most impressed . Though we can't say the same for the apparently voluptuous but tough meat which tasted expectedly bland ( as udang galah is actually noted for ).
Then at an uninspiring ( oh no ! after soooooooo many kms) price of RM70 a kg .
Lucky we were only just passing through !
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Xiu Long Bao said…
the lobster is only the size of my palm? got meat one ah?
MeiyeN said…
wah wah... my favourite!!!
Precious Pea said…
Anonymous said…
wowsers, fiesty indeedy :P Ahh..brings back memories, my first post with fresh water prawns hehe :) Gotta get that fix soon, thx :)
Wennn said…
Welll I see U finally went there.. Hmmm nice prawns. Lup it everytime I go bek sure to hv it. But the pace I go is the one opposite on the corner shop with no air con lor!!
Lingzie said…
hie...i'm going to visit tanjung tualang for the seafood in october! (really planning ahead man!!haha)
can't wait to taste the food for myself after looking at your yummy photos! :)
zewt said…
didnt know this is a food blog so when i drop by (like now) with an empty stomach... i instantly hear it calling me.

thanks for visitin my friend.
Anonymous said…
At first, thot the "insects" on the welcome board are mal-nutrition lobsters but seems that da real thing also skinny legs arh, wearing skinny blue jeans. :O hahahha
plus the hairy thorny fingers also. Got , but rubbery and tough not like lady's soft palms & fingers . Have to bite hard and pull with strong jaw

tastes v nice only with delicious sauce all over it but green orange juice inside big head unique

try restaurant opposite as wennn says. belongs to relatives.

they look great shud be greater in yr wok. plse show us how u do it !take video send me plse !

more floggers coming this way ! V were not really prepared for this trip as we were on da way to Gopeng just drop by for 30 minutes only so couldn't go your recommendation coz one fella said this aircond shop very good & famous what-to-do ? But V shall be back !

thks for coming over, yes do enjoy da prawns but make sure da right restaurant ok !

our pleasure and make sure u r full so can come up with more & more solid provokings !

u shud see them when they are naked and the jeans turn orange !
but they r swollen and lip crunching alright !
wmw said…
Still on the road? Wah....
very expensive wor..but looks very chewy..shiok shiok..
Tummythoz said…
Drools buckets.
UnkaLeong said…
Offers Tummy tissue. Joins drooling :P~~~
still on da run

good experience if not for the price. maybe some other neighboring shops better value ?

great drive there u know ( yr type of rough boondocks right ? )

plse do !
Anonymous said…
Tg. Tualang - went there once cos my dad loves seafood but don't remember how to go there again. :P
how can that place sooooo famous !
Anonymous said…
tg.tualang rox! that's my kampung! hehehe.. lotsa yummilicious food there! :D
tks for dropping in, yes the food here is fresh and good ( but gotta do something about da price tho ) !