your coffee sir , fighting horses !...or romantic east coast ?

Wow ! mean

this ?....................................................... ... this ? .................................................. or this ? ...

No ! ... t h i s one

Yes ! ...Actually it was easy...
...just follow dat ......a r r o w.... ( which one ? )

and we are not talking about any clinics ( C ) , hospitals ( + ) or passionate Kelantan !

Welcome to west coast Silver State ! Good to have you back again in Perak ! so only to catch a glimse of some 'fighting horses' . Proudly announced on rock solid road side in all 3 languages
...Malaysia Bolih !

Try this Johnny Jane Fat one and see. Fully aircon Chinese corner shoplot restaurant , one of many hidden away from the main KL-Ipoh Trunk Road just 2 km before entering Gopeng ( remember thy name ) town (if you are coming from direction of KL ) and a 2 km left turn.
A kind of old modern Chinese Village , perched precariously on da sagging shoulders of ageing & abused team Tiger-Carlsberg.

fish curry , braised pork ribs , siew pak choy
and plain rice for 4 overglutted Gluttons , without the coffee but a teapot of Chinese tea.

amazing RM 33... now thats really value for money.
Next time you come from Kampar and have still not stopped complaining about the bread curry chickens or your friends from Ipoh are calling you non-stop for the 18th time asking where are you people ah ? faster lah ...just say
wait wait da horses are still kicking ! gosh V r really late ! ( just arrived few hours ago @9am Saturday 23June )

Sorry bruder & thanks Ipoh mali talak sombong for being so patiently waiting ...


Anonymous said…
friends from Kampar is unable to make it to Lawan Kuda, prolly they're still battling with the chicken biscuits fevarrrrr hahahaha, anyway what else are they in KB ? :)
wmw said…
So, when will you guys head back to KL ah?
Anonymous said…
I thought I saw my name but lucky it's Carlsberg and not Fish....haha!
Is Kopisan a mountain where coffee beans are planted ?
Buahahhaha....follow the arrow for food, but not for work, k?
MeiyeN said…
wow..... rm33 for 4 persons? really affordable! hmmm J.J. Fatt... having meals here gonna be "fatt" eh? :p
J u n e said…
RAWR!! Hey!!! Lucky u never eat any bunnies..hehe..
cheap cheap..but only if its on the way back to ipoh..nowadays 2 hrs drive..seldom stop by for meals.unlike the olden days when u use the trunk roads..
definitely an off-the-beaten-track top 10 guide! In this fast paced world, we hardly get off the highway, huh? Ok ok, next time I go to Kampar, I'll give it a miss and look for da horse.
m wok
v will still wait 4 them dun worri. This KB has no nasi dagang nor nasi kerabu oni Tiger Carlsberg many.

maybe 30th then probably got chance to meet da team New KL Gluttons !

acually V ourselves first time here and then a bit dark couldn't see mountains clearly, heard still got some communist remnants there asking for Burmese gals all da time. But V really miss the snakes and worms according to new friend.Try not follow arrows too closely tho coz can lead you elsewhere.

since u going Ipoh this weekend see if you can come here with darling ornot, then shud be interesting for all da old people squatting by roadsides see nice pretty gal come fr big KL

Hahaha ! from now on V shall call u a young cutie . V shall wait patiently for you & us to return to Lawan Kuda soon to continue the untold saga of bunnies and Snakes Alive !

actually no problem since the New KL Gluttons are ever ready to embark on a new epic discovery tour ( to support Eat Malaysia Year 2007 , truly cannot stop), isn't it. Do check with protem committee Chairman tankiasu, assistant 1 jackson and PR reps babe and wmw . V r sure it shall be a sellout blockbuster to beat Fantastic 4 many times over !
team bsg will be the official flag bearers provided LL promises to be there at all times whatever time

as u can see V have been thinking of u again. U shall be amazed at the no of big restaurants here ! Actually top 30 is more like it coz all round there are plenty more
MeiyeN said…
O_o me not going ipoh... but me going penang next friday lol..
Anonymous said…
Neh neh.... this is where I had the Wu Xi pork ribs!
J u n e said…
Haha..I dun wanna eat bunnies la.. My father killed my pet bunny to eat u know..T_T RIP BUNNY..

Eh have u tried Bidor's Wu Kok? If not PLS DO! its nice~ hehe.
Big Boys Oven said…
Hmmm.... I thought lawan kuda town is famous for their "yeah mei", is it true?
means u are going to take part in the bridge marathon Sunday ? or eating durians in balik pulau ! Dun forget tapau the yam cake for us from 3 sisters ok TQ

yes ! great u find da food excellent ! v have included
( sorry very late )a foot note to our post on your rave review of the place thanks .

Oooo my ...dats no good !
he shudn't have but...well ...
Bidor one not yet but shall now look round for it , coming ?

welcome to bsg, rough connoisseurs of da wild and xtraordinaries etc etc blah blah blah hahaha sorry . Actually looking at Jasons post on the same area it seems u r right ! This place is indeed famous for its wild life so we shall have to remember for our next trip ! btw r u guys really BIG ?
J u n e said…
Eh i went dy lurr..Now stuck in school, cant go anywhere. U explore Ipoh first k? I WILL tour summore maybe end of the year only..
Wennn said…
very nice fish head curry... hmmmmm makes me wan some now!!!!
great will keep in touch !

faster faster v want more non noodle dishes !
fatboybakes said…
haha, you sound like you can make up treasure hunt questions. coffee and fighting horses!!!
we should organise one soon !