Chinese Seafood Restaurants

Not the top 9s , but can

Seems everybody loves seafood . Many seafood restaurants are packed to the brim by excited patrons and most customers here are families out for a good meal ( if not a feast ).
Some say sea food is too expensive others say very nice never mind but nobody declines a weekend seafood outing especially if it is beside the wide open sea or clogged river mouths !
...even miles away...
...(like Teluk Gong near Westport Klang , Tanjung Harapan in North Port Klang ) or even far away Sg Besar near Kuala Selangor.

That is not to say seafood restaurants are always near the sea for there are many situated right inland complete with artificially induced authentic sea breezes and palm trees...and giant fish tanks with many ( its alive ! ) fishes, clams, and crustaceans from near ( local ) and far (yes ! Alaska ).

A teaser ( free service & no donations required ) to some of the frequently ordered dishes (FOD ) below is hoped to serve as a rough guide to some non-Chinese and foreigners on what to expect in typical middle-of-the-road Malaysian Chinese Seafood Restaurants.

By no means cheap but very classy Pomfret steamed in light sauce. Strong delightful firm taste if very fresh. So make sure. Probably above RM50 a kg.

Curry fish heads, cut ( usually bouncy 'Sepang' fish ) Chinaman style with some vegetables.
Can be very spicy so beware.

Assam , tamarind flavored & whiff of lemongrass (... u know its coming... ) fish whole (usually 'ikan pari' (stingray) or common 'siakap' ). Another top spicy favorite. Goes excellently well with rice.

Do not miss this fried prawns in butter ( or issit cheese ? ) cream. Fragrant with curry leaves, bouncy and crusty with full robust prawn taste. Try to swallow them whole with da Xtraordinarily good flaky buttery flakes (omg ! please dun throw them away ! ) so no need to recycle. Not cheap also at above RM40 a kg, depending on type of prawns ( too many to remember which type ). Goes perfectly well with Main Liquid Sponser Tiger ( or Carlsberg ).

this one for the one who just needs a prawn dish to make up the numbers.

the piece da resistence of many a Seafood Feast. Hammer for sound. Totally famous sweet & sour local mud crabs.
...single handedly almost like the equivalent of seafood itself...
...dip in side-order special bread. RM above 40 a kg looks like but can go sky high if from Alaska.

the alternative ' take me now dear ' hammerless Burnt version.

Clams (lala ) in rice wine soup. No not the shells please. Some like La La Chong ( Subang Terminal 3, Subang Airport )'s version is simply superb.

another shell fish of the Bamboo kind in spicy brew. Many broken shells before reaching your lips. Find them aplenty in Klang.

Oysters fried in eggs. A kind of in-between filler. Usually many complaints about this and that.
If you must have fried sotong ( calamari ). Often comes late as an afterthought.

( for the incorrigible die-hard 4 landfood Glutton ). Lemon fried chickens

Whats da name in English 'kangkong' , popular green vegetable fried in 'sambal belachan' or extra pungent shrimp paste. Vegetables in whatever color or form is a must order in Chinese seafood ( or whatever ) restaurants to give the whole feast its desired 'balance'.

...and compliments from the chef ( really ?) fresh watermelons or others. This one is you thought...

Happy ordering.

This delicious post is dedicated to lovely seafood connoisseur from Klang. Hi babe !


Babe_KL said…
aiyoyo i'm so hungry now... hv to go back buka vegetarian puasa :p
teckiee said…
hey... are you guys joining for the seafood makan session? Haven seen yous for sometime now. Go check the yahoo group yah.
Jackson said…
aiyoyo... BSG T**Y, u make me craving for seafood now~~ especially Lalachong!!
Yinsi Yat said…
Aiyoyo! I'm drooling now! I dun mine adding weight. kakakaka
Anonymous said…
So many different ways to cook fish and I like all of them! sluRp!
Wennn said…
Seafood seafood... yes yes brings out plate and fork now... wahhhhh nice yummylicous looking SEAFOOD..
Unknown said…
I want to taste that assam fish!!!
Anonymous said… that's a real seafood fiesta !! :)
Anonymous said…
whoa!! seafood! seafood! i love! i love seafood! i love all the food picture here. i love! esp. prawns!

the fried prawns in butter... looks like fried prawns in nestum. i remember about nestum flakes but not butter flakes.

hey you forgot one interesting seafood - the 'balitong' (dunno what it is call in english). one must be an expert to know how to suck the flesh out. first suck the tail end, then turn over and suck the head part - and these 2 kind of sucking must be different kind! haha. (dunno if you know what i mean). it's fun to eat balitong with lots of friends to see who can or cannot manage to be expert suckers. :)
Michelle said…
ARHHHhhhhhh *screams in delight*
love love it allll... i'm so willing to take it all on ur crabs.. hehe..
and prawns and clams.. and and.. *gulp*

speechless and touched for ur dedication. *faints with style*
Rasa Malaysia said…
Oh my god, all my favorites...lala, udang, crab, fish, aiyo, my keyboard is totally flooded with my drool. I just gawked for 5 minutes and drooled without noticing it.
its a sin for you 2 b a vegetarian V tell u ...

thks for info but
v are everywhere here and there very tied up now sorry !

so KK went ok ornot ?

sure v know u just love fishes !

what ? yr new galfriend will kil u lah

V will join u for sure !

waiting for your supreme pixs lah

melting wok
indeed but v will need u u know otherwise

hey u are funny ! thats right some shops actually use nestum cereals for this dish but most use some sweet crunchy things dunno what lah must ask RM/Boo/Babe/Audrey. the balitong sucking contest we wait for u to organise in gurney drive ok ( or Bkt Tambun ) !

its our pleasure anytime

nex round v think u know exactly what/where to do !
MeiyeN said…
no doubt at all that lala chong's "siong tong" clams are yummy!