bsg's incomplete guide to...

...the complete backStreet kopitiam & hawker hotspots in KL / PJ

Crossroad Kampong Baru ( New Village ) in KL's new but old Malay heartland,
still traditional and plenty of pre-independence ( before 1957 ) nostalgic feel.
Malay traditional food and souvenir centre.
2 km from Jln TAR KL & 2 km from Hotel Sheraton KL

Lips tingling bsg custom made Nasi Campur ( selection of meats and vegetables 'mixed' on a plate of steamed white rice ).
Visit any of the many many stalls here by the roadsides and behind this & that buildings & choose from 25 or so different power packed dishes in some shiny aluminium containers ala a buffet spread. Usually under RM6 a head with 'syrup' ( rose flavored reddish sweetish ) drink.
Check out also on-the-spot smokey cheap cheap ikan bakar ( bbq fish ) & 'best' nasi lemaks in town .

Another Little India in KL called Masjid India (off Jln Tuanku Abdul Rahman ). A busy congregation of Indian textile and embroidery shops alongside ( strangely ) many Malay eateries.
A typical snack of Indian thosai with multiple sauces , + many more. Just in case you think that sharp thing is some kind of crepe just so you know it has a 2000 years old story ok ! For other exciting Indian specialities check out from the click our must meet soon pro herself okay !

Penang hawker delights under one roof , the one & only O & S , Taman Paramount PJ. In a class of its own , no less. Everything is good so come very hungry so can try all .....from prawn mee to curry mee to chee cheong fun to yong tau foo to this one

fish balls and beehoon , another Penang speciality just when you are really tired of assam laksa and curry mee and prawn mee... etc etc
Find out why this click here gorgeous lady is so crazy about this place .

A PJ Landmark and Eating Too Much hall of fame top contender . The shop with lots of feel ( & Xtra long story ) , previously called Cheow Yang now Mee Yoke Lim , Jln SS 2/6 PJ . Try everything and anything ( kuihs to snacks to noodles to rice etc etc ) .
For more of this mysterious institution please check with our good friend click the Princess of SS2 PJ .
Their signature dish Mee Yoke Lim , arguably the best prawn noodles ( a controversial top 2 hotshot in Malaysian Gastronomical Centre Penang Island ) in PJ

Then this most talked about one. Nam Chun at Lorong Ara Kiri 2 , Lucky Gardens, Bangsar
...a KL floggers ( food Bloggers ) favourite pre big bash haunt with some outstanding dishes such as this one below

Steven's char keow teow ( classic Chinese fried flat rice noodles , pride of the poor backStreet Chinaman hawkers from Lisbon to Amsterdam, even Bombay and back to Petaling Street KL )
bsg's no 1 choice for its crisp tasty feel
warning : do not attempt to visit all of the above areas at one go without team bsg


Babe_KL said…
v r waiting for team BSG van to pick us all up for such backlane food crawls!!! LOL
UnkaLeong said…
space for 1 more? vait for me. v go 2gether. ROFL
v oso vant to go visit all d areas vith team bsg...botak or not botak...v don't care. vait vait for lyrical lemongrass...don't valk off vithout d vamp.
wmw said…
Ha ha ha....funny comment lyrical lemongrass! Well, team bsg, where is that van of yours???
vmv, v got more vhere dat came, v r becuming addicted to v know vhy team bsg sound so happy all d time..good food, good fun and lots of vine. Especially vine, but v like toddy 2.
Anonymous said…
Now who is the one making who hor*%@?
The indian thosai look like tissue prata.
Wennn said…
Kenot go without team Bsg ah?? Okie okie when I wan to go I will call U!!
Tummythoz said…
Van still got squeezing space? L'll lose weight, I promise. *chewing on a drumstick - roasted not fried*
MeiyeN said…
i think we need a bus and not a van lol...
Anonymous said…
Good char koay teow at Nam Chun Bangsar? Have to try that!

Wah, food crawl for good food. I'd like to squeeze in :) Have to tie myself on the rooftop also don't mind
now that u have mentioned it V have really thought about this type of backStreet crawl with some other( with a name like b a b e & then '300 sparta' 6 abs going 8 then still waxing lyrical princesses gorgeouses happiness gastronomical diaries delicious glutton(s)!
Sommore great gone National soon going International Celebrity Floggers OMG.
Must be de Ultimate eat/drink KL orgyfest surely ! sure make pioneering Friedchillies fried one.
OK coming s o o n.

you bet but this time your 7th then 8th abs ok

did you know we have already lined up the Berjaya Times Square 'juice' for you coming soon ? Or would u prefer the Sentul one darlin'?

V know we can always depend on you ! thank you , Van or not

sorry u are a bit far away , issit ah ? now hat you mention it you might be right !

kwikly get well soon theres so much to eat ( & do )

just make sure u dont run far far away again without leaving us in da ...

make sure u r beside this writer ok
thank you

really ah thats sooooo sweet of you
of course not the roof somewhere nearer ( Hahaha )
Unknown said…
gosh..its like a kl food guide..can we cover all these places in 2 days?
boo_licious said…
Ah, mr. food crawl expert when are we having a BSG food crawl?
fatboybakes said…
haiya, i always go nam chun, never ordered CKT before. looks good man.
kggal(take a guess)
for u ( Korean trained ) no need 1/2 morning also can !

somehow V have been quite inactive so apologies !

try it soon bruder!