backStreet antique collectors' items

original and the way it was ...

there ! A welcome sight for 'E' (nearly empty tank ) . The filling station.

Shaggy , shaky & complete with stiff but loose Malaysia Boleh ! flag. All are welcome.

Curry mee regular. With same formula and original green & red additives .

premium 'laksa' to last one morning ( around 150 km ) before next refuel.
Fully marine leaded to give exceptional power to weight ratio & adequate torque for the uphills.
Xtra loud boosters ( bean sprouts ) for the sonic boom.

Incredible economy at RM1.8 per pump.

Discover them at easy-to-find-if you-try-hard-enough pumping stations
near/beside Main Roads ( or back lanes ) in any small town in Malaysia.

Happy filling !

NB : the above is an actual shack selling real delicious noodles ( not fakes )
at real prices near da main road approaching Lumut (a real small town ) , Perak.


Rasa Malaysia said…
The curry mee would have been 100% authentic (with cockles and pig's blood!), but the long beans...hmmm...of course I am using Penang standard again lah! (I am a real snob).
Tummythoz said…
rasa malaysia, sekali it was a Malay stall, how? *yes, said it in hiding*.
tankiasu said…
Can't really remember when was the last time I ate a bowl of noodle at below RM2!
Anonymous said…
Fuel must be expensive now that we need "bio-food"diesel. But I prefer the latter, more yummy! Hahah! More over, it's green - eco friendly! :D
Anonymous said…
There's another shop at the same row. Fuyoh, during CNY the duck mee can cut throat.
MeiyeN said…
goodness da laksa looks so mouthwatering... wahhh where's this place?!!
teckiee said…
ahh i know that place!!!!! ate there one early early morning onces.
wmw said…
On the road again??? Team BSG, vagabonds! LOL...
boo_licious said…
That laksa looks good. I always love small town food - also easy to spot what is good since all the locals will be eating it.
Precious Pea said…
What a discovery. Laksa looks yummy!!!
Dal said…
the Laksa and Curry Mee...yum...yum..make me hungry
Food always tastes better when you're on the road heading towards paradise. Gorgeous pics, dude.
actually V love food snobs esp if they are very pretty...
( dun V all )

well u wanna V show u ?

thoz Cheras outside ( Suntex or 10th mile ) also got some ?

nex time please V go 2gether

won tell ya must bring u there ourselves

go for it tiger !

sure u got many other places here to share

dun u just love vagabonds ! esp greedy ones V make the best vagabond chickens ( and ducks too)

somehow V knew u will be our type (trust us )

it is ( trust us too )

hope to c u soon here & there ok

u mean which one darlin' , Spore or where ? or wherever u are v r sure