38 minutes in

Chinaman Alley
Always enter from the side ( a bsg trademark...) , the other soft entry into
KL's Chinatown (an unabashed bsg binging favorite) along Jln Sultan.
Grab one Madras (but Chinese ) Lane Chinese Noodles ( aka CCF flat noodles ) just as you enter. Hang by & gobble up at slim counter attached to stall ( beware jealously guarded territorial proprietory rights of surrounding unfriendly neighbours) so you can look right up at the petite Indon helper, as she refills (for da 2nd time ) your green cut pickled ( Chinese invention ) chillies (see pixs).
Verdict : passed with flying (Chinese dagger) colors ! RM1.3 well done !
Hop on to next stall ( friendly) neighbour for the other bsg fave ( ...only if very good, no ifs no buts... ) complicated ( supposedly Penang Island's most valuable ) noodle dish.
This RM 3 something one on a scale of 5 , we will give 2.5 for taste , 1.5 for looks and ...
...10 ! for most scary ( Thai style horror movie) really real piece of canned sardin fish effects.
Feel da spine & throat tingling horror !

Quick exit from slaughterhorrorhouse to normal hungry ( hey patient !) crowd.

The famous KL Chinatown 3 in a row ! On your left de former best wanton mee and to your right the oldy & still wonderful but getting xpensive reddish CCF and in da centre the steaming hot porridge.

Like this internally generated RM4 super crunchy but sorry guys & gals got no taste those
brown full of promise things. Lucky we have the very flavorful wet rice.
You should try to order this raw fish combo or the black eggs one if you are here ! Don't forget.
On da way out we saw this big crowd waiting for the roast duck . Must be good !

Then also the famous newspaper superstar old lady's plasticine multicored sweety wonders, just beside the duck fella.

a quick exit from here but before...

...our parting Grand Finale power shot of .....da ultimate one...
... still eminently heart-throbbing & enduring
Chinese international overeating trademark
For a more leisurely stroll here catch ms delicious from USA doing her thing !


Yinsi Yat said…
I always come here for good foods wan. hehehehe.
Hey great (and honest!) review of my favourite makan place near my office. Wei, next time call me lar! :-P
Rasa Malaysia said…
I think I had that Assam Laksa before, you are right, 10 for scarry sardine. My KL friend told me this is supposedly a very famous Assam Laksa stall in KL and I wasn't impressed at all...too sour and hello, canned sardines for laksa when fresh kembong are plentiful. Sorry.
Wennn said…
Wahhhhh fei chu yuk.... hanging there..... Hmmm like the congee tho.. Like all the 3 types of congee... Yummy yummy..
Tummythoz said…
Is that 'sei-ngan-chai' ie 4-eyed guy (bespectacled-lar) roast duck stall? It's finger licking good! They can prepack the ducks in boxes to check-in at airports too!
Babe_KL said…
everytime i pass by there i will drool over the siew yuk and char siews hanging on the glass display hehehe
MeiyeN said…
madras lane? you didn't try da "yong tau fu" i tell ya, don't simply sit k.... or else, your chopsticks would be confiscated and then da next thing you know, being shoo off! O_o that "sze ngan chai" ducky.. absolutely yummy!! gonna review it soon :D
Anonymous said…
i haven't try any food in chinatown before. next time must stay in hotel near chinatown then can try the food.

i used to stay in hotels near jalan alor and i had try the food there before a few times. lots of good food in jalan alor too i notice - how about doing a review of the food there one day?
wmw said…
Want to try the chee cheong fun there lah...
teckiee said…
The sang yui porridge is my fav! My dad actually complain about me when i rave about this place. But when i took him there to eat... its my turn to complain when he goes on and on about how yummy it is. And I so so love the fact that they open at 5am!
wah just gorgeous food!..this is heaven la..but the safety and the parking is horrendous though..sigh..but i guess u win some and u lose somela..
Anonymous said…
chee cheong fun + green chillies = strange combination to me. I only eat green chillies wiv wantan mee...other than that i must hav cili padi!
no wonder u were with this sweet gal then neber notice our shouts !

sure darlin' din know u were sooo near

lucky the last time u din try this, V can imagine...( broken tables and chairs of Pg anger...)

pollidge good to keep u warm right ( since V r so far away )

its him its him ! airport can ah so much taste donno halal onot like that ! btw halal ornot ah duck ( never heard of Muslims eating duck one )

da last time u were drooling the red CCF right V were beside you u know. Actually the siew yoke here no good lah, got no sauce one then also too hard

quick quick v can't wait ! tell us can fight the O & S one ornot

alor ones also got many choices and some are very famous like the roast chicken WAW wing fella ok v shall come soon but remember got many chickens and matsallehs here one

cannot match your cheras one leh

the fish is A1 alright ! the service is also damn fast all of 1 minute !

so now yr next stop shud be here but try to come before 8am , then u r King

u might want to know some take the plain CCF only with the green chilis ( honest ). No sauces please ! Try it soon ! Pick u up later ok...( no more Jap food 4 a mth ok )
Unknown said…
whoa..u cover all the good food just in 38 minutes..it took me few days to tried them all..u tried the deep fried sweet potato?
actually v are such gluttons v finish everything before closing our mouths so very fast one ! hahaha that potato not yet tried we shud try nex time ( hopefully u show us tq )