solid F & B tips

10 sure ways to ruin ( koyak ) your first Makan date

By Kathryn Lord ( not from bsg 1 )
Yahoo! Personals Jun 28, 2007

1. Don't look like your picture.
Post an old picture from when you were thinner or had more hair ( haha ).

2. Don't make any special effort to present yourself well
Dress for a first meeting the way you would for a Saturday night at home (watching Ho Chiak ! ), rationalizing that you want to appear "real" and be liked for the way that you are.

3. Be late ( omg !)
Nothing says you couldn't care less than to be late. While arriving early might give you the advantage of being able to see your date before he/she sees you, being late implies you are too important to be polite.

4. Forget your wallet.
Male or female, the "I forgot my wallet" schtick is the fastest route to being labeled cheap.
If you are a guy and this is a coffee date, springing for both cups is a bargain-rate way to look good. And ladies, men notice if you offer to pay, even if they insist on opening their wallet for your latte.
5. Use your state-of-the-art Samsung/Nokia/Sony handphone
Go ahead, plunk your ultra hip blinking pride down on the table between the two of you, leave it on and answer every call, taking as long as you want while ignoring your date.

6. Brag ! Brag brag brag & brag
My grandma used to say "Don't brag," and when you are on a date, she was -- and is -- so right.
However, if you can't resist, talk about the price you paid for your wow ! new BM , flash your Rolex , and prop your implants ( goodness ) on the table. Tell how important you are at work and how many men or women are dropping at your feet.
See how your date reacts... if they are still at the table ( oh ! )

7. Complain !
Grouse. About our tired PM. Say how no one listens to you and you are looking for someone who will. Go on and on about your gastrics or, better yet, why you hate Nasi Kandar Perth .

8. Be r u d e.
To your date, and to everyone around you. Talk down to the slow Burmese Thai no Engrand-talk waiter and don't leave a tip. Complain loudly to the management about the poor service.

9. Try to get sexy.
Tell your date that she is turning you on and you are imagining her naked. Move in fast & furious, hugging, touching or trying to kiss, despite what your date is signaling.
Talk & purrrrr sexy and do it like Amber Chia. No no ! plse ! not that annoying B Pitt guy10. Tell dirty jokes
You know that you are funny, especially after you have a couple of drinks. If it is a coffee date, then stop off for a couple of tiger carlsberg before you get there. Say, how about Malaysia Today's Ramly sausages & Mongolian cherries encore ? You know that men (or women) like a good sexy joke, so fire away.

team bsg today fasting ( so a bit out ) & drinking only sorry (camera also spoilt )


Xiu Long Bao said…
Y camera spoilt? Foodie can't fast one lar. eat more and stay cool...yeah^^
Anonymous said…
Would you bring first Makan date to up-class restaurant or street-side stall ? :p
Anonymous said…
very good points indeed. ok so now thanks to bsg (courtesy of kathryn lord), i'll know how to koyak my makan date. hehe.

actually come to think of it first date on makan is not so good as the couple might discover disgusting (?) eating habits. er... but actually most first dates (at least mine) start with makan, what else.

Jackson said…
camera spoilt?? How can??
wmw said…
What sort of treatment have you been subjecting your camera too? Too much salt water from the sea from all the island trips??? Ha ha ha...
Precious Pea said… so glad i didn't go through the top 10 disaster!
Anonymous said…
Hahaha... thanks for da tips! :P
Anonymous said…
nombor lima is very y'day. Its I-phone I-phone and I-phoneeeee :PP
You can definitely have all the don't be rude, don't be late, don't show off your Rolex, and definitely don't drink and show up with stinko beer mouth for your coffee/afternoon delight ahahahahaha :PP
how right u are ! so we quickly got a replacement and bANg ! we met one of the sisters already !

interesting thought. But to be safe better bring her to a proper cafe tho. afterall you still dunno whether you are his/her type or not !haha

true most first dates start with a drink/makan. hey here you can see him greedy or not ! or whether can beat team bsg ! if can do not proceed to 2nd date, that u must call bsg

actually camera man spoilt lah sorry

hahaha we got rough hands u know , drop here smash there

u must be kidding now you oredi happily married and happily eating bigger than any flogger v know in KL, ...unless ...unless... no no cannot

young man like you can take your sweet time and let all da married women belanja you first. all you need to do is really smile and say 'actually my dear u can really eat and drink' ! ( give me one more plse )

hehehe v hate ipods too ! and that stupid samsung
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