Red Wine String Noodles

Highly Strung over Chicken Soup

Occassionally one comes across some standout dish. Like this glaring eye popper from some strange corner somewhere. It is a kind of chicken soup but really red and can get you hot
& horny if you get carried away especially after a whirlwind beach fantasy the nights before.

On solid land after a roundabout ( end of Jln Yew ) in Jln Pudu, Kuala Lumpur inside a non-chalant shop called Hup Yick (Restaurant Fuzhou Original Fish ball ) you can order this thing (see boo-licious ) for about 5 bucks, that is if you think the famous meaty Fuzhou fish balls which you were really here for are still not enough & you need to see what's those red things the noisy table next to yours are having.

After the initial apprehension at the strange dark deep colour ( sure or not ? ) it actually tastes not too bad and you can feel plenty of delicious gingery biting high flavours .
In fact you will probably love it at first mouth.

When we were here in Manjung, Perak we tried this similar but simpler version in a backStreet restaurant ( where else ? ) without the blacky & greeny Xtra things like the one in KL.

To pique our pent-up curiosity we moved behind to the kitchen to see for ourselves what V could find. Da strings unplugged ! Pure, glistening and curvilicious, the 'mee suah' or known locally here as string noodles, is a bristle and soft wheaty specialty from Kg Cina, Sitiawan & many parts of Sarawak and Johore ( so now you know where to find them good ones ! )

It used to be a cottage industry before where one can see the long sagging white strands hanging by the poles outside many houses to dry with a head and a tail each. So really there is a beginning and an ending. In fact to some connoisseurs they avoid the mee suah heads if they can !

For our next few bowls we sort of DIY to enrich our higher Xperience by adding more and more..of this one-of-a-kind-thing ( or is it cheers more and too much ? )

to get this final Red Wine ( its high baby ! ) Chicken ( make sure Kampong one )
Noodles H i g hsation of Sitiawan !

. is bloody unique... its different ( then sommore got those Xploding post-natal tales 2...)
...go get em tigerrr (there is still hope Lyrical Lemongrass ) !


Precious Pea said…
What a coincidence, I had Mee Suah with Chicken in Red Wine last Wednesday too. But i didn't get as 'high' as you lor.
MeiyeN said…
goodness, awesome!!!!!! too bad, too bad..... not in kl :( sobzzzz...
fatboybakes said…
hmm, i didnt particularly like the red wine chicken dish i'm cracking my head to think WHERE i had it!!!
hope? hmmmmm. I guess everyone deserves a second chance. Maybe in the next decade or so.... :-P
wmw said…
Wah, so red....Dunno how to appreciate this noodle dish wor...
Anonymous said…
Aiyoh .. mabuk liao, mabuk liao.

Errr... does it really gets your drunk .. the red wine I mean.
Wennn said…
Hmmm red wine noodle??? Wah I drink red wine every wed morning but noodle??? hmmmm will think about it... oh yes come over to my blog..
Unknown said…
u diy the famous fu zhou dish? bravo!! where to buy the red wine (hong zhao)??
luckily... otherwise he will be...ah

V can always bring u there dear
( remember V have da Machine ?)

certainly not with us man !
but nex time lah

no no no V have to make it sooner !

its so easy really easy, after some
" how do I live " maybe...

tks for coming over this not yet high place ! but if u take half a bottle of that thing guarantee your face oso as red as lobster 1/2 fried. actually can buy from Hup Yick

where da ladies thoz can try the rubber oredi ?
haha yes this wine also good @8%

Thank u TQ . just lurve your name. Reminds us of a lot. If you really want drop us a note we will hand deliver a bottle from Riana Green PJ to you.
one team BSG is an uncertified master 'eng chui' brewer.
teckiee said…
Aiyorrrr I miss this ang chio mee sua la. I want to go to Kg Cina to eat.
Anonymous said…
hot soup? with wine? ahh my kind of soup. gimme gimmme!
MeiyeN said…
sounds good, when? when? :D
Tummythoz said…
Heard so much about this red devil dish but have not tried yet since LL was sooo disappointed with it.
Personal brewer? Really a multi-talented team huh!
Anonymous said… merah one, reminds me of this red rice pork soup mom force me to drink up..:P anyhoo, mee suah sounds good :)
Anonymous said…
Mee Sua with Chicken in Red wine - one of my fav...The sweetness of the homemade red wine (from fermented glutinious) is really tempting ;)
Anonymous said…
V shall bring you there & then bring you to Pangkor. But you must belanja Laksa !

wow finally something u really like ! hot & high...

hahaha not scared ah u! so many stalkers u know ! but v r different... really one

U shud have seen da rest !

meltingly loving u
ya yr good young mum thats why u r flying in da states with all those

tks for dropping here V see u r quite familiar with this dish !
It tastes slurppee & allconsuming !
so sorry people one team BSG after da red wine has erroneously used another local kaki's private site to comment thinking it was BSG ! apologies