Masakan Melayu , Winner by a Mile

Malaysia's Top 6 Dishes ( by volume )

Traditional Malay food preparations/recipes have been influenced by early traders from Indonesia,Thailand, India, the Middle East, and China & are generally spiced with distinctive spices and herbs , with lots of lemon grass, pandan (screwpine) and kaffir lime leaves ( ...and liberally infused with 'lemak' or coconut milk flavors ).

Rice & noodles ('mee' ) make up the staple diet in a typical Malay meal and brought to a loving climax in a masterful & convenient concoction with these evergreen Malay classical all-embracing chicken , sexy fish and killer beef ( 'daging' or meat ) dishes !

You can get them in most Malay restaurants (& esp pasar malams or open air night markets), anywhere across the country, and at prices that will not make you cry or raise your Grandmothers fading eyebrows !

beehoon goreng ( fried rice vermicelli , dry with anchovies/red chilis/vegetables/scrambled chicken egg bits) , a most popular home prepared , takeaway and family parks-and-beaches picnic snack and cannot-escape side dish in many hotel breakfast buffet spreads.
nasi goreng / mee goreng (fried rice / fried noodles , dry in light/dark sauces) , about similar to counterpart beehoon goreng in availability , and definitely found in backStreet Malay 'warongs' (stalls) and pasar malams from Kuala Lumpur to Kampong Jauh Jauh Tapi Dekat (Far Far Away but Near Village) behind the Titiwangsa Range.

nasi ayam ( chicken rice , a yellowish ginger flavored rice meal with fried chickens in soya sauce) , a classy but headless 11-in-a-row unmistakeable hang-by-the-noose front shop attraction in many Malay makan ( food ) shops.
sup beehoon ( rice vermicelli in brownish chunky beef meat/bone beef soup ) + special dark chilli sauce droplet ( beware the sting ! ...more than a match for the other little-bit-rare controversial Chinese versions ) . A spin-off bull awe-&-wow crowd puller in many pasar malams with their humongous bath-tub buckets and big-as-your-arms-and-legs cross stacked 'killing field' bones.

laksa Melayu ( hot/spicy tamarind enhanced fishy oninony lemograssy soup + open-top lime with rice vermicelli + signature 1/2 of one hard boiled chicken egg , variously described as pungent and /or fragrant ),
a runaway BSG favourite !

...and finally nasi lemak ( fragrant rice in coconut milk with fried peanuts & sharp curvy usually quite stiff but stunted fishes cast over magical top-secret recipe ) the Malaysian creame-de-la-creame Gastronomical Wonder ! Wanna know all about it just click
**Just in case you thought team BSG has finally gone bananas the above Top 6 list was prepared after extensive ( no not yet intensive) backStreetEating ( not research ) across the length & breadth of our much maligned diversified country...

...because Malays make up 56.44 % of the total 28.1 million population and they don't eat in non-Muslim eateries...whereas the Gluttony 22.88 % Chinamen & 11.97 % Indians will 'sapu' (sweep) everything within nose smelling range that means also those 6 things lah ! ( ...understand ornot ? aiya never mind lah...).

NB don't worry too much about those sadistics ok !


wheres my char kuey teow!!..
Wennn said…
Wah U guys have been missing for so long is becoz looking for all these yummylicious food ah??? Hmmm I hear someone waiting 4 me at the KLIA with 4 beers wor!! Sure or not ah??? OKie I record down in my Buku 555.
MeiyeN said…
woohoo.. you are back! yiippeee... beehoon goreng my favourite! ;)
Rasa Malaysia said…
Now you have to do Malaysian Indians top 6 dishes and Malaysian Chinese top 6 dishes. I think it will be very hard to do Chinese top 6 dishes because it will end up like top 2 dishes due to our gluttony nature!
Anonymous said…
ah so finally you update.

i kind of agree with you on the top 6 list malay food... but is it malay food or is it food malay eat? because many malay likes to eat indian or rather indian muslim food too like nasi kandar and roti canai. (i think you meant the latter).

some food are universal - all races love them like nasi lemak!! so remember to put nasi lemak in your top list for other ethinic top food eh.
Anonymous said…
Hahaha... the last part is kinda funny :P
Hungry hungry...
Jackson said…
i thought Nasi Lemak should be the top ranking rite???
wmw said…
Where were you guys lah?...Team BSG of rescuing some damsel in distress, is it??? Ha ha ha...
Anonymous said…
no need to care about statistics, and even statistics waist-hip lah, just eat in the face of good food! ;p~~~
I think Laksa Melayu (tamarind-based type) not as easily found as laksa lemak in Sg.
Anonymous said…
I am quite agree with your top 6 food...but if categorised respectively according to our races, I think it will be different...Btw, nasi lemak will still in the top 6 for all 3 races - our national food ma :)
Melting Wok said…
wow, it's already 28.1 mil ? Great stats. hmm..having mee sup kambing right now, is that melayu cina ke tamil har ?
Tummythoz said…
Where u ppl went huh? Holiday so long. Tour deWhole of Malaysia isn't it? Glad you're back. Missed those multi-coloured wordings.
teckiee said…
all of us too west cost already.. the kelantan side malay dishes are really good too.. nasi dagang yum yum!
boo_licious said…
Were you all away doing food research? Glad to see you back on the blogging scene.
haha u sure love your CKT dun worry will get them soon ( with all da squids too ! )

maybe u wannnn 6 not 4 ?

thank you but actually V are still far away ! but v have joined u in yr countdown ( remember ? )

good idea but V still owe you Lala Chong u know.

you are right those are food Malays and also non malays eat thats why together have made them Top 6 in Malaysia.

food is funny tho, one man's meat is another's joke ( like halal hahaha )

u r probably right but V r not sure so we lump them into top 6 !

if only if only but missed your adventures with all those cakes,abs,soon durians and more wine gluttons in KL !

ya just eat no worries ( can't be said bout many others tho ?) and laksa lemak very rare in KL

nasi lemak is a fave order in many cafes also and multi race probably becoz a rice dish !

melting wok
kambing is a mostly Indian thing in Malaysia tho in West lamb rules right !?

u shud have seen our multi colored forms then .....

East coast is pretty exciting becoz their specialities very herby and fresh tasting. Also the sea and wind perfect ! Try many and share ok !

actually we are outstation but still here tho a bit slow and little late ! Amazing now many floggers and absloggers ( when booploggers ah sorry ?!) meeting up so often in KL !
Dal said…
all pictures shown in your blog make me feel hungry...I've put your blog in my favourite list...keep up your good work...
Ooh I love them all...the sign of a true glutton, I suppose. hehe.
Michelle said…
team bsg.. mana new post?? =P
Wennn said…
OK la 6 pun boleh la... Eh eh eh where U go missing again ah?? No more new post lately geh??
dali zain
thanks for kind words and make sure yours keep coming too !

somehow V really missed somebody the last time in WAW...probably the closest to team bsg as can be heheha ! one bsg in Riana is already thinking of something

v were also wondering where u have been ! next post on top dedicatd to you ! Hope its not too grotesque...

actually we can go on forever until reach TT means many cartons not only 6 hahaha ! V r back !meaner and badder
Unknown said…
bro ada x gamabr restoran melayu kat melaka?
Melayu Boleh said…
I really love laksa especially laksa sarawak! By the way, laksa melayu look exactly same with laksa sarawak la.. not copycat meh? hehe
melayu boleh
tq for dropping by. Of course laksa may be different in different localities , different shops. Generally laksa Melayu has 1/2 a boiled egg and minced fish , no pineapples and mint leaves. Whereas Laksa Sarawak has prawns , looks and and taste more like curry ! And then Johore Laksa is also different in some condiments ! A bit like women , all nice and good but tho the same but really different !