da Bridge(s), Manjung Perak

Some things really change

Before 2001 few have heard of Damar Laut the kampong opposite Lumut or even
Damai Laut the Swiss Garden ( 5 stars ) Resort , Lumut & its signature development
the 18 holes carved-from-the-jungle wonder the Damai Laut Golf & Country Club.

Then this ( and two more ) bridges spanning the Dindings river came and today the crazy place (and the people behind them) which the simple rural folks here thought was mad has won not one but 3 accolades( never mind from who? ) including

*best resort golf course,
*2nd most scenic hole &
*3rd most scenic golf course... !

the simply Samy Veluud majestic Raja Permaisuri Bainun (yeah its a mouthful alright !) Bridge across the scenic but some say too shallow Dindings River
the winning golf course fronting the gorgeous blue sea

de out-of-place stunning entrance to Resort off Seri Manjung-Taiping road

yes the welcoming Green Monsters from Mars ( look alikes ) along road to Resort

Fantastic view of Lumut harbour / town from here !

Another great panaromic view from 'the view'

hut for 2 overlooking fabled Pangkor Island

over fresh coffee at the Garden Terrace @RM6

and Swiss Club Sandwich @RM20
No wonder you can hardly find locals here...


Wennn said…
Wow the place looks fantastic lor.. Din even know there's such nic eplace around my hometown.. MAlu la... Okie next visit bek must go..
Anonymous said…
Ah.. never been to Damai Laut. Should dig some time to visit it
Anonymous said…
i had been to this swiss garden damai resort before about 3 years ago. lovely place but the garden terrace got lots of flies!
Anonymous said…
I was there 2 years ago when my dad's company held a family day there. How come I never notice all those beautiful scenery? Hmm.. must had been too eager with the free buffet lunch :P
wmw said…
I have been to this place...Nice and calm. When are you guys coming back on land? Ha ha ha...
Precious Pea said…
I was there 5 years ago...how come i didn't see those nice nice views like you did geh????
Tummythoz said…
Agree with lucia. Was there a few years back (when they just tarred the road to the Hotel) & was swarmed by flies! Was it a landfill before?
MeiyeN said…
da green monsters..... aren't they dragonfruit plants?
fatboybakes said…
that whole sitiawan, manjung, lumut stretch has changed so much since i was working there back in 1990....
Yinsi Yat said…
Damai laut BEST!! la.
Unknown said…
there got cheap dragon fruit or not? since i see your green monsters there. hehe...

looks like a nice place to go...
ok v come straight from west London

this place many rocky beaches, but near by one only beautiful so be careful

now no more flies oredi

maybe so but next time must come with the some people no regrets !

this place chosen by the PM to host his 'hurried I am well press conference' after coming over from Teluk Batik ! V shall be sea based for a while sorry ! but u people having a grand time shuttling from Village to Heaven right !
wow wow wow !
Our regds to the luscious one

shud have come with us u know

u r partly right, yes those days many flies but today ok(tommoro dun know ) and land is partially filled for entrance road

think u r right !
V saw something red hanging loose down...

really then u shud be familiar but it has changed with previously rubber trees town seri manjung now exploding with native reclones

when ah coming with nyonya ?

got got ! also many keropok in Lumut when u come oso? hahaha
nice yes..cheap damn no!!..damn expensive ar!!!!
Precious Pea said…
You never invite also, how to come along???????
Rasa Malaysia said…
Wow chief, I am in polluted Beijing and you are in sandy paradise...and I am not talking about Damai Laut, but the azure crystal clear water where team BSG were having a hella good time dining and lepaking in the water...come on tell me where did you guys go? Maldives or Team BSG's own private island? Man, I want to go...it's not Perak I am 101% positive.
Anonymous said…














Anonymous said…
been there once for company trip, the place very relaxing and there's so much of activities to do. the spa's good also and the food in lumut, wahhh ... or chien is to die for, so fat and juicy.
Jackson said…
wow.....lovely place! U r not food blogger now. U should change to tourism spot blogger. Haha! The sandwich looks good
yes u r right, as teruk as those with 'ambience' one !

u mean u will come ah ? ( shore or not ? )

polluted Beijing ? strange V thought mystical & exotic Beijing ?
Wa u sure got sharp and clear eyes can even tell a place from a few sq inches only just by the gleaming water ( unbelievable unless u were once a mermaid ) !
Actually in P Perhentian Besar lah thinking of the sweetest slim lady that got away too soon...

u r one of the rare ones to know that Lumut offers one of the finest ochiens any where ! So do come again more often

actually babe did mention she would love a crawl here instead . Yes the sandwich is nice but u shud have seen da ladies...
Rasa Malaysia said…
Perhentian Besar? Betul ke? I have been there but didn't see exotic dining in the sea while there. Quick quick tell me which part of Perhentian Besar, which beach and which resort caters to such romantic and fun happenings?
No no V won't tell you cos V want to bring you there ourselves ok !
Unknown said…
Well that's it. No more visiting your website as despite bringing up my requests numerous times to include addresses and phone numbers of the recommended eating places, you don't seem to bother. My new favourite food blog is now at 3meals.blogspot.com where all details of the eating places are given, including maps. You have got a long way to catch up, mate.
V appreciate & thank you for your frank comments and must remind ourselves that some readers really
would want more details !
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