Sweet Indulgence

a touch of ClassAs you approach Ipoh City from the North South Highway from Kuala Lumpur this
grotesque sight of unabashed open 'economic slash & plunder' will greet you first.
Talk about first impressions !

Please Sir not in our very own front yard ! ...whatever happened to finesse ?

Lucky we still have it here. What a change, wide charming clean roads leading to our destination.

Aha here we are. Deceptively simple entrance. Tho you can feel it coming.

Huge quiet whitish palatial mansion. The White House. Colonial. Nostalgic.

and so it was that we came to this place for a real quickie before proceeding to meet
Mr Opposition in Pantai Remis in 2 hours time. Think this foam thing is called The Fluffy ?

Milocino, a soft textured miloish cake topped with that fragrant red cuts.

Then the mud cake also looking like that but with more grainy feel.

Fresh coffee perfect tea time unsweet companion.

Finally the Ultimate sticky sweet how-do-you-describe-it taste? ...in a long slim bowl.
That was really some snack in the classiest cafe in Ipoh.
Nice service, bigger than air-bus homely ambience,
complete with top notch fine dining experience.
...what a rush ...but we shall be back !
The next time you are passing through remember...
Indulgence Restaurant
14, Jalan Raja Dihilir ( Jln Tambun )
Ipoh, Perak.
Tel 605-255 7051


It's easy enough to feel nostalgic in a beautiful colonial bungalow like that. The cakes look gorgeous too.
i have recently been having cake cravings..too much studying in starbucks..after reading ur entry..dis is not good..argh!
Michelle said…
argh. it's a sin to just look at it and feel it in ur tummy.. ugh..
u.. bad bad bad bad.. craving me at this time.. 3:31 am.
fatboybakes said…
wow, i've heard so much about this indulgence place. so, is it really good?

joe, i dun understand how you can crave the cakes at starbucks. in fact, that is the perfect antidote to stop craving for me, heh heh... just look at the starbucks cakes, and ....shudder.
Precious Pea said…
Ohhh la la..look at those sinful yummy-looking cakes!!!! Am putting this place into 'must-go' list when i visit Ipoh, hopefully soon.
Anonymous said…
LOL... This is the place to find homemade mudcake and brownies in Ipoh! *grin*
nex time V r heading there shall remember you most sweetly even if u decline to come along

thoz starB has some goodie goodies too? ( mean da delightful long and short haired gals without the berries )

so Finals coming ? V wish u plenty luck ok

d best truly ( V mean da lady Boss ) ...V love c a k e s u know
( hehehe)

this must try (after or maybe before the CCF old town and white coffee )

welcome aboard fellow Ipohrian !
together V shall conquer
( meantime lets eat )
Anonymous said…
so..how much toll money kana bayar before all that pure sweet indulgence ? hehe
Salt N Turmeric said…
thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. ;)

btw, since when ipoh got this classy eating place ya? the last time i went to ipoh was in 98. hehe.