Chickens... & Rice

Hopping onto the Eastern BandwagonIn the end also must have rice ? ...this ageing Colonel Kentucky fella.
But true to his outstanding patriotism and undying love for Uncle Sam has added some
Californian pink ( or is it golden ?) raisins to remind him of home sweet home.
The classic Golden Archy Marketing Guru ever sensitive to changing winds.
Even if it is wet will still do as long as it is rice ok.
Pies also can go bananas !

This one a bit slow even though good olde Italiano inventor of Spaghetti Pizzarianna
Marco Polo already knew it ever since look-alike Chinaman Kublai Khan
already told him so in da Hut 700 years ago.
...But never mind its never too late ! ( then u can call it new... piccola ! )

The ultra fast Malaysian learner & Western food & Fried Chicken Connoisseur with her
multi-directional & high quality Eurasian version of
Marrybrown fried chicken sambal papadam nasi lemak Rice.
Dare to dream... ! International Galloper with fine presence even in quite far away Dubai.

Our very own Kampong nasi ayam. Still looking good and tasting very voluptuous !

...and da O N E .....Unmistakable, lastingly original.
Incomparable, classic, unmatched, numero uno,one of a kind, etc etc etc blah blah blah
The inscrutable Hainanese Chicken Rice............................. in the beginning there was...
De only one steamed, sliced and most fair...
...until today


Wennn said…
Hehehehh I just had some Hainanese Chicken rice today down in CHinatown and I come bek I see U post chicken rice... Wat a coincidence!!
Anonymous said…
hey how come you no feature claypot chicken rice? i love it!

what about the rice in the chicken rice shop? nice too!
Anonymous said…
Am a truly rice barrel, luv the fluffy grains! could teambsg risked their lives to try the first rice set .... errr....
Anonymous said…
So funny!
I did not know KFC ventured into serving rice. Was it chicken rice's rice or plain white rice? It looked pale yellow though (chicken rice's rice....hahhaha)
Precious Pea said…
I heard KFC rice not good at all. The best is still a plate of chicken rice from any hawker stall. Preferably with char siu added.
Rasa Malaysia said…
Huh? KFC now comes with rice? So weird, what is the sauce to go with the chicken? The gravy? Got soup or not? :P
Unknown said…
the kentucky msut have rice thing sucks! haha..hainanese chicken rice rocks..the cooking of the rice itself requires so many types of herbs and spices
it goes to show how marketing are always constantly on their toes..rice is just such a staple food for so many dad actually gets restless if he doesnt eat rice for a what to do..shit n good they still will sell at the end of the day..verdict? hainan chicken rice still rocks!
Michelle said…
the kfc rice comes with that mashed potato gravy.. hmm.. err personally i didnt find that amusing.. it doesn't look a bit appetizing to me though.
so yr nex cooking post shall be...

wait till we reach Kampar the home of claypot chicken rice !

we managed to come out alive with all da mashed potatoes over our faces !

V think you wouldn't wanna know but it is tasteless alright !

right on ! precious

the rice with raisins is Xtra, no other changes.but rice is flat one no soup no nothing

hainanese yeah !

right ! chinaman still rules here !

it would interest you to know we caught sight of a kid rejecting the rice in front of his parents !