Where V would like to go !

This ancient mystical place for sure.V shall first visit her for the usual customary warming up get set before the ready...,
near one of da bazaars overlooking the one & only Nile outside West Cairo , with all da smoke & endless chatters. U know how they are. (btw some people spend thousands just to see her shake a bit longer , and more u know.)
then maybe buy one or two 3,000 yr old ( issit ah ?) must-have souvenirs, ...err...
... people back home must know right ?

tomorrow we set off ! Yippee ! V r in the open at last !

Its cool ( V mean hot ) baby ! But smelly and very FUN !

across the impossible land. Wah such unimaginable beauty !! (really got such place meh ?)

to reach the jaw dropping 1st Wonder of the World, D Great Pyramids of Cheops.
Even today our best engineers & builders cannot duplicate ( small one ) this great engineering feat...believe it or not ! ( & so it remains one of life's unsolved mysteries...
...something like whether girls are from Venus or... issit Pluto ? )...
...our fabled very much wished future destination.
This one's from elegantly pretty lianne 's tag !
...my she's really giving us ideas...
...de Yahoo lady with the incredible cool stylish spreads.
Visit her soon ! & V r not joking


teckiee said…
Must visit when I have the $$ one day.
Michelle said…
i don need her to shake a lil more longer for me.. hahaha...

where's DA foooooooddddddddd ????????
wmw said…
Most probably heading there next year...But surely looking at different "views" from you guys! Ha ha ha...
Yinsi Yat said…
Cool! I like the pictures. It is amazing especially the sand.
Anonymous said…
hahahaha .. for a while, i thought you guys are already in egypt! that's why no show in coming flogger meeting lohhhh .. anyway, coming ?
Wennn said…
Wah nice place.. Ahem how come U no show us the food they eat there geh??
MeiyeN said…
heard from mom's friend that this's a cool place to visit and she wanna return again!!
Tummythoz said…
Want to visit too but not a fan of sand. So how?
Precious Pea said…
Wonder how it looks like for guys to go belly dancing.
fatboybakes said…
yes, egypt is really one of those MUST VISIT PLACES BEFORE YOU DIE kinda place. out in the sahara at sunset, looking back at the pyramids of giza, which look so small, compared with the vastness of the desert, very humbling indeed.

alas, i dunno how safe it is to go these days. i went back in 1993 or so, when the world was still a relatively peaceful place.
teckiee said…
precious pea: hahahahahah hmmm im trying to imagine
u should, maybe da Gods are still waiting

can't blame u coz she made us forget the food completely ! sorry

maybe V shud come along too so then you can pix us wallowing in deep Nile near spot where Moses was lost with that lady with that errr ...buskeet

V always wondered how u vibrate under the sand ?

V have only to cross that dune ( now almost reach oasis oredi )then another 999 miles to reach da Sphinx afterwhich we should be on our way to Bangsar !
C u soon pretty!

how to tahan all those dates and figs ? All finished then camera kanot wok too many sand and dust !

then V make sure V go together to see Mummy ( no 1 ) !

no problem V hide u under !

when u wanna C ? tell us soon. teckiee want to come too ?

Great u love this place and was very fortunate to have actually been there ! Saw her onot Cleopatra ? Most beautiful woman in the whole world .Da gods shall be returning soon so be ready for 2nd trip
Anonymous said…
egypt is one of the places that i would like to go IF i have the $$$$$... which i foresee to be a long long long longgggg time. like mongolia, alaska, vatican city, israel, kenya, peru, nepal, bahamas.

oh i'm dreaming.

should go for places like australia, london, paris, taiwan, US, japan... then i wouldn't be dreaming.
Jackson said…
wulalala...food blog to travle blog!!!
dun worry someone said if you dream hard and long enough it will come true ...

thought they are the same becoz u ate so much while travelling in Bangkok !