Sea Breeze & Beach Ambience

Sandy Recreation... or to each, his own

Most people will tell you they just love the sea and the beaches for
aren't they just so beautiful , serene & cool ( or is it hot ! ) ?
Then soooh many things to do. Swimming, building castles, rockclimbing , snorkeling,
jet ski or just lazing & doing nothing.
Somemore also the unlimited s p a c e. Feel the F R E Edom .
The magical sunsets, the soothing waves.
Simply relaxing, especially with buddies or that special someone.

But we will tell beachcombers, we just enjoy watching many who
does nothing except eat.
Don't we just love them ! They certainly know how to make the most of nature !

So next time if you are at da beaches look around and be sportingly enjoying people
enjoying themselves doing their thing !

Like these...a h e m... here !
Meantime do have fun .

welcome to err...believe it or not ! ...another 1st !!... btw its near Lumut

sea lions ? yessssirrr you bet

let's eat first , with a sampling of these local beach specialities

must have rice again ah ? ok can start with bright perfection in a cone , NL bungkus da King

mee goreng kampong, da ultimate tricky beach boy

bee hoon goreng , boringly simple, straightforward but just can't do without !

this one really new ,
lempeng pisang ( sweety soft banana with coconut grilled over banana leaf )

rojak buah Melayu ( fresh fruit salad ) with that sweety hot
stinky delicious sauce , fly attraction par extraordinariaire and
weekending bane of the cursing & swearing beach waste sweepers.
dessert cendol ( coconut flavoured with sweet greeny strands )

that universally forever local iced drink syrup

followed by de evergreen international tropical beach thirst quencher
overheard. No its too sandy "we are not going in" . You all carry on lah !
Indeed, thats why we are here ...sayang !


Rasa Malaysia said…
Inland snorkeling park? The sea water is grey in color, what can you see ar?
Xiu Long Bao said…
huh? y teambsg love going to beaches n hav nasi lemak over there ;p
Yinsi Yat said…
Hehehe..happy holidays! Just relax, enjoy the scenery and good foods.
UnkaLeong said…
Teluk Batik? Isn't that near the Outward Bound School? Happy Holidays!
wmw said…
Was that why team BSG didn't turn up on land for the Floggers' Meet?
Unknown said…
nostalgic! i frequented teluk batik during my sec school day..its just an hour drive fr ipoh town
Babe_KL said…
wmw, you're right on i think haha
Michelle said…
err.. just for a picnic?
i only fancy the coconut here. :)
Salt N Turmeric said…
cud u pls send some of those rojak buah over? ;)
exactly my dear !
the answer is...nothing...

V sometimes hang around and watch the birds hahaha

U shud have been here bruder !

it certainly is tho the beach/feel are no longer da same...

V wouldn't have a heart to wet the up and downs of all yr comfortable dry, high and happy group !

these days it is rather crowded with plenty leftover nasi lemaks and fried mees! but still some romantic sparks in spurts if u know what V mean !

wish u were here then V can show u some nice spots for 2 !

u mean the swaying trees ?
V too!

welcome and yes !
V will be there too, with the rojak !
Precious Pea said…
You mean you get all those yummies at the beach?? I wanna see what is inside the packet of nasi lemak lerr!