Lumut , Manjung (Perak, Malaysia)

Quaint Riverview quickies

Perak was one of the richest States in then Malaya with its almighty tycoons & 'peraky' ( silvery) tin mines around the Kinta Valley. Just so you know the next time you are in rural Perak and are near Menglembu, Pusing, Papan, Pasir Putih, Tanjung Tualang, or Batu Gajah watch out for the numerous pot holes ( abandoned mines ) all over left and right which were once hives of massive activities now serene ponds and even beautiful lakes !

Capital city Ipoh achieved several notable accolades including the cleanest town in the country, the most beautiful girls, the fattest chickens, the best food and ...
...the best massage parlours. Notwithstanding the best missionary schools too.
How very nice.

But where to go for a secret quick romp around some statuesque swaying curvy coconut trees ?
...behind some limestone hills ? No no da city is too near and too indiscreet... the caves ?
Nope, too dark and sinister. Then the smell.

So where else... but... the beaches of course ! Think small kampong think Lumut !

Only 2 hours away ( then) and yonder to Pangkor ( another hour by ferry) if need another quiet night for the unfinished.
Those were the simple unhurried days...

Today they have planted many trees beside the lush sea breezed forests. What da....?

Still don't understand...

Anyway, da sight of this giant piece of majestic modern anchor reminds you that the sea is near.

Welcome to Lumut Waterfront ! West Wing near the yatch club. Finally some really fresh air and da smell of unhurried nature.

No no we are not in Suzhou China just only a thirsty step away from our destination !
But really nice authentic archy entrance though, didn't know you can still get it here, right ?

Quick stop and a nice simple sweetener of iced kachang ( multicoloured Malay dessert ) beside da jetty.

& lets not forget these quick grabs ? ...and the ta pau ( takeaways) for the city folks u know.
Afterall these signaturely infamous satay/seafood BBQ chewies + salted marine items are available all over Lumut Waterfront and town centre & irritatingly but prominently decorate ( or mar ?) the Waterfront landscape here. Nicely packed and displayed in a few hundred almost identical shops here ( count to believe ! ). Never question why ok !

Absolutely crunchy pungent satay fish ( dried bbq/salted fish fillet ), wonderful with the ice kachang or fresh coconut water at many foodstalls nearby. Dats truly bcoz theres no Danish brew neither Singha what doya xpect !

Another most stinky delight, da hauntingly addictive but uncheap BBQ/spiced cuttlefish.

All these are available inside this circular Waterfront Promenate just beside the Jetty

Also look for this buxom delight, bold, fragrant & original.

Great kampong Laksa Melayu, full fishy taste and very hot ! Looks simple but really a classic and not to be missed if you are here.

Fried chickens if you really must have have them !

...and de ikan bakar ( BBQ fish Malay style) with delicious sambal.
Ferry has arrived...see you on de other sunny bright & blue sandy side...
...time to go


I feel like I'm on holiday, looking at your pics. That's a good feeling...I think.
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Melting Wok said…
aiyo, I already jot down to buy loads of bbq fish/squid, I can just drool over the screen *sigh* oo,next stop, where ? I wanna see some trengganu's keropok ikan - kelekur, yummys !
Precious Pea said… kacang nampak kecil saja? Untuk budak ke?
Yinsi Yat said…
Oh gosh! I feel like going holiday again!
Unknown said…
Tanjung Tualang prawns are soooooooo finger licking good..U went there??
Jackson said…
travel blog? Hehehe...lovely write up!! I guess Singha was best with the satay fish!!
wmw said…
Wah, wah, and travel, always go hand in hand!
Wennn said…
Hmmm reminded me about my trip lor... I wan some ikan bakar la....
fatboybakes said…
[ears pricking up]..ipoh has the best massage parlours, you say? really??? ooh. do a review please.
Michelle said…
quickies huh? hehhhehe

the ice-kacang so so so colourful.. bet it's so so so sweett.. right?

hmm.. not a fan of the stay fish n cuttlefish bbq crackers. but a BIG HUGE fan of ikan bakar(s).. =P

p/s: can't view ur pics from laksa melayu down.. or are there no pics?
Rasa Malaysia said…
Chief - Man, you have gotta ship 1 box of satay fish and one box of stinky flattened cuttlefish to the me ASAP. By UPS/FEDEX next day super courier service please. I loooooove those Toni, I totally terforgot to "smuggle" them back this time. By the way, when I was little, my father always took me to Pulau Pangkor...that time the satay fish very big piece, now the fish "tershrink" why is that so? Global warming izzit?
Rasa Malaysia said…
BTW, the last 3 pictures are MIA...quick quick call Kong for technical support!
MeiyeN said…
"satay ikan" my favourite!!!!!! got buy some for me? :p
Anonymous said…
Satay fish and ju-hir...long time never eat liow!
teckiee said…
not syok la sometimes. buy one big packet but it's like sooo little inside only. when i was younger, my dad took me to house where they made the satay fish... hohoho mountains of em!
Anonymous said…
oh so i was not the only one why see the missing pictures (thought it was my PC!).

i like the dried BBQ/spiced cuttlefish. 99% of the time i will buy it when in transit on board the express bus travelling (at the rest-stop lah).
U shud have been here...
... afterall dun u just love coconut trees ? h a p p i n e s s

melting wok
ok ok V will do our best bout those East Coast beauties too

utk kwikee saja terima kasih !

actually we passed by but they are quite good esp the drunken ones last time we tried ( Chow Yan Fatt preferred Ipoh tho ) !

still not enough ah ?

actually v had but behind the stall, u know those people...

we remember v well your f a t motto

ikan bakar actually best just beside the seawaters then can add salt or wash hands , then oso can eat alot one!

does Pink Pussycat & Big
Sister sound familiar, or Josephine Lena Wong ?
Ok wait for our rubbery rebounce !

sorry bout da pixs, but try flickr on left top. V are thinking of smuggling someone Xtra ordinary nice from Klang over the next time around ( definitely got many types of ikan bakar, guaranteed )

the next time u are back V promise at least 2 dozen pkts of satay ( small & big ) for u . Actually their sizes suffered a severe case of beach deflation. pixs also got swallowed by flickr alamak !

Global warming has already happened in Camerons, Frasers and Gentings so be quick before they hit 28 degrees C ( night) soon

got... got ( see u afterwards after yr yoga class)

dun ever forget if in Lumut few years time ok

V promise to get big ones for you soon

true those days bigger and more fish per pkt now look so funny with half a fish in one nice small pkt ! another joke buy in Lumut cheaper than in Pangkor island so be very careful or your smile will turn 'elims' too fast...
Anonymous said…
Hey teamBSG, got tagged by Mei Yen, so now, tagging you lah .. join in the fun.
Anonymous said…
When I was 3, I had my first taste of that dried crunchy fish packed in blue/white/yellow plastic and I got hooked. Last time it was big piece, hence I enjoy taking my slow time muching it. Now, aiya, I just sumbat the whole thing into my mouth.
Tummythoz said…
Hey, I, too, cannot see d last few pix.
very unique way of displaying ur food..definite not the usual norm like me...definitely come bak more often
Michelle said…
tonixe.. waiting for new posts lehhh..
tks will do !

haha thats funny but now they have more variety so nex time remember ok

sorry problem with beta

tks for visiting.
V try visit often !

its always great ( & most fun ) to hav u here so nex one now ready !