Beauties and the RICE

Chinese opulence , Japanese artistry

The single most important Asian staple meal is rice , derived from the smallist grasslike padi plant and is the equivalent of bread in the West, whether in its basic edible whitish grainy boiled or steamed forms together with simple side dishes of meats and vegetables or the atrociously Xtravagent scrumptious spreads in wedding feasts or drunken banquets celebrating yet another worthy conquest in the Emperors' courts.

Interestingly today you can still enjoy such kingsly flavors with all its intoxicating colors and selection in KL if only you are a bit more adventurous, although it will not cost you an arm and a leg. We are talking about the common economy rice as sold everywhere in Chinese restaurants across towns and villages.

But for the younger modern set no worries these Japanese 'healthy' little delights in cozy surroundings even unstoppable rotating table tops will never cease to awe you with their impeccable tastes and sheer creativities and endless colors with an amazing array of unbelievable gems sitting on yes !
...more RICE this time vinegared sticky ones ( do check whether its is better if you should just preserve them and take some of them home and display them in your treasured the corner )
Chinese 'Chap Fun' in Sunway, PJ mass cooked to 'almost' convenienced perfection
Japanese 'sushi' , jellyfish ++, tiny slippery appetiser RM3 something a chopstick bite...

Lemon chicks, steamed eggs etc , Emperor's spread at pauper prices aka Economy Rice @KL

another roundish sushi creation , carefully balanced between 2 nimble sticks

Chinese 2+1 mixed rice Sunway PJ

popular not so raw prawn sheet on rice , 'Sushi King' all over Shopping Malls

Blood and fats , celebrated Chinese banquet rice and then some, ... economic wonder for the masses below RM4 a normal plate !
raw unwasabed tuna (fish) fillet on a mouthful of rice , Sushi style ...feel da f l e s h
Classy fried & sauced fish fillet with porky balls, a sometimes Chinese concubine sweet & sour favorite

de Classic Sushi... raw salmon super smooth cuts in vinegar purest rice ...
...magnificent b e a u t y inside out ! oh me G O S H
Perfect rice meals , big & small here & there
its all here !


Wennn said…
Wah wonderful... I like rice can't live without one leh... Sushi... yes yes my favourite..
MeiyeN said…
rice is not my cup of tea but when it comes to sushi, it's a different case! ahhhh... nice review!!! :D
Yinsi Yat said…
Me being a 'fan tong' must have rice if not feel hungry wan. kekeke
Rasa Malaysia said…
Sushi is not my cuppa tea...just don't like them, but economy rice...with the ever-expanding selections from stir-frys to curries to stews to you-name-it, economy rice is great (well, if you find the right one). Anyway, I miss economy rice because I can't find it here in the US. The Chinese takeouts here are pathetic with 10-12 dishes to choose from and they are all bad. Yuck!
Anonymous said…
ya me too. i don't like sushi at all. i like rice to be... well plain rice to be eaten with dishes. well not exactly plain but i mean all sorts of rice eg nasi lemak, nasi briyani, nasi tomato, nasi dagang and so on.
Michelle said…
when free to dive into sushi paradise with me?? lol~
wmw said…
Sushi, nasi lemak, nasi dagang, nasi briyani, nasi goreng etc...all nice!
fatboybakes said…
how tragic that nutritionist have declared rice to be worthless, and one bowl of white rice is equal to eating 10 spoons of sugar.....
i love rice. i love all the unhealthy things this life has to offer...rice, eggs, lard, cockles, spare parts, ....why oh why is life so unfair!
Tummythoz said…
'Chap fan'. Will usually get greedy when choosing the many dishes. In d end, every grain of rice will be smothered. =P
LOVE sushi. love chap fan. love fried rice. love briyani. love it all.
HATE the extra weight.
UnkaLeong said…
Not really a fan of rice, more a noodle kinda guy...But I do miss my Nasi Lemak though...
tankiasu said…
Wow, your picture of the jellyfish sushi is simply beautiful!
boo_licious said…
Hiya, sent you an email but didn't get any reply. Can you check if you got it in yr folders (maybe it went into the spam one). If not, please email me at Thanks.
V know how you enjoyed yourself in ZEN hahaha until nearly cannot walk ! More rice plse !

so how come u r still so like no take rice one ? ( where got ?)

sure lah then oni got stlenth to chase all those lady Rempits yes onot?

sorry bout yr uneconomical rice in US. Developed oredi so sad !

yes yes original Malaysian!

as s o o n as ...omD ( D 4 darlin' !)

so even they have rice in Spain? Too bad ? or GOOD ?

beg to differ with them calling themselves nutritionists. Didn't they also say to live l o n g is to eat almost NONE?
Or the Doc that says to live healthy is to abstain from wine women & songs !
How can we are FLOGGERS...
and da long cool dane ?

thats... err... wonderful

peering at your slim big eyes, dun think you should even think of not doing what u have and R doing !

suppose thai noodles++ oredi keep you enough occupied !

welcome to BSG ! wait till u sink your mouth into its delicious sesame seeds and slippery feel ! YR PJ eats are awesome !

tks will do !
Anonymous said…
I'm not a fan of sushi. Too sticky. I like light and fluffy rice - nasi briyanni, all types of nasi goreng and spicy hot nasi lemak!

Wah! The photo of the sushi looks so PRO leh!
Melting Wok said…
ahh..when I see the tuna and salmon sushi, I tot of my bad habit going to sushi all-u-can-eats here, I always dig out the rice, and just stuff myself w/the fresh fish hahahaha..anyway, those ham tan is soooo goody looking, can't find good ones here, tend to be on the dry & less mouth watering side :( I so hate u !:P
well thats the beauty of rice, it can come in so many ways !

melting us too fast
then did they ask u to pay for all those abandoned rice ? how can !
but We still love U !