5 most eatable things, KL/PJ

BSG's most 1-2-eat places

V have been tagged by delightful London's English Rose Wennn to tell all ( our quickie version )
of our favorite makan places in town

1. This hallmark of quick plain eating is found all over Metropolitan KL's bright n cheerful busy corner lots, shopping malls & is easily available most times of the day. Cool, clean & tidy with nice friendly familiar meals , it is really wonderful for young ( & probably underaged ) people watching and a fast snack of bubbling cold coke over some golden crispy chips, & sometimes even as a relief centre while awaiting the arrival of da newfound fresh but tardy business associates /online dates... Our fav burger. Good olde Mcs ! Nobody's complaining (except strangely those what-t-fs from da Health Ministry who claim this thing to be undernutritious and a health hazard ).

So we shall keep it under wraps for now.

2. Then this unassuming corner lot behind the ex Lim Kok Wing Creative School of Technology in Mayang Jaya, PJ

... with one of the freshest & best roti canai & telur tengah masak this side of town.

3. KL's Original Gluttons Corner comprising Chinatown , Jln Tongshin and Jln Alor areas. Authentic mostly centuries old unchanged backStreet Chinese cuisine.

Just one perfectly grilled chickens wings for starters. Then also can jalan disana disini.

4. Klang Valley's premier bustling enclave of USJ / Subang Jaya.
USJ 2's resident Tai Chow ( Big Fry ) Maestro whipping up
aroma strangling, lips quivering, & chopsticks clattering
...Hokkian Mee ( Big Noodles ) like this !!

5. Spanking New Shopping Malls in town .
V actually love Malls like this because there are so many people so many things to see.
Also the food. Mostly in the Courts or the far corners. Wonderful choices more choices !
but still v will look only for this fragrantly stinky one. Incomparable Assam Laksa ,
another unforgettable , new , fresh feel.
Thanks sweet wendiee !


Yinsi Yat said…
Haha..toudai wenn tagged you this? When was it? me blur blur!
teckiee said…
I used to go to Williams a lot... but food there not so nice lately... so Mosin always our back up. Comfy place to chat..and cleaner than other mamaks
Unknown said…
You guts don't take our input into consideration. You can introduce and recommend all the good food but don't expect the readers to know where are these places located. Please, for the last time provide addresses and phone numbers. Better still, a sketch mao as in kyspeaks.
Michelle said…
yay!! new post. *grins*

speaking of ex limkokwing area, my friend intro me to this mamak.. the old old dark dark stalls opposite the 7eleven row of shops. at night.. duno how to tell u exact place but just check out the one with super a lot of ppl. a lot of food.. hehehe.. i din eat that night but they say was good wor. go try la then u tell me if it's really nice a not =P hehehhe

chicky chicky chicky wings.. nice nice nice. my dinner lately.. were all just chicken wings. *addicted d*
UnkaLeong said…
I play Mah Jong at one of da snooker centres nearby...and Mosin is da only place that is open when we are done...hahha!
Precious Pea said…
That is Wong Ah Wah Chicken Wings isn't it??? Yumzz...i want i want. Heehee..i just had burger at McD!
Xiu Long Bao said…
Heard dat there is one famous chicken wings stall @ jalan alor. Went there a few weeks bck just for the wings but didn't manage to locate the stall n ended up having other stall's lousy chicken wings!
Anonymous said…
i suppose the hokkien mee here is the dry one with thick black sauce, what we penangites call 'hokkien char' and not the hokkien mee as in prawn mee.
fatboybakes said…
unkaleong, you play mahjong in a snooker centre? all sorts of triad mafia images are being conjured up in my mind now. dark glasses, smoky room, glass of brandy, cigar in mouth, foul language...

team bsg, MACDONALDS?!!!!! [faint]
FBB, my thoughts exactly! ;-) But hey, if they enjoy it then more power to team BSG I guess. It IS their blog! ;-)

Brave move Team BSG! But one question. WHERE'S THE CHAR KWAY TEOW?

hehe Char Kway Teow is my FAVE Malaysian food and it doesn't get more .my than that IMHO.

*meditating to continue my acceptance of Mcdonalds on the list...OMMM*
u were drunk lah, oso that one from Klang lah !

mosin is a most airy place V must say ( after the head wet massage few doors away )

sorry but tks for reminding us, sometimes v do get carried away !but v do appreciate yr important comments

that one real backStreet ! chicken wings ? Great now v know one more yr super likes

y da man ! ( & v r not talking bout Bangkok ok !)

nope they were from the earlier end of the long alor road coz the WAW was still closed more than 30 days after the CNY ! ...and the Mcs ? glad u like them too
( but softly Fbb is watching us downunder)

that is the same WAW 'pp' is talking about ! Nex time V bring you there ( without CSB )heheh

u r right ! but this one is more shocking with the Vampire lips after makan

that is our man (from da North lah ) wat y tink !
with Mcs u get the cool chicks u forgot ah ?

allan yap,nas
the best CKT ( KL/PJ ) in our gluttony opinion is Steven's Corner Nam Chun (Lucky Gardens Bangsar )
& that Mcthing u cannot run away wherever u are lah ! Its cool baby...
...yr meditation is accepted with Golden Archy colors, stamped with greedy seal of team BSG...
... TQ!
Wennn said…
Heheheh sorry I am late but better late than never rite.. AT least I make it in time to see wat has been the best suggestion foods tat team BSG has given... Wahhhhhhh all my favourite food wor... hehehh many thanks... Yummy yummy I will make sure next time before I go bek I will call U and make sure U go pick me up from airport and take me to all this nice places.... okie or not ah???
Rasa Malaysia said…
I thought you like La La Chong? Mana ada La La Chong in this post? BTW, the sinfully glossy and tender looking grilled chicken wings is Wong Ah Wah izzit? But I must say that Wong Ah Wah is no longer as good as 10 years ago. :(
Unknown said…
yey, there's something you all like that i can get here too!

fillet o fish! haha... i wonder if they taste the same in KL as in Spore.
Anonymous said…
Those big noodles are really fat! Reminded me of mee tai mak...
adriantai said…
#2... Mosin. So near my place and i din realise that!!! i'm definitely trying them out... At least this is something I can eat... :)
adriantai said…
michelle... i think that's the steven's corner or something like that... owner is murni's twin, right? :)
right on sweet rose !
confirm to pick u up for sure ...
first stop Nirvana ok ?

sorry LaLa Chong shall be coming soon, btw that is not WAW its some stall the other side but satisfactory maybe becoz Carlsberg

shud taste the same aren't they ? since international franchise

really, u shud try them soon, they slllurppp real loud

finally one u can try near yr home. Is yr vegetarian feast ready for view ?