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team BSG has been tagged (meme) by

  • meiyeN
  • whose abundantly breathtaking gastronomical/fine pixs of sexy happiness always leave us gasping... 4 only one more...

    V can't refuse her of course...so here's our take

    5 wishes V have for this year
    1 Our respective weight reduces by 3 kg each ( a tall order indeed !)
    2 Finally to do a triple loop roller-coaster ride downunder ( or maybe Sunway Lagoon ?)
    3 Eat/drink elephant ( da real one, from anywhere also can) stew
    4 Go with some really greedy (sexy also) gluttons to Laos ( maybe even Taman Negara )
    5 Brew our own BSG 5.5 proof beer ( called tentatively da brew bsg )

    Answers to these
    1 who was the first blogger u have met ?
  • delectable WMW of 'get what u give' ( shud see our eyes...that moment in Galaxie...)
    2 who was the blogger u most wanted to meet

  • luscious Nyonya Princess aka Rasa Malaysia of X Pg/ presently USA
    3 who is da blogger u can meet, most wanted to meet but couldn't meet ?
  • meiyeN, da fine dining beauty dreams are made such as this...
    4 which particular group of bloggers u most wanted to meet ?
    ...already met special boisterous Group of floggers in Makansutra in Feb07 Xcept some
    5 which particular group of bloggers do u want to meet now ?
    ...da new BSG (where?)

    Why do V blog ?
    1 eat, share & tell ( why not ?)
    2 then see comments to compare with other gluttons ( who knows )
    3 meet new people & have fun ( don't you ?)
    4 learn from/try to be like other aspiring/legendary done it bloggers !
    5 to look at some financial opportunities ( aha those $signs...)

  • Now V sit back & ponder who shall be on da next list

    TQ ! have a nice H O T weekend !


    Rasa Malaysia said…
    Really? You met WMW first meh? I thought I was also at the Galaxies also with her?! ;)
    wmw said…
    Hahaha...RM, maybe first blogger meant who he saw first. Since I greeted him at the door first, that's why he mentioned me first loh. You were next, a second later.
    Tummythoz said…
    Elephant stew? ((@.@))
    Melting Wok said…
    u, meiyen n unkaleaong v/vain arh..2 3 kilos pun bising2 wan, nevermind still got chingchoon hehe, supsup water :) btw, interesting post here, , eating elephant for real ??? awww..anyway, if you're doing tt, keep the trunks for me 'k haha
    MeiyeN said…
    O_o wahhhhhhhhh..... interesting! eating elephant? you sure about it? i heard there's one place that serves elephant meat :p
    Precious Pea said…
    Elephant meat?? Must be very tough!
    actually my left eye saw WMW first then right eye U ! hehehe

    U R right !

    tummythoz,melted us,meiyen, pp
    Will sure keep some fresh elephant stew for u when V find it ! Soon.