A rough Guide to some Common Fruits, Malaysia

Ravishing Sweet Sour Tropical Beauties

They come in all kinds of shapes (although most are rounded), sizes (usually smaller than your head), colors (the full rainbow range, and more...) and with distinctive fragrances, textures....& of course flavors.

They do not need any extensive promotions nor advertising gimmicks. They actually grow everywhere around you , even in many home gardens ! Otherwise they are found near eateries and shops including most backStreets. Some have found their way overseas to universal gluttony fame.

These are some of de contestants for Ms Delectable Tropics 07 Malaysian Edition, part 3.
It is not an easy task trying to pick da one...

Guava or 'jambu batu.'
Slightly sweet, crunchy and grainy with hundreds of indigestible hard seeds embedded onto the juicy insides.
Claimed to have more Vitamin C than equivalent imported orange.
Usually eaten with salt or powdered preserved plum.
Some prefer to eat the insides together with the seeds !
Bidor in Perak especially famous for its seedless version

The 'Star' herself. Some big some small mostly mild mannered and demure.
Sweet, juicy and slightly fragrant when ripe ( as for Guava). A few flattish slippery seeds.

Claimed to gently reduce blood pressure ( esp when u r angry )

The amazingly sweet and sourish mango. Many species/textures/sizes and wide ranging flavours.
A runaway favourite for many when eaten unripe with salt, chili padi and sugar !
Slightly aromatic when ripe with one variety ('quinine' ) bringing da house down with its Xtraordinary pungent/sweet smell... Famed as a preferred gift

de classic papaya. Notoriously soft with black seeds so bitter birds must spit them out at one go ! Xtraordinary fine taste with just a dash of lemon juice. Loaded with vitamins A to Y. Associated more with matured ladies.

Needs no introduction. This is a miracle fruit claimed to prevent constipation forever !
A wonder food for most including the hyperactive monkeys, & much sought after in Indian & Indian Muslim restaurants. Regularly featured in Men's magazines for some not-so-strange reasons.
Da Royal one. But seems to have lost a lot of her old princessly temptations to her cousins from across de Northeren Border. Features prominently in some Nyonya dishes (like perut ikan/assam pedas/assam laksa/Pg rojak )

A rather inconsistent dame and tend to have a most sour demeanour of late. Some ladies avoid this 'sharp' thing as they believe it could disrupt their monthly cycle...

This 'jambu' is one of many varieties with a rather mild taste and cracks easily under pressure. A very hardy tree with millions of fruits but a big problem with pests.
Found abundantly in Bidor too, by da roadsides.
mildly crunchy it is quite juicy tho only a little sweet. Now it has become seedless too !
Great even for infants !

The slim tall bent tree of this delightful plant represents a picture perfect Tropical Holiday by da Beach in almost all international Travel Brochures.
Without this marvel Malay/Indian/Nyonya food will never be da same again. And we are not talking only about nasi lemak !
With Xtra hard Xterior and surprise of surprises a full 300ml cup of sweetish water in de interior shell ! Even the fresh young flowers can be tapped to produce a mildly high wine called toddy.

This one (pomelo) is famous in Ipoh and bears a striking internal visual resemblence to the orange family. It is quite big by orange standards and can be as big as a grown -up human head !
The thick spongy skin is sometimes used to cover two certain female body parts for fun.
Not particularly sweet nor aromatic it survives more as a Festive/Chinese New Year Gift.

Da watermelon, so called because it contains lots of sweetish water. So commonly served as a chilled drink. A few versions and colors are possible even rectangular ones !
Some Chinese avoid this as they believe its is overly 'cold'.
Others think the overuse of pesticides on this rounded teaser could pose a health hazard. Occassionally there is a bumper harvest ( or ?) where the prices can plummet to less than a Ringgit a kg.

Honeydew, a misnomer since isn't it a member of the melon family ?
Popular too in many food stalls as its slight greenish crunchy texture is firmer than the watermelon.

The rockmelon even tho it doesn't look like a rock. Infact the interior (pix) looks more like a deep tender mysterious hole (deja vu ?) surrounded by sharp valleys !
No wonder people frequently mistake this for the honeydew being remarkably similar in looks, texture and even taste. However these 2 really have a record of inconsistent tastes and many are frequently disappointed.
So who do you think should be da
Ms Delectable Tropics 07 (part 3 )?

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    Yinsi Yat said…
    Nice fruits!! Leng!!
    Anonymous said…
    i only like guava and mango. the others don't like them! oh and also green apple. and do you know i take turnip raw as a fruit almost daily after dinner? well i alternate with green apple.
    Unknown said…
    I miss tambun pamelo so much..It's a treat during chinese new year..
    Precious Pea said…
    Since it's Visit Malaysia Year, I think your post should be used to promote local fruits!

    Oh by the way, i have tried eating the pomelo skin (white part) in HK, they stewed it with superior stock and dried scallop. Very very very yummy.
    fatboybakes said…
    eh, isnt honeydew melon a melon? it is called melon what.

    percious pea, i've always felt it such a waste whenever i threw away the pomelo skin, afterall, it probably takes up 30% of the weight...and pomelos are so darn exp for a local fruit.
    Rasa Malaysia said…
    Chief - there is this white empty space below your post...I think you need to delete the white space below your post in the blogger.

    I love coconut juice to no end...the best thirst quencher ever! I took a movie of an Indian vendor whacking the coconut to extract the juice and the flesh...with pig huge shiny and sharp parang...it will serve as a great cultural guide to foreign tourists I am sure! Will post once I edit.
    Tummythoz said…
    Quite limited selection. Are these the finalists?
    Precious Pea said…
    fatboybakes, exactly what i felt too. While we treat it as rubbish, i remembered we were highly charged on this dish. Hmm...maybe i could be pomelo skin supplier huh?
    MeiyeN said…
    that mango, i first thought it's an avocado...really looks like one!!! nevertheless, that sourish mango is my favourite! :D
    Unknown said…
    aiyaaaa ... i'm waiting to vote for Mr Delectable Tropics leh .. where is my favourite "lu lian" ?
    fatboybakes said…
    hei mei yen, i oso tot it was an avocado....
    mind you, i dunno why we dont cultivate avocado here, coz it IS cultivatable in our climate. one of our friend's farm has loads of it... and in bali oso, plenty.

    eh, team bsg, yalar, how can you omit king and queen of fruits? or hangon, you did cover those in a separate post right......
    MeiyeN said…
    fbb, really?!!!! i didn't know that.... is you friend selling them at a cheaper price? if yes, tell me!!!!! :p
    teckiee said…
    hm..king = durian.. on the other post... queen of fruits is which fruit?
    Unknown said…
    aiyaaa teckieee .. queen must be "ang moh tan" lahhh .. got lots of hair! hehehe
    fatboybakes said…
    mei yen, no lah, they not selling their avocadoes. try to plant la. i have an avocado tree at home, but i think it's male...no fruit one.
    Xiu Long Bao said…
    hei, where is my durian?
    cookies_cream said…
    Nice review of Malaysian fruits. But yeah, as xiu long bao said..where's durian? Does mangosteen counted as local fruit too?
    ace lengchai
    ya u r right !

    u definitely have special tastes ! Must be very fit ? Since turnip and green apples daily ! Great

    wow first time V have a pair coming onboard ! Perfect 2 more Ipoh kakis ! pomelos not so popular here in KL right ? maybe hard to get

    must be really interesting to be eating those pomelo skins ? dun think avaiblable here in Malaysia ?

    u r probably right since ppl normally say H-D but never melon !
    pomelo is worth its weight in skin thats why can't sell much in KL ? issit ah ?
    So r u or pp gonna cook it soon? Thoz da skin shud sting one's mouth like lemon/orange do ?
    maybe thats the kick !

    tks for info, since adjusted.
    V wait yr Xciting parang/Indian man coconut post !

    short but sweet, see part 2 below and 1 soon !

    avocado it issn't but yes why not !
    actually FBB u r right, many so called overseas plants/fruits can be planted here but commercially unviable due to many factors ( like male for instance ! or badly out of shape ...)

    durian see below, queen I thoz is u ?

    finally yr new blog !
    Wonderful now everybody can drool.
    Da Mr? One is FBB right here, rest coming soon ! Queen angmortan? hahaha
    thos the rockmelon uncloaked...

    see below post part 2

    mangosteen yes indeed it is and v v sweet and a favourite too for many!
    Unknown said…
    i suddenly miss pomelo!

    and your watermelon so so so red and delicious looking!
    when u comin' KL area?
    V search then destroy hahaha