a few Roasted Beans & some Nuts, da Countrysides

the Kachang Putih man

He is every a young impressionable schoolkid's friendly harbinger of some 10 minutes of glad crunchy toothy tidings, before the next boring bell rings. By the gates or beside the fencing,
in his trusty bicycle or noisy motorbike. Also sometimes across the dusty road, with his full arsenal of fragrant beans and nuts, and the inevitable cookies and then some.

You might say his is of the insignificant one or the one that nobody notices, nor cares.
For afterall he is da 'white nuts' man...and a Malaysian Legend.
Unfunnily though he is invariably an Indian man doing a small petty one-man business.

But we love him nevertheless...& the kids too
Parks near any busy place, inside or out. Strangely no officialdom chases him away, usually
Or this guy, by the roadside with a heavy load of must try and dry goodies

Da nuts fit for da Rajah
Do not count...just feel them first
then bring them near for the appetising aroma.. taste to follow and then...
da final unforgettable delightful C R U N C H

Try with this perfect combination ..the other Indian popular drink derived from da amazing coconut tree...nearby, naturally
if you can... ( but do not bring the kids along ) ENJOY !


Michelle said…
*slurpsss* i like the muruku and the kacangs. can munch it all up while watching tv. it would be a blast with a sweet fresh coconut drink. big gulp after another.. yay!!! actually i just bought satu biji from pasar malam this evening.. hehe

if u willing to feed me.. i'll be a couch potato forever.. hahaha i just came back from Fridays actually and u can reli tickle my tastebuds. damn.
Anonymous said…
wat drink is that ? definitely not Tiger beer :O
MeiyeN said…
i like green peas and da one next to it.... ermm corns?
Unknown said…
i alwiz buy a packet or 2 of kacang puteh during rest time..pop them into my mouth when the teacher is facing the black board..keke..those were the days
Rasa Malaysia said…
Kacang Putih Man/Men has become extinct in Penang...nowhere to be found, same thing with Indian bread man, Malay kuih man who pushes cart around the neighborhood...sigh sigh. :(
teckiee said…
wahhh good combo! Kacang putih and todi!!! ..i wish i have a glass of todi mix with the black beer now.
Jackson said…
coconut flower liquor with kacang putih....... why not Singha?
UnkaLeong said…
I always bungkus two containers full back to BKK. I like the ones next to the white kacang. Not sure what it's called, but call it "Pagoda's"...Being made of beans, good for da bowel movement...hahahaha :P
fatboybakes said…
TODDY, boys, it's called TODDY. coconut flower liquor??? HAHAHAHAHAHA...so classy name ah.
Precious Pea said…
Reminds me of the old day when they used to wrap the kacang putih with a newspaper wrapped into slim cone shape.
Tummythoz said…
Oh precious pea, that brings back good memories.

Nowadays, RM1 a packet is not much. Simple snacks gone upmarket.
Anonymous said…
wahh!! i love kacang puteh... but difficult to find them nowadays. i think at the esplanade you can find the kacang puteh man..
wow! dats a super invite !
& shall be more than 'can't wait willing' to take you to da woods, sson for da real thing
( c o m i n g )

haha not even fish beer ! Its called coco wine aka drunken India in de estates ! Try it soon...

thats dal !

bet the teacher was doing da same !With his back towards all of you...hahaha

Lucia and us shall look for 'him' ok ? before your next tear drops fall...

if on our way to Pangkor soon V promise to bring you,
right here...

Singha oso kan !
+ Siam ladies..hahaha

omg u sure are one bean connoisseur !

V thoz u would have tried this de la creame in Pangkor ?

they still have that sharp cone thing u know...after which you can shoot like F16 !

upmarket one can find oso in Asia Cafe in SS15 Subang Jaya, then maybe got lucky draw !

V shall have to look for him together near Balik Pulau, he's still there !
Anonymous said…
Kacang putih...remind me of my childhood...used to have kacang putih at my grandma house during school holidays...
Melting Wok said…
low and behold I got 2 pinkish kacang putih burn, up and above I'm seeing bags of it, double burn, double burn :PPP
thanks fo visiting BSG !
u r right those were the wonderful blissful young days ! No wonder many ppl search for Old things !

melting pinkish lurve
u must be kidding...but never fear
v r right here...
iml said…
Do you know where in Penang, toddy is available?