Chinese Fried Noodles, PJ/KL

Fats vs Oils
not are fireds are created equal...

1. Penang Char Kuey Teow
Fast n furious 2- minute nicely burnt flat rice vermicelli with crunchy beansprouts & green thing, succulent prawns, maybe sliced Chinese sausages, almost raw cockles, &/or scrambled chicken eggs in top-secret greasy garlicky mix over a usually noisy, dark & sinisterly piping hot Chinaman wok.
A masterful creation ... complete with multiple whiffs of unforgettable aroma served in a plate accompanied by only chomping clattering chopsticks.

...said to have originated in Penang as a one-man purveyor of unabashed obesity
for the unbothered masses...

You got da idea ? Fabulous color & gluttony splendor ! Asia Cafe 's ( Subang Jaya, PJ ) stall no 5. Atypical but just one of many Xcellent serves you can find throughout the Klang Valley.

This one's a clear winner. Steven's Corner, Nam Chun in Lucky Gardens Bangsar KL.
Picture perfect. Tastes exactly as it looks, incredibly fresh, absolutely lip-smacking and a-begging for just one more...and plse one last....

but do check out and try also this Oldie's Classic

  • CKT PJ Old Town

  • 2. Hokkian Fried Mee ( or Fukien Chow )

    Perfectly charred overbig longish & slippery noodles in crackling lard. From da xtra bright fluorescent lit mostly unequally floored friendly neighborhood corner shoplot/open-air shack in uptown/downtown fringes.

    Proudly from Team Big Fry... da dark, sultry and still enviously controversial Big Noodles.

    Garnished with bouncy cabbages/ shiny green veges, 'those' pork meat slices, prawns/squids...&... YES ! last but not least...
    ...da one and only chopped pork skins deeply fried, for that distinctive addictive taste others only talk about...
    ... Ahhh that heavily permeating cannot-tahan most illicit steaming porky fragrance

    from the Damansara Hokkian Mee restaurant in DU, PJ.

    Sometimes a perfect picture ( or overblown reputation) often does not tell the right words, so be careful... darn those Burmese one too many...

    This one...? ...truly authentic ( with 2 grand oldy xpert Super Friers) and generously quantiful, with bountiful ingredients. My they have included those rare tasteful white squids ! Super high 5 ! by

  • wok-hei ugwug ! , Heng Kee Sea park PJ.
  • Then the mysterious after-dark much-craved KL one...still unnervingly irresistible

  • lyrical lemongrass's dark & tasty tribute , Lian Bee Hokkian Mee, Jln Cheng Lok KL

  • Finally your sinful binge eating odyssey with your buddies will not be complete without paying homage to at least one of these two PJ Grandmasters, like de still youngish top-notch one of them here...

  • Jln 222 PJ

  • ...while de other fast shrinking plate losing touch gang is almost down da crooked drain nearby...

    CKT & Hokkian Fried , two of the most simply sophisticated & gluttoneously killer Malaysian Chinese Culinary Greats ever to grace our shores, are deliciously deceptive but deservingly satisfying, each having extraordinary dangerous looks, colors & incomparable aromas...and a little scary to the novice up-&-coming underweight Gourmet.

    ...prepare to be hooked 4ever... waistlines dun matter dear


    Michelle said…
    jooorrrrrr... supposed to eat the hokkien mee tonight.. then my friend ffk me. awww!!!

    looking at these pictures.. drowning me into desperate moments of wanting TO EAT IT!!!!

    and... COCKLES!!!! *hunger-sobbing*
    Melting Wok said…
    wei, ur tai lok mee so yellow oneeeee, X-tra flash on is it, I like the 2nd pix, can see smoke coming outta my ears liao :)
    aiyoh, all the kerang are calling out my name lor. I lurve CKT!! Must check out the Lucky Garden one.
    Yinsi Yat said…
    Have you tried the KL one?
    Wennn said…
    Yerrrr makes me wan to makan again la.... Aiyoooo the "see ham" all calling me too... mouth's watering liao... all saliva falling onto laptop liao.....
    teckiee said…
    WMW recommended another tai lok mean in Paramount. They say the 222 one not nice liua. ...and the green thing in the char queh teow is called 9 choy i think. Dunno the name for it in English.
    Rasa Malaysia said…
    Fat or oil, as long as they are good, I will hentam them all. I think obesity is caused by cheese...;)
    Anonymous said…
    i suppose this hokkien fried mee is hokkien char to us penangites? and you mentioned it is available in a hokkien mee restaurant - to us penangities hokkien mee is prawn mee (the soupy one... with prawn stock soup).

    all these confusion of the names for food! why we no use same name one?
    Precious Pea said…
    Oh...yumyumyum...both ckt and hokkien noodle also my favourite. Best laden with lots of lard.
    Jackson said…
    I love the DU Hokkien mee!!! Aiyoo....and the char kuey teow....i wan tambah "si ham"
    fatboybakes said…
    yummmmy, my favourites. see ham is a must, for CKT and curry mee!!! where is this damansara hokkien mee place?

    the 222 one, is it the corner or the intermediate one?
    MeiyeN said…
    goodness!!!! have you try ckt with ducky eggs? any idea where can have that?
    Unknown said…
    lards laden food are heaven!! the more oily the better!! just washed it down with super kao kopi O..yummmmmmmm
    Unknown said…
    I still prefer Penang CKT!!! Die also must eat.
    wmw said…
    Teckiee...not Paramount but SEA Park, the one team BSG tried, which is my fave. As for CKT, it's stall No. 5 in Asiacafe, Subang.
    Anonymous said…
    Alamak! Hungry liow!
    U have been super great thus far so our guilty pangs are killing us, V admit to be v v BAD, but won't b for long dearest

    if u could have da real slurrrp here in KL then, but of course u can whip one up kwikly right in LA ..that V really envy no end

    WMW requested us sometime back to compare Asia Cafe and Stevens.
    V prefer Stevens (for his CKT only)but WMW da rest...

    waiting the shaking big piao mei lah then V go fast

    who ask u to be greedy eat in Zen for 5 hrs then all else kanot oredi ? Even Nirvana u missed my goodness !

    yes WMW clarified down there oredi. Tks for green thing called 9 haha. U like meh this big noodle?
    Dun think 2 scary big ah ?

    Cheese is like your smile so slim and nice isn't it ? So how this black big mee?

    kanot, just like girls, must be different but same !

    if like these then maybe too strong then u might have to later eat porridge ( with no fats/oils ) for days and nights u know ! ( remember all those pills u showed us ?)

    kumming comminggg !

    D'sara Hokkian Mee is along old Fajar(now HSBC) row towards Police Station. PJ 222 one is far end of shell station, not Ahwa ( de kaput one , ask Jackson !)

    V have them ducky in our palms when r u ready Goddess ?

    technically best with chilled beer ! & voracious gluttons like him, U and Us !

    aiyo another CKT addict, those Penang Kia !

    some say asia cafe 5 is a little wet ? ( unlike dry sunny Spain !)
    Welcome home to da Really Wet Tropics !

    slurrrp slurrp slllllurrrrppp cruel cruel unkind us...sorry !
    Xiu Long Bao said…
    hehe...can i request for foodie info on good claypot lou shu fun (mouse tail nudles)? I luv dat veli muchy :)
    try famous
    Chinese-Muslim Murni in SS2 ( behing KFC), heard they serve Xtraordinary mouse tails in claypot which is their killer dish !They are packed nights worst than ikan bilis so maybe u shud bring yr own seat hehehe
    Unknown said…
    do u know lard has no trans fat!
    eat all you want! :-)

    the char kuey teow's to die for....
    Xiu Long Bao said…
    ohhh...dat murni ah. I always drive past that mamak stall and it is forever crazily packed wiv ppl!!! Must learn their business strategies :) Anyway, thanks alot for the rekomendation. Will brave the human traffic to hav a luscious bowl of mouse tails.
    Precious Pea said…
    Never mind and enjoy now, suffer later lor..hehe.
    Wennn said…
    eh not me who is greedy okie... I had a buffet sushi and tat oredi filled me up liao.... And then it was my last day oni U decide to call me.... and me hv to rush here and there lor...sad.. but nvm it gips me excuse to go bek again lor.... heheheheheh
    MeiyeN said…
    really?!!!!!!! where? where? i wanna try...!!! :D
    Anonymous said…
    Lau sui hau laaa...

    I rarely eat ckt in Pg. Now that i'm in KL, kinda miss them.
    Tummythoz said…
    Know of a few ppl who call lard 'kacangs'. =P
    Wennn said…
    I just tagged U lor... Pls do this tag all about food...
    keropok man
    ok tks lets eat !

    after eat do tell us all about the mouses !

    how v nice...

    next time Me first ! no escape !
    ok the tag TQ

    right on !

    CKT Steven can die one

    kacang? means got small hard sound one ah ?
    teckiee said…
    bsg, wmw: LOL! ahh ok.. 2 place to go next time. Haven eaten dai lok min for so long.. bsg.. my fav lehh..
    Anonymous said…
    i can't believe no one mentioned the hokkien mee at cheow yang SS2. That is the benchmark.
    thanks for your tip.
    We have somehow missed that so V will keep that in mind.
    have a nice weekend !