Casual Bites, Malaysia

Easygoing snacks

Malay Rice & IndianTea.
This quickie delight yet mouthwatering combo is especially potent in da Malaysian Gastronomic Landscape whether in madeover 5 star hotshots in big Cities , along clogged drains, under abandoned bridges, Chinese kopitiams (coffeeshops) and yes !... many many backStreets.

You just can't avoid them. It can come from a one man leaking shack under that crooked tree, an army of like- coloured cohorts in a vacant plot, and even an entire usually warring legion of
pure/ impure zones politically segregated in overbright structures called food courts .
This is the ultimate 3 ( or more) in one !

Unfold the brown paper/banana leaf small packet (180gm?, 70 sen to RM1.50 ) for the magnifcent sambaled (curry) spread of fragrant rice called nasi lemak bungkus. Feel da taste ( and burn) of Malaysia between your anticipating consenting lips. Crunch da tiny fried nuts & anchovies with the tiny cucumbers. Always ask for versions 2 & 3. Vista maybe?

Crack one or two of this international fully boiled protein filler ( 50 to 60 sen each ) for the full effect. Don't you dare discard the golden yolk for all its cholesterol goodness.
Catch this most casual of classic open air Casual Malaysian Dining in these other great foodcourts/warring assemblies such as
1. Jln Doraisamy (off Heritage Row, near Wilayah Complex, KL), after 5 pm everyday
2. Uptown food court ( Damansara Utama, PJ,) especially mornings and
3. Jln 222, PJ in front of Amway Malaysia HQ) , day and night all times
4. also check beside drains and under bridges too
Indian Bread & Tea.
This is the much overtalked overshowed oily and multi-curry dish. And why not !
India inspired but indigenously Malaysian, no less. Massive pride of the Indian community.
The roti canai man is a master showman with his magic flowing hands. Catch him in action and you will be fascinated for sure, then also the teh tarik man !
Why ! He is supposed to xhibit his bubbly act in space soon !
Another salivating trio !

de Classix roti canai, an everyday staple of de Malaysian breakfast crowd. with a dazzling array of hip-hot curry sauses. Inique aroma. But terribly inconsistent and moody !
Make very very sure it is freshly baked before landing on your plate !
...and do choose your master ( dun seem to have ladies o far ? )...carefully...
Soft and gentle this. Try 2 at one go...feel da p o w e r

Teh Tarik ( pulled tea ), national drink of Malaysia. Bubbly and full bodied.
Compulsory drink otherwise...
Recommended places for real roti canai ( from 80 sen to RM 1.20 each )
1. Sri Melur Section 18 USJ, Subang Jaya, Bukit Tinggi Klang.Kota Kemuning Shah Alam
classic great taste with great curries too
2. Mohsin, Taman Tun KL( Burhanuddin arwea ), Mayang Jaya PJ
fresh & decent, clean place
3. Raju's, off Jln Gasing PJ ( da famous one )
good, but a little sweety, enjoy de banana leaf xperience with yr roti !
4. Kayu, everywhere
as for Mohsin but more pricey...


Anonymous said…
ahh two of my fav. food featured here - nasi lemak and roti canai.

when i take roti canai, i've gotta have lots and lots of kuah (curry).

i don't really like teh tarik... unless i know a stall/shop is very famous for it! to me teh tarik if it is nice, it is very nice. if it is not nice, it is not nice at all! thus i want to take it only when it is known to be very nice. :)
Michelle said…
worhhh... 'must eat' signal alert!!
i just ate nasi lemak for dinner today.. yummyy...

can taste ur pics without eating d. how horrible is that?? haha

and i don like teh tarik either.. u wouldnt want to know why though. lol~
MeiyeN said…
that 1/2 boiled eggs always my favourite, almost my daily breaky! :D
Tummythoz said…
Ahhhhhhh comfort food.
fatboybakes said…
i love half boiled eggs, and that picture...hmmm, just made me ahem...

hey, where does one get the best pre-packed nasi lemak around?
Precious Pea said…
Nasi Lemak is my all-time favourite!! Don't mind having it for breakfast 7 days a week! Yumzz..
You've just described my favourite daily tea-time goodies. But yours looks better than mine. I usually have watered down teh tarik. Sigh.
Yinsi Yat said…
These foods are almost taken daily by the Malaysian. Hummmm..what say you open up one 'chinese mamak stall' good money you know!
Melting Wok said…
wahhh..I've seen so much rotis around, but this one looks really oilylicious, the kind me wanna eat :)) Man, haven't had one of those 1/2 boiled eggs for a while, mom use to splash a bit of brandy white pepper and soy sauce, yummos ! :)
PJ/KL have some of da best, v await your trip here !

v brew the real authentic lipsticking heart pounding Teh Tarik for...only you...
when the time comes ? hahaha

now v know another of da secrets of your enduring delicious cheerful beauty...

only with great eater friends like...then more comfort

best prepacked NL around ? Buy us a beer or two V shall bring them to you ! Uptown 'Sukri' is good ( aiya u oredi missed Pangkor ones )

that is amazing...

haha nex time can pull it by yrself? or V help u !

if u think so then v start ! ( probably V eat all by ourselves )

melting w
yr Mum V have to meet ! Brandy with eggs ! Double whammy!
Just wonderful !
Rasa Malaysia said…
LOL...BSG is going to meet Melting Wok's mum. So farnee.

Anyway Chief, when I was eating my Malay laksa in Batu Ferringhi along the beach, they have hard-boiled eggs just like what you showed, but for the laksa...I thought that was strange because usually they come with the Malay Laksa. So I cracked one and added it to my Assam Laksa and it was very good, but cost 50 cents. I guess the Malay hawkers have gotten smarter. ;)
haha they are trying to catch up !
...but V still have u so no worries...