Pork Noodles

Noodles Classically Chinese

The distinctively long strands of wheat flour/rice noodles ( round, flat, triangular, short, long, thick, curvy or whatever ) have been around in China for ever and is a staple diet of Asians (esp orientals) for thousands of years. It was only introducesd to The West compliments of the great Italian adventurer Marco Polo who also inadvertently led the Italians to uncover many Asian culinary secrets and subsequently to become a future European gastronomical centre par excellence.

Noodles are an alternative to the must-have rice meals and come prepared in dried or soup forms with a mixture of meats and vegetables, and the inevitable seasonings. There are unlimited noodle dish styles but for now we are only talking about this one, noodles in pork minced meat/livers/kidneys, prawns, etc in flavored soup called pork noodles KL style.

They are found in nearly every Chinese food court/hawker centers but is not considered anything spectacular and is classified by BSG as a mundane tummy filler, your last minute choice when the others can't excite you anymore ( or have abandoned you).

They are neither pretty, colorful nor fragrant...and da name...well ( if only they can call it by another name... err, u know... like some nice flowers ?)
Something more colorful maybe ?

New Lay Sin, Brickfields( little India ) KL, Kopitiam just beside traffic lights.

Famous stall considered by some to be the best there is.

Really ? Quite thick soup. Overstrong taste tho.

Restoran Siong Pin, SS 3, PJ Selangor. Housing area (opposite Western Digital )

off LDP Highway. Famous for evening bottled beer boozers.

Father, mother & son run with extralicious pork kidneys/prawns.

Nicely done. Quickie service. V love her motherly demeanour.

Adik Beradik Chua, Jln Tongshin KL. Da famous Kopitiam

near infamous gastronomical/red lights epicentre Jln Alor

(one of KL's must-visit tourist sites).
Light & freshly done (see da tempting pixs !)
Quickie service. Not bad at all !

Kien Fatt Jln SS3/59, near PJ Bahagia LRT station. Gardener lookalike tending to his affectionate plants, so be prepared to wait.
Also with da gloomy long suffering helper wife V suspect.
Inconsistent but can be outstanding when everything is right.

Subang Jaya SS 15 ( near Carrefour/ Subang Parade ). Our dear friend has however made a disappearing act, probably becoz unsatisfied customers are coming after him for being a damn slow coach !
Enter here 4 d whole story !
  • very slow hand

  • .
    For maximun enjoyment of this underated oinky oink dish, you should try it before 12.00 noon.
    Otherwise you might have to wait an astounding 30 mins (maybe more! ) for your one- noodle- wonder ! ( maybe its better to go fishing...)
    Some sellers are just too slow after 12....
    ...its probably the weather...

    others who have waited & enjoyed
  • peters pork noodles
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    Wennn said…
    Yes I like chu yuk fan... Hmm reminds me to go bek to Subang ... Aiyo there is one my cuzzie always take me to issit call Tien Tien Fatt?? I also forgot.. I oni know how to get there...
    tigerfish said…
    Really pork noodles, man! Almost all parts of the pig...
    Anonymous said…
    i don't like pork noodles... because i don't like the pork!... but i like the soup!
    Jackson said…
    the subang jaya ss15 was famous of his slow hands..after tried once, i will never visit them again..... i waited for an hour for a bowl of chu yuk fan!!
    Anonymous said…
    oh one more, Seaview Restaurant in Paramount Garden ... yumyummm .. have you tried that one ?
    Rasa Malaysia said…
    Chief - your website alignment is off, your left nav is at the bottom and there are all these missing links on your pictures...just FYI.
    Rasa Malaysia said…
    Glutton, sorry for spamming your blog, but I just tagged you. ;)
    wmw said…
    Eh, how come I don't see the crispy lard in your pork noodle bowl from Adik Beradik Chua?
    Yinsi Yat said…
    I've tried that brickfields one. Damn hot inside tarak aircon wan.
    Michelle said…
    nice hawker food.. but normally when i order.. i just get the soup and the pigs' "insides" only.. no noodles.. just enjoy the real PIG aroma.. hahahah

    after all.. this is a new PIG year!!!~ oink oink~ hahaha..

    *giddy tonight*
    Precious Pea said…
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Precious Pea said…
    I tried before the noodle at Kien Fatt. The seller and his suspected wife got attitude problem. Faces all black like kena forced to work. And he refused to cook for us till 9.30 a.m. sharp although he was all ready at 9.15 a.m. He just stood at the stove looking at his watch and waited till 9.30 a.m. when they queue of bowls already very long. Hubby not impressed and banned this place.
    I think its da name but oredi gone 4 a break !
    fish balls have to check with the Pantai Remis fishermen first, they complain got no more fish after net become bigger. Yes tks, BSG got some alignmrnt problem now gotta sort it out fast. Oh U can spam us as often as you like ! Interviewing the BSG team for response TQ. ( yr new look reminds us one of our X my goodness !)

    that one the King sapu first before pixs taken ! sorry

    bet the piao mei with u more hot lah !

    then u should call us... we will take what u dowan !
    U love PIGs ? hahaha they r cute aren't they ?

    precious pea
    probably his piao mei din talk to him yesterday so he was still waiting 4 her tempting call Hahaha ! Its true he got big attitude problem.
    got somor, da brain..u want ?

    u know how to have d essence !

    next time v eat in yr rest, make our own !

    no not yet, so I shall call on u soon...to show the way ! hehehe
    Melting Wok said…
    yo matey pink pork, when I hit the 2nd pix. tt bowl reminds me bit of mee yoke, but not, its ok, I'll sapu anything at the moment :)