Fused in Bangsar, K L

small adventure in da happening place

The morning before, we were caught in a massive jam approaching Jln Parliament, due to some inconsiderate ignoramus KL City Hall antics of having to do a real ( believe it or not !) rehearsal at peak hours for their proudly Malaysia Kuala Lumpur City Day Parade on 1 Feb 07.

Aha ! World Class KL ( ??) with classy pot holes, unsignly road signboards, uncentral KL Sentral, quite dirty Gombak/Klang rivers, rude taxicabs, kiasu patrons triple parking at Mid Valley multi-entrances entrances, unservicable service counters etc.

But thank God we still do have a few charming oasis here and there.

Like these for instance.

On the day after, R as usual was tucking in at sedated Shah Alam with this red chicken exhibition marvel, a Northern Indian but Mamak eatery. According to him he was attracted by the fiery color but then a few mouthfuls later admitted to being grossly disappointed by its lack of everything. No to tanduri chicken next time he says. Even the fresh onion slices, crunchy cucumbers & the greeny mint sauce couldn't save it. So we shall spare you the name ok.
And this accompaniment of Garlic Naan bread ? So so only lah. He thinks roti canai is better ( now we know why nobody talks about this thing )

C was in the meantime with his small town companion showing her the brighter side of KL. These were de intro snack of vadal and chicken curry puff dished up by the sweet Malay lady in Indian Devi's Corner in Bangsar Telawi zone. He and partner were impressed with the mild but tasty triple sauces which she says cannot find in her countryland.

A close up of the curry puff ( a popular kind of local fried pastry ), for our friends outside Malaysia to appreciate. Looks tempting right ? Its easy to make yourself.
Just follow the recipe here
  • squeeze me baby

  • L, da suave one as usual was chilling out in his fav corner here in Telawi waiting for the rest of the Gang. The Talk Pub & Bistro.

    His fav drink, only this type chilled as usual to a fussy foamy fuzzy almost 1 degree C, no more no less.

    Then toniXe & friend came by from the Indian Rice shop in Lucky Gardens feeling bloated but missing something. You know they never tried that astronomically priced ugly thing they call Indian Curry Fish Head, altho they were actually salivating at da thing being the gluttons that the Gang is infamous for.
    Ok ok ! Bring in da grilled teriyaki salmon head then !
    Tasted just great ( same price as da Lucky Garden curry fish head ) but we are not complaining,
    ......this is salmon fish head imported from Japan ok !

    The rest of team BSG were rounded up and came in around 6pm. Then an interesting call was received from
  • randy papasan saying a fresh troupe of China Mystical Steppes starlets were on their way in to KL and would we be interested. You bet ! Bring them on ! Ok 4 enough as thats all of us !
  • This one a bit on the dark side huh ?
    Ok....... for C, he doesn't mind...

    a bit rough but looks mystical.
    R..... all yours !

    Looks willowy & sensuous.. & a bit coy
    .... L will like

    Da luscious one, all 4 toni
    goodnight.... & Happy KL City Day,
    from team BSG

    **special thanks to
    .the Talk Bistro ( for consenting to the unclad Nyonya Kuihs )
    .the Mystical Steppes ( for making this momentous event possible )


    Rasa Malaysia said…
    Great minds think alike, I just pimped you on my site. ;)
    Precious Pea said…
    The colouring on the tanduri chicken look a bit scary. By the way, the pulut panggang i used to have long ago, they put in sambal dried shrimp instead of grated coconuts. Anyone know where i can get the dried shrimp version?
    Michelle said…
    love currypuffs!!! yummylicious~~~
    *starving*.. garlic cheesy naan for dinner tonightt... yay~~~

    wmw said…
    How many in your team BSG ah? So you got mini bus one or not?
    fatboybakes said…
    in bangsar sum more...so near to where i am....dangerously near. TALK manager, pat ang, knows me on first name basis.....
    Unknown said…
    I'm impress with the beer... kekeke
    Anonymous said…
    Lol. Unclad nyonya kuih... very inviting and delicious
    MeiyeN said…
    wow.......what a feast!!!! da vadal, yummy!!!!! :D
    Wennn said…
    Errr not a big fan of those but never mind la I'm very adventurous one so i will try try la...
    Rasa Malaysia said…
    Chief - Izzit vadai or vadal? I think it's vadai...since the email you sent to me said vadai? Now you say vadal? I am confused liao.
    TQ, probably both spellings can be used ! There r no other close versions tho. meiyen's absolute favourite.

    yes indeed. yes anybody ?

    got it ! u r a bready person !means down to earth...

    4 growing more...mini bus can take 4 I think !

    hahaha, near enough ! I shall let Pat know....

    better than Langkawi ah ?

    V haven't talk bout 'them',... yet

    coming to fetch u now, Fbb getting jack in too !

    darlin,i can order the portsmouth rolls dun worri !