Fish Balls & Noodles in Soups/or Sauce, KL/PJ

Finally its balls... Balls... & more... fish Balls

After all da xcesses of da CNY festivities and many a drunken stupor/& wild goose-chases over flyovers, highrises, valleys and black-holes....its
...back to eating introductory mild balls & long noodles , Chinese style.
Clear soup non spicy... & fish balls.

The first noodles dish probably most Westerners were introduced to before the full Chinese 'ChopSuey' and da whole works...

Like these...when u r feeling dull and safe, or when you are still recovering from a severe sore throat or a case of overturned tummy from yesternights/days of over indulgement/Xcitement.... plus a bit of unbridled merrymaking...

Sea Park PJ (Opposite previously Ruby Cinema ) 60 years Teo Chew xpensive spick & span Honkie styled cafe. Mildly titillating but hardly exciting. Good overattentive service. Wide choice of fish/other meats and tofu balls. Dry or with soup.O & S Paramount Garden ( da most famous Chinaman hawker kopitiam in PJ ) Penang style, eh sai lah. Whats da name? Efficient but dull...

SS2 Medan Selera, Kampar styled fish ball noodles in soup. At least you have some balls of varying shapes and sizes. Some even fried then flat some harder than others. Thats variety.

Popular Adik Beradik Chua Jln Tengkat Tongshin, KL, near Jln Alor where even Malaysia's top Floggers congregate ! Very fresh very competent. Real quickie service. Quite interesting but plain. You may catch some wonderful eager- eyed tourists snapping away.

Tmn Sea, PJ Kampar Noodle House. Nice taste... nice feel. Interesting.
da most Xcellent fish balls noodles in our opinion.
BSG is still in recovering u can see...


Babe_KL said…
your first bowl looked exceptionally delish ahha hmmm i find the tengkat tong shin one laden with msg. after makan feel very thirsty
Rasa Malaysia said…
Duh I thought I submitted my comment but it's MIA? Anyway, fishballs are my absolute favorite and I eat loads of them everytime I come home. The fishball in the US blows...after you cook them, they terkembang to 2x...go figure.
Melting Wok said…
bouncy lil' fb frolicking in my screen :PP wow..I haven't heard PG, SP, SS2 in a wee-w-h-i-l-e, thx for the reminder, have to jot down in my buku 555 of things to eat now !! :)
Anonymous said…
i love fishballs... or meatball... or sotong balls... whatever balls. (ahem! not that!). each time during our CNY reunion steamboat dinner, i'll make sure i sapu all the balls. :)
I still haven't found fishballs that get me excited. Will check out your recommendations.
Yinsi Yat said…
Blader how many bowl of fishballs mee can you finish? It look lovely.
Unknown said…
Again, further details are not provided, for example, Taman Sea, PJ Kampar noodles. Taman Sea is so big, Which road, what phone number etc? IUt defeats the purpose of your recommendation if no one is able to find the place.
Wennn said…
Pls send one 2 London now...... I wan a lot lot of fishballs...
MeiyeN said…
i like da kampar one @ ss2 medan selera..... all kinds of fish balls, fish pastes, "foochook", beancurds.... yummy!!!! :D

by da way.. have you make a stop @ tk chong rest, damansara perdana? i went there last sat.. but it was too crowded and long queue that i got to back off :(
Tummythoz said…
Shhh y'all. *whispering* can c straight? Stars still zapping pass? Hmm.. like that-hor, need a heavy dose of BKT-lar!
What A Lulu said…
gosh tonixe, what a load of balls!

for good fish paste, you should make your way up north to lenggong where the supply of fish comes from the forgot-what-name dam. it's the bestest, crunchiest, best bite-est balls you can find in m'sia.
Xiu Long Bao said…
waa fish balls + beehoon= my favourite! U noe i heard this rumour bout fishballs producer using chemical substances to melt the fish bones when producing fish pastes n balls? dat sounds horrible!
FL Sam said…
The Taman Sea PJ Kampar Noodles House. Is it still there?? I tried them when they 1st open shop there but the shop is now a Vegetarian shop.
Anonymous said…
Oh, I love all these. Hungry...
Precious Pea said…
Yummzzz...try the Section 17 food court, opposite diethelm. Not too bad also.
UnkaLeong said…
Try the one at the Medan Selera in PJ Old Town. The stalls called Ng Tiew Lee I believe. Serves decent Char Keuy Teow as well;)
it does look like v have to strike a fine balance between taste and MSG ! Thats de difficult part for the restauranters tho since some customers just love taste regardless !

goodness ! mean blow up ? imagine balls double triple big ! de Kampar ones r quite ok for taste/texture/variety

melting wok
u wanna us send u a street directory ? hehehe

hahaha ! balls fan thru & tru !

4 that v really have to show you...hehehe

u know how many u N us can !

points noted TQ. de Kampar Seapark is same row as 60 yr old teowches shop !but plse note other end

ok beauty c u soon with all da balls !

glad u love balls 2 !
not yet tk chong, v go 2gether ok ? !

how u know ah ? v r feeling just like that no power...

guess u have to show me how to get to lenggong ? Is it near da border ? I saw many fish ponds u know.

u might be correct dear ?

welcome to BSG ! yes its still here ! go try it soon.

then make sure u come with us ok !

will check this out soon...tks

righto bruder will check it out soon tks !
MeiyeN said…
i wait for your invitation then... :p
Melting Wok said…
no need, when i go home, you guys r my official restorans telekomunikasi ahhaaha :)