Chan Sow Lin Fish Head, KL

Steaming half-heads

As you approach KL from the Southern Gateway you will be swarmed with haphazard road works and eye-boggling road signs guaranteed to almost cause you accidents, especially if you are on the salivating lookout for freshwater fish haven Chan Sow Lin/Sg Besi.

Iconic Seremban-KL Highway. A multitude of blue road signs pointing to everywhere.

Jln Chan Sow Lin is to the far right. Watch out for U turn.

Turn left here.

Enter this side road for 200m. Its classically hot and dusty ...and looking like a big scrapyard. Do not look for big tree.

Look instead for the half-hidden dilapidated wooden shack with one creepy toilet in front.

This one ? Peep inside...and... u got it !...

Welcome to backStreetGlutton's riverine hideout !

One loud fat guy will quickly come and show you to your table. Ignore all those stares from the many many other gluttons left and right. Ordering is easy, no hassles, no stress. Just say ok, ok and ok . All dishes are very special ( according to the trustworthy fat guy ).

Start with this boiled green vege in oyster sauce. Really green, fresh and crunchy. This is to enpower your yang (positive influences) to handle the oncoming powerful yin ( negative elements) in accordance with traditional Chinese Culinary Philosophy no 8b.

The fish insides . Springy and overly tough. No special effects. Forgettable.

The clear-steamed (ching cheng) fresh water CSL half-fish head (RM20) on da shoulders in a sprinkling of rice wine, green chilli padi and secret seasonings. Xquisitely tender yet firm.
Version 2. Steamed in dark bean sauce ( 'cheong cheng' ). Very spicy & all-embracing taste. For the hot connoisseurs from Johore, Malacca and Penang.
Complete your perfect fishy adventure with lots of your favourite carbo, like this.
Now your yin/yang is nicely balanced.
Da original Chan Sow Lin


Precious Pea said…
This place very alien to me, guarantee I will get lost finding this place.
Rasa Malaysia said…
Is this the place that Anthony Bourdain went to on his travel show "No Reservations." Have you seen it?
boo_licious said…
I used to love this place so much until one day my mum told me how they feed the fish. So sad!
Precious Pea said…
Boo, how they feed them?
Wennn said…
Fulamak that is my favourite la.... aiyo kenot tahan liao wanna go home dy!!!!
MeiyeN said…
i'd been to this place long ago! omg, boo... how they feed da fish? O_o sounds so teriffied!!!
MeiyeN said…
gong xi fa chai to you, your team and your family! may you have a good and prosperous chinese new year! :D
Tummythoz said…
Haven't been since the SMART tunnel project started. Major congestion, mien.

Boo, possible by pigs' (ahem)? Or just plain human (ahem)?
fatboybakes said…
HAHAHAH, trustworthy loud fat guy...its true lar hor, never trust a slim cook. (rasa better prove yourself trustworthy)

boo, how do they feed the fish?
boo_licious said…
On the queries, ask me again when we meet up.

Gong Xi Fa Cai to Tonixe/Team BSG! Hope the Year of the Boar brings all of you prosperity plus yummy eats.
Yinsi Yat said…
Gong Xi Fa Cai blader!!
Anonymous said…
wow! fish! fish! fish! i love fish more than chicken/pork. of course esp. love it when it is prepared spicy.
wmw said…
Gong Xi Fa Chai! May there be abundance of blessing, prosperity and longevity for all!
precious pea
alamak u can find K Selangor sure can find dis one!

It might be becoz this place is packed like Anthony Bordains shows, Xcept 10 times rawer and hotter.(to reconfirm)

happy new year but sorry bout yr little misadventure.
v will see what v can do...consult our Joey Yap culinary guru later.
maybe more yang shud do da trick!

england orchid
ok v have sent the ticket ( one only )plse collect Sainsbury 4 SSd, come home kwik!

happy new year. dun worri Boo v are still alive & kicking, after 8 half heads oredi.
Shudn't b a ploblem v think!

v talk 2 fatguy there he say guarantee clean and pure one he oredi konsult Joey Yap no ploblem!

u said it excellente right !
R u sure RM is slim meh ? U saw her oredi ah ? Sexy like sexy pixs ornot , or even warmly better ?

thank u bro which hall ah March ?
Gung hei fa piao mei chai !

dis fish is super famous, must go before 12 otherwise must sit beside wooden leaking toilet !

happy new year, V promise not to order fierce fishes ok !
Anonymous said…
Hi team BSG, dropping by to wish you Gong Xi Fa Cai, with more food adventure lah :-)
Anonymous said…
Wish you a boary Happy New Year, team BSG!
Wennn said…
Aiks change from rose to orchid ah??? heheheheh apa ticket to Sainsbury 4 ssd??
Anonymous said…
whew! brings back super yummy memories of KL...-ajay (
Anonymous said…
whew! brings back super yummy memories of KL...-ajay (
Gawd, u guys are hilarious! But I suppose ppl tell u that all the time.
Fish head at Chan Sow Lin looks yummy...will add it into my list of places to visit. Gong Xi Fa Cai!
whistler said…
hey, the famous chan sow lin fish head! looks good but fish head just not my kind of food.. dont' care how they feed the fish :P

Wish you have a prosperous new year, Gong Xi Fa Cai
Melting Wok said…
hey toni, popping by to wish you and your team a great, prosperous CNY, filled with fruitful food adventures to come and more, gong hey fatt choy ! :)

quick update : already sent RM to airport y'day, she's all geared up to meet with ya all, mengcantik molek waiting to be "gluttonized" hahaha, please eat on my behalf ya ? ciao !:)
Michelle said…
happy chinese new year... everyone!!!!!
Gong Xi Fa Cai too & happy holidays !

happy new year and have fun eating more and more !

u collected oredi ? good ! happy new year again !

great to have u back again ! Coming back to KL anytime soon ?

l lemongrass
what a unique name...another Pg princess, welcome to BSG !
Happy new year!

haha, ok nex time we try the tail !

melting wok
Tks for v suddenly become very nervous, dunno can eat ornot...

happy new year too!
u better teach us how to put comments in yr site v are lost !and v have 1000 things to say to u...
Unknown said…
chan sow lin also got that famous "ban mee" right?

dulu dulu, when i kerja kat KL, colleagues and i always drive there to eat!
keropok man
its possible that there may be a famous pan mee stall here. but CSL is more known for the fish heads.