Malay Cuisine, Sunway PJ

Enchanting Highway seductress

If you want a change from your usual fare of hawker/mamak/fast foods or your favourite restaurant is closed for the long holidays then hop on over and be dazzled by these amazing beauties.

This intermediate 2shoplots Malay Restaurant just off the LDP Highway beside Domino's Pizza in Sunway Mentari, PJ whose namesake means 'net' probably has seduced & netted consenting & lustful customers by da hundreds ( if not thousands ) each day. Beware de tongue-hanging-out greedy crowd during breakfast, lunch and dinner (except Sundays).

Superwide range of fresh, flavorful & delectable temptations including ikan bakar, soups (giant killer beef brew ), kuihs (snacks & desserts), noodles and multi-color rice(s) a full arsenal of potent sweet, sour, fermented, fresh and hot chillis/sauces... pride of da original captivating 'Masakan Melayu' (Malay Cuisine).

Fried noodles.

Add any type of curries/chillis/condiments/side dishes to your heart's content.

Fried beehoon (rice vermicelli). Firm & springy with egg slices.

Nasi campur ( mixed rice ), with signature fried fish, classic spicy cuttlefish, and very-Malay spicy beef in plain white rice.

Nasi dagang ( Peninsular East Coast specialty ), one-of-a-kind brownish flavoured glutinous rice with salted eggs and spicy fish.

Nasi kerabu, a unique bluish sexy herbal rice delight, another Classic East Coast favourite.
All found here in this classy place in Sunway, PJ.
You are advised to come early to avoid huge impatient gluttons.
Also prepare to be stung by high prices.
...but be rewarded with Xceptional fresh taste.

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  • Comments

    Jackson said…
    I want malay chicken rice!
    boo_licious said…
    Nice meeting you! Hmm, haven't been here for a while, I love the food here. Didn't know they serve Nasi Dagang and Kerabu too.
    Rasa Malaysia said…
    Thanks for your comments on my site. Good time...especially the karaoke!

    Yes, Masakan Melayu totally rocks...if only I know how to cook more of them. :(
    wmw said…
    La la la la...oops, no karaoke in here. But must be because you kept saying La La Chong! So La La, stuck in my head! Ha ha ha...Eh, a blog elsewhere also got sotong rendam pic, forgot where. I love sotong rendam!
    Wennn said…
    Aiyo I kenot come in here anymore la too mahy yummylicious food la..
    fatboybakes said…
    dear tonixe, pleasure meeting you, although it was for only 8 minutes. ;) we'll have to rectify that hor. i hear you're quite the party animal.
    Good nasi kerabu and nasi dagang are hard to come by. Thx for the recommendation!
    Melting Wok said…
    wahh..bring it on the ulam2 somemore ehh, siokilicious indeedy, how come only feature nasi campur melayu ? ooh..all chinese went gambling at the big island of kahuna on CNY ya ? :P
    Xiu Long Bao said…
    y the fried beehoon looks so pale?
    Anonymous said…
    wah! so many type of nasi. good. i like. but no nasi briyani? the other day i just took nasi briyani udang at RM7.50!
    Anonymous said…
    Just started work at Western D. You seem to be very well versed in the food around this area. Any idea where good apts around here for rent?
    Rasa Malaysia said…
    WMW - your comment so funny, now both you and Chief Glutton have to go to La La Chong and do a review for me? Can? I am so intrigued now.
    follow fbb to Pangkor in 2 weeks he will show u the sexy woman...

    ya ! the meeting was great, we saw, v drank v nibbled ( not yet conquer...sigh...). Dis place has the 2 East Coast specialities.

    good now v know so now v give u a new assignment, plse do a Malay Dish other than Nasi Lemak ! Lala Chong here v come ( with meiyeN

    da 3 hrs where got enough ah ? Galaxie u know ! shud be Forever ( Bee)

    Can u feel da taste ( love tonight ? )

    my pleasure! RM says u r much more handsome in person, how really ah she knows means she saw more of everything ah ?

    U shud see the whole 7 BSG !

    sob..sob...why why WHY ?

    so go kwik they have lots of serai !

    melting wok
    becoz Siti Aminah invited us lah ...

    this one we wan like that hahaha but can oso dark and strong one whole rendang beside only...

    ok nex one...

    there actually are plenty of apartments here, take a drive look for signs many many !
    fatboybakes said…
    RM....!!!! whattttt did you mean by that!!! more handsome in person? hahahaha, as opposed to what? the picture of chin and short goatee???

    tonixe, you have still managed to remain MAN OF MYSTERY. no one seems to know anything extra about you even after one night with you...
    Rasa Malaysia said…
    FBB, I think I did say something like that to Toni, but really, you look more handsome in person...because I could see your whole face mah!
    Jackson said…
    FBB, i got to agrred wt all! You looks more adorable in person! LOL
    hey guys of backStreetGluttons.Malaysia. Came here from, who's a friend of mine.

    Great to see the pics of the yummylicious foods. been visiting food blogs and it's nice to see so many people sharing the same passion. Hope you don't mind but will link you to our blog. Come visit.

    If you don't want to be linked just tell me and I'll remove it. Thanks ya.

    now everybody khows how handsome fatboy really is hahaha ! hey how r u gonna know somebody well after just one night ? right ? as a wise man once said he cant even know his own wife properly after 40 yrs....

    alln yap & co
    tks and no problems at all u r welcome !