Classical Nasi Lemak in da Village Park, PJ

some really hot Hitam Manis(es) come to PJ

Damansara Utama ( DU), is the not-so-big office/cum shopping/once-upon-a-time de entertainment & eating zone ( cannot-miss one ) of PJ.

Now things look a bit lost and the prematurely aged Grande Madame has been totally overshadowed by ultra-hip-hop new princesses Utama 1 (old & new wings), Ikano Power Centre, Ikea, Tesco, de Curve 2 or 3 km away in neighbouring Damansara Mutiara & Damansara Perdana. The place is now more remembered for its forgetable coming and going fusion cafes of all kinds, all boring like anything.

Many times name-a-changing Uptown food court, is currently a major landmark ever since de Fajar Supermarket abandoned this once busy area. Here, in spite of its horrendous blind layout you can find many affordable local favorites, including your regular 70sen nasi lemaks and RM7 chicken chops and not forgeting also a sprinkling of those Chinese street starlets here and there.

So we were really surprised when we were tipped off about this quiet & sober looking shop( behind MBB & all da other banks ) in DU not too long ago after we Xposed some notable hot Kampong Babes. And look what we uncovered.......during a recent raid... !

Gorgeous head turning sambal sotong ( cuttlefish slices in spicy chilli paste ). Naughtily dark, springy and firm, of the type you would lustily sink your uncontrolled swollen lips onto.... all 5 or 6 pieces and then some. We think they stole them from Kampong Baru's Antarabangsa harem.
Then this one ! For a sec we thought this cinta berahi rendang daging came out from da kitchen in Jln Raja Abdullah, KL of the RA kind.

Sommore this lustrous golden thing...... Cik Gu Kelana,

just what are you doing here ?

You should be in class...shouldn't you ? can ?

Babes looking good..(& tasting) even better.

All for RM6 and below, including some stolen chiums,

Go get them.
apa khabar Sayang ?

  • de original Kampong Malay babes
  • (Google Malaysia's 2nd most requested fun site )


    Wennn said…
    Pls delivery two... tenkiu....
    Yinsi Yat said…
    I love rendang daging. Where got special one?
    Precious Pea said…
    Aiyoyooyoyo...why so many people featuring nasi lemak one?? Have you try out the Nasi Lemak stall near SS2 BP Station, in front of the police station? Best leh!
    wmw said…
    BSG, the currypuff at Village Park also quite good and try the ice blended bandung!. precious pea....I eat at the SS2 BP Station too leh.
    MeiyeN said…
    y never call me along? omg, i want da sambal cuttlefish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as in.... now!!!! :p
    Precious Pea said…
    wmw, you too?? Dat's my fav place to satisfy my nasi lemak cravings. On average once a week. Love their rendang, both chic and beef. Droollzz..tomorrow morning will tar bau for breakfast.
    Rasa Malaysia said…
    I shall give you a a post about Chinese Economy Rice...I miss those.
    Rasa Malaysia said…
    BTW Chief, the big shinny comfy looking car is Team BSG entourage "mini-bus" izzit? Can tumpang ke when I am in KL?
    Tummythoz said…
    Niceeeee... I'll call you tonite!
    fatboybakes said…
    droool.....hey, got lung (paru) or not? i lurve lung.
    so, tonixe, u going for the gathering or not? chances of me there are looking slimmer by the day. i am so disappointed i could cry!!!!
    boo_licious said…
    U sure you're not a copywriter? The Nasi Lemak is really good here esp the rice which they're the only ones in town who uses a special method. I love their Nasi Dagang too.
    Melting Wok said…
    That RM is very "pin sum", I made the nasi lemak w/tt same purple cuttlefish which looked exactly the same as this one, and she said mine looks funny hahahaa, ooh yeah, I miss the 3 dishes for less than 5 bucks "chap fun" dangggg :P
    Rasa Malaysia said…
    Ooooh, Tummy is calling you tonight...the triangle/rectangle/octagon courtship just gets thickened.
    parcel as345, bt55, n65 on the way to GB. Let me know when enjoyed.p/s beggar chicken ready ornot ? team asking oredi.

    can find in 'chicks' kitchen, you can't remember ah ?

    precious pea
    yes they r good but a bit messy !

    tks 4 tip. V know u eat here in BP all the time. v have been watching u .....hehehe

    aiyo that night I call you u said u were busy in da Curve with other half. Never mind we go tommorow, after da Holiday movie ok.

    Chinese economy rice ah ? da Emperor or the Imperial one ? ok
    Mini bus now fixing up da body...

    v will be waiting. dun be late again ah.

    lungs only can find in malay shop lah. this one Chinese. Why u not going ah then how can ? where got drinking/karaoke kaki lidat ? Haiya I shall ask Audrey to change date.

    Eh how u know ah. Din know oso got N Dagang, we were too bewitched by the hitam manis then. Next time with u ok. TQ

    melting us again
    ya la this RM. Pretty gal all like that one ( u also lah we know )
    What A Lulu said…
    i've heard so much about the ss2 nasi lemak. yet to try it.

    you know the ss15 coffeeshop which sells the kuih nyonya? down the road, towards the petrol station, there's an elderly couple selling nasi lemak. lulu's favourite.
    Michelle said…
    happy valentines' day, everybodyy!!~~
    What A Lulu said…
    terlupa pun...

    happy WEDNESDAY, everyone!!!!
    fatboybakes said…
    aiyo, dun change on my account la, but IF, IF you do change, change to friday lar, then they can swap the hawker night to saturday. dunno if unkaleong can make it though, friday.
    Anonymous said…
    The best nasi lemak i tried was a umbrella stall behind KIOSK (by side of SP Corner Mamak stall) in jalan imbi.. opens at till habis around 2am.. Chilli and fried chicken is out of this world and the rice is so fragant fluffy and steaming hot... Nothing beats it so far...
    tks for coming by , yes , we have noted the stall you mentioned. Hopefully we can find it !