Chinese Burgers, American Paus ( a candid comparison)

when a few fair Maidens meet some Cowboys


...from the mystical Orient,
team Dim Sum, ancient, classical, meticulous & infinitely many

char siew pau (small) and tai pau ( Xtra big ) , the incorrigible Mamasans
inside da small one ... fatty single-stroke roast pork

whats in da the big 7 cylinder one. overcrowded chunky chickens and boiled eggs

'lor mai kai', slightly overweight grumpy ex fav concubine now chief chambermaid... glutinuous rice with old chicken bits and one black mushroom

clandestine runaway fish ball trapped in sweet dark sauce and redhot chilli sauce.

petite come-take-me-quick 'siew mai' in oneway see-throughs

one more sensuous backup green

' har kau', bittersweet cholesterolled seductress from da oceans, bane of de lusty old Chinamen
...& fresh from de other side of the Pacific ... charging into the narrow Straits of Malacca
... introducing...from da Wild Wild West
. McCowboys , easygoing, no frills, techsavvy
debonair global onebun wonder fillet in white creamy tartar sauce.

best pal gung ho hot doggy .... soaked in borrowed French mustard

& bouncing cheerleading potato chippies so to overwhelm the bountiful neverending rice threat of da tricky oriental temptresses.

enter da real thing ...
da Yankees's high tech bubbly neutraliser against the inscrutable Chinese tea.
A most leisurely gastronomical adventure when East meets West.
some more dainty oriental beauties
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  • * Hey Yukoshimasan...we have not forgotten your dear Sushi Geishas of the Far East ok.
    ...Later, not now dear


    Precious Pea said…
    A very bad decision to visit your blog in the middle of the nite. to go back to sleep with growling stomach?
    Michelle said…
    how true of what precious pea commented... *sigh*

    i really love love love love 'har kau' to the max. Me and my dad's a-must-have dimsum. Like a real addiction.... I can just ignore all the siu mai and lou mai kai..

    *saliva dripping*
    Yinsi Yat said…
    Aiyo!! me too.. now i got to make maggi mee already.
    Rasa Malaysia said…
    To me, there is no comparison between Chinese Paus and American Burgers...hands down, Chinese Paus reign supreme. I don't even eat burgers.
    eh its good so u can dream about them and wake up nex morning with some errr..smiles...(dun let him know)

    omg lidat u will turn many ppl on u know...( v v dangerous!)

    u can ask chick cook 4 u wat ?

    then how u xplain all da cowboys?
    Xiu Long Bao said…
    xiu long bao is the best :O
    Anonymous said…
    wow! they look soooo.... damn delicious! *salivating*

    yep yep i love pau, burger, bun... but i don't like the real thing at all (coke!).
    Michelle said…
    hahahaha... y turn ppl on??/
    i don't quite get it.. ur pics are like.. really turning me on..~
    Melting Wok said…
    ooh, ok, you just reminded me, time to get some 25 cents siu baos at the grocery market..where's the tai bao with the quail eggs, sausage and chicken one aiyoo..reminds me of that sea park place next to emporium, they got loads of steamers right outside the shop, big baos..yums !:)
    Wennn said…
    Hahahahahh lormai kai... No worry I also hv loads so no problem visiting ur blog in the middle of the nite la..... I hv stock it up liao...
    MeiyeN said…
    da "hargau" looks really yummy but must say that dimsums are quite bad for health though.... high in fats, high in colestrol....what else? compare to burgers, which one much healthier?
    UnkaLeong said…
    Haiyo...Why did I click? Why? Hahah...Good Dim Sum is hard to come by in Bangkok.. *sighs*
    Anonymous said…
    Wondering what is the type of flour they used for making the pau? From the pic,it's most probably made using traditional method with bleached flour. Nowadays,most of the pau made from high protein flour imported from Taiwan (those with white smooth skin), looked nice but it tastes terrible and smells full of ammonia :(
    teckiee said…
    Dai PAU!!!!! the loh mai kai! Siew Mai!!!
    xiu long bao
    Looking at u v certainly think so, right guys?!

    if u mix da real thing with something then it will become xtrathing !hehehe try it soon...

    hahaha u got it , again..

    my world
    yeah and dun forget my chick feet too luv.

    4 u alamak we need to ask from u lah, can ah plse?

    Lets try then all together one go and then see? hahaha
    Actually all all good ( & bad).???
    Depends how u shake them off later !

    u got yr type of 'dimmed somemores' right? da dark ones ?

    is that right? gotta be careful then.

    ok tonight 11.30 v bring. U want hot, or cold ?