Bak Kut Teh, KL( Pork Herbal Broth )

De Challenge from the Imperial Capital

Now you don't have to travel all the way to far away Eng Choon Hokkian great Harbourland Klang to have your fix of the reddish brown liver enhancing life extending tummy satisfying elixir (BKT).
of course you are also coming for da
  • Old Town's original BKT
  • ............or one or two things people in Klang brag about like
  • Klang's pork rib King,
  • Berkeley's Beehoonkuey,
  • Little India's mee goreng
  • ......OR also you have been specially invited and must visit the

  • Book Valley Cafe in Eng Ann Garden.

    This Imperial Challenger from de Capital ( Eye on Malaysia) is along Jln Ipoh, near the Sentul area ( famous for Giant Curry Fish Heads ) and is considered a royale BKT institution. It is really stunning (by BSG standards ) and exemplifies why Chinamen love pork from Xian to San Francisco.

    Look for de very notorious Hotel Califor..errr.., V mean Grand Pacific where the Legendary Striptease Queen Rose Chan (who can forget you dear Empress ) used to scintillate her buxomy ways to tongues a-wagging and knees a-trembling horny old & not so young men ( some ladies too) to full houses in her consorting heydays.

  • Turn left ( or right) to reach Jalan Ipoh. Go straight and look for parking within 100 metres. Look left and check for overflowing tables and chairs.

    Da one. Unmistakeable. Ancient . Classic roadside. Dusty....Aha also got old lady, means

    G O O D !

    This small mean-looking wonder (turbo) will greet you first. Freshly chopped garlics and small green chillis. Soaked in the all-Chinaman can't-live-without-you soya sauce.

    A constant BKT companion of deep fried fritters ( 'yau char kuey',presumably to provide some crunchy sound effects ). Dip in separately provided soup and put in mouth to melt. They should taste like as if you don't need the BKT. But do not overeat them ok, you are not here for this thing.

    Rice...sweet precious rice... what art we without you ...... gorgeous with just a tinge of flavored oil. Do not try that as in above ( for BSG/Gluttons only !)....its too potent for normal people.

    Leans, skins, fats, oils, bones, insides... in sharp overwhelming color.
    Firm & tender.Thick & brothy. Ruggedly dark. Sensuously fair.Dat robust aroma.
    Da feel...Slurrppp....
    So green its unbelievable. And you thought it was red meat.

    Devoured within 15 minutes. It can't be any better.
    BKT Imperial Capital style (closed on Mondays ). @RM7.50 per head standard serve, about similar to Klang.
    Don't forget the tea, otherwise your yin/yan will be out for the rest of da day...
    Ok, now you can proceed to the
  • EYE
  • on Malaysia, 10 minutes away.....


    Precious Pea said…
    GOODNESS!!! Am salivating eventhough I just finished lunch. Heard so much about this place but never been there. Now am motivated to go try it out!
    Xiu Long Bao said…
    aiyoyo... the chillies!!!
    I can finis one whole plate till my sound go hee haw :o
    Rasa Malaysia said…
    Holy smoking HOT BKT...Rasa Malaysia-certified fresh and jilatable. Looks like the entourage mini-bus has been busy scouring all the good eats in the valley lately. Very good! :)
    Tummythoz said…
    Lovely yau-chay-kuey picture. More more more cilipadi & garlic pls. Towkay 'fai-tit-ka-thong'!
    Melting Wok said…
    aiyoo, hmm..I will take a bite of tt cruncy fried cruellers, then dipped in the BKT, one bite of pork stomach, pork feet, and then dribble a few or perhaps a tsp. of fresh cut green chilis all at once...I wanna pengsan. Need to trade places now :(
    boo_licious said…
    drool. been a while since I ate BKT.
    Anonymous said…
    think i mentioned before here that i don't like BKT. the only thing i like about it is the soup.
    MeiyeN said…
    you are definitely number one BKT fan! omg, da chillies with rice looks interesting! i think i will go for that.... ekekekekee
    UnkaLeong said…
    *sobs* Pats rumbling tummy. Quai...Only a couple more days. Hahaha.Makes me wanna hit a BKT stall as soon as I get home.
    What A Lulu said…
    toni, your postings are so regular nowadays. macam selalu makan aje...are you gaining weight?
    precious pea
    u should plan to go Sunday, then u can hop over to de eye

    haha another chili Queen !

    v have to stby some just in case u merajok too much Pg food !

    its strange, why they din have ginger ?

    melting wok
    eh u sure ornot ? pengsan in my arms can !

    v await yr nex BKT feast !

    v will stby for the soup....

    actually ( dun tell anybody,yet) among team BSG one is a certified BKT Xpert( from Klang one).

    5,4,3,2,......c o m i n ....urggggh !

    thats before da l o n g break !
    u r right v have gained a total of 18 kg, and stiil counting...
    cookies_cream said…
    oh my, I used to frequent to this restaurant last time~! They have those big bone drumstick ("zhu guat" in chinese) where my dad used to order. Missed them soo much~!
    Tummythoz said…
    Got ginger-1 meh? Thot only if it's chicken rice.
    thanks 4 dropping by. Great ! another BKT eater !

    actually ginger will detonate the rice as soon as they land in your tummy.
    Tummythoz said…
    Noted. Oya, your post made me visit m a couple of days back. Will post about it soon ..
    Anonymous said…
    I have been told by a friend who is a "yow" kaki that the crowd in the early hours of the morning are of a very interesting sort.
    whistler said…
    chili padi with rice, can eat one ah?
    great u have tried !

    welcome and its an honour to have u here ! Yet to c all those interesting things tho

    yes can !