Assam Laksa in Cafes, KL/PJ

HyperHot OverLustrous Penang Babes

team BSG has many love affairs ( mostly broken ones, wadu u xpet ? ) with these kind of incredibly hot babes. And why not ? They are overly tempting, lustily seductive,multi-flavorful, fierily spicy, visually complex, forever unforgiving and too damn sexy. So must try again & again.

Even in spanking big Malls or remote faraway lands, as long as they are there and waiting.

Name sounds familiar. Probably something like from the Casino in da Highlands. Lets see.

Its from Sunway Pyramid,PJ !

Wow, impressive...Wavy, fresh and full of springy color. Also mystifyingly dark and inviting. But wait, assamy overstrong and salty lips. No, we really have to go...

This one famous, always overbooked in the biggest MegaMall in KL, Mid Valley. When she first came from Penang those days, the KL guys just died in her little willing arms.

But now you can see the tiring looks of the once prima donna. Why the sour face ? Sorry guys lets move on !

This one is simply awesome. Fast and quick. Very fast infact. Almost clinical.
Puchong Jaya, KL (corner shoplot near the Giant Hypermarket ).

WOW ! Smells just gorgeous. With incredibly fresh & stunning looks......and da color !Reminds us of the wonderful lady in Ayer Itam, Penang. Overflowing overpowering overwhelming pungent fishy flakes floating everywhere.The resemblance is absolutely striking minus the bottle of salt and the sugar cane juice.
Then got dat ladyish absolutely feminine F E E L . I gotta stay here longer a bit guys....
U all go first .....
However Da Chef still insists the SS2, PJ Monday Evening Mobile Queen is still better.... ( aiya he is entitled to his opinion lah ).

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    Xiu Long Bao said…
    wat about jusco's garden cafe located @ mid valley? It serves really hot n bud tantalising assam laksa...slurpz!
    Michelle said…
    yea.. true.. the jusco garden cafe is serving real good assam laksa too.. the aroma is overpowering... draggin' u towards it.. *hypnotized*

    "when she first came from Penang those days, the KL guys just died in her willing arms."

    so did u died in her willing arms?? i think not only you lor.. me too~ hahaha..
    Kenny Ng said…
    Have u try at Sunway Piramid, next to Uncle Lim's cafe... if not mistaken Penang Street or something like that... the Asam Laksa better than Uncle Lim's one lor...
    Rasa Malaysia said…
    Chief, I found the the Assam Laksa in KL lacking in "substance," but rank high in the looks department -- too much sour face, merajuk and overly fiesty.

    Unlike the Penang Ayer Itam one which is sweet, savory, juicy, not too much sour-grape, just the right tang and addictively delicious!
    Precious Pea said…
    You should try the Assam Laksa from 'Mark's Assam Laksa' at 1Utama, Ground Floor, next to San Francisco (near Jusco supermarket). Very very very nice!!!
    Tummythoz said…
    No comment. Not a fan. Yes, my bad. And lost as most will attest.
    team BSG said…
    another one yes!
    now v must search 4 this bomb!

    I died, but was saved by the other Pg lass ( lucky )

    correct that is Pg Street. I have tried it is definitely better than Uncle !

    ya substance & looks ( fr Irvine )
    hehehe da time is near.....

    precious pea
    great ! another one ! Here v come !

    never mind v will show u da way...
    lucia said…
    yeh yeh yeh! penang penang penang! penang's food's da'best!! why not when you see restaurants specilaising in penang food in KL. the opposite rarely we heard of!

    nowadays the air itam laksa is not as nice as it used to be. lotsa other places has better laksa like in balik pulau market and the one in the coffee shop in penang road (where the famous cendol is).
    teckiee said…
    when i saw uncle lim....i thought of Genting... ;P
    Rasa Malaysia said…
    Chief - well, we shall see. Lucia is right though...Penang Penang Penang, Penang's food's da'best. When are you backstreeting Penang? Lucia will be your partner in crime in my absence.
    Wennnn said…
    Can U pls send some for me... DHL to my hse okie!! Tenkiu
    this i goona to try
    on the way they...

    and wennnn...:
    you kanot do kar at UK?
    Melting Wok said…
    where's the generous dollop of shrimp paste ?:P
    fatboybakes said…
    so far i think the best ones are still home made ler..not my home la, other people's home.
    RM, i really must get a proper penang food guide. everytime i'm there, i'm quite disappointed. there must be some good places where you dont have to queue like the russians in USSR for free bread right?
    What A Lulu said…
    lulu just realised that she does not eat asam laksas at cafes. from the pasar malam vans and coffee shops yes. but never at the cafes before. the puchong jaya one looks gorgeous. would go and try, but err... tol mahal!
    Keropok Man said…
    makes me want to fly to Penang to have a bowl of laksa at Ayer Itam and fly back!
    MeiyeN said…
    wOwwwwwwwwwwww wahhhhh assam laksa is my favourite!!!! still da one at ss2 every monday's pasar malam da best... ;)
    aceone118 said…
    Yummy!! yummy!! Penang asam laksa i like best. Chun!
    team BSG said…
    Agreed Pg is best !

    hahaha I thought so too ! so no good...

    thank you !

    ok ok Here I come ( myself !)but u better kook wat ? I wait 4 u

    pisang goreng
    I think UK one sure no good lah !
    maybe if wennn do it ..., maybe...

    melting wok
    gone thru the gluttons oredi kannot wait !

    u r right, just when u thought u r at the right place, it is not ....
    u sure need RM to show u...

    this one is good @7.90 sommor got tax one.

    keropok man
    v think u should do that !then oso can take a peek at RM

    how many u want tonight ? hehehe

    tapau for March meeting ah !