5 Things U Din Know about team BSG, Malaysia

We were lovingly tagged by
  • Rasa Malaysia, Taste of Malaysia some happy half-moons ago during a gluttonuous backSteet session with Fujien ladies-in-waiting amidst a late morning orgyfest with some American Redheads, & the disoriented & heavily pleasured team spilled over da following halftruths

    1. team BSG comprises 7 guys & gals of varying appetites, form mildly mild quite well behaved to hyper greedy uncontrollable gluttons. While not engaged in their favourite past-times they are usually docile.

    2. their favourite food is not even food, but they will eat/drink anything that can be eaten/or ?, usually quickly and in high volumes.

    3. 4 of the gentlemen members are obsessed with Chinese Fair Maidens( aka Piao Meis ), especially those from Xian, Guangzhou, Harbin & Fuzhou,where it is said they have left some traceable traces. These 4 have travelled to Beijing, Harbin, Guangzhou, Helsinki , Moscow and Bangkok together and 2 more have almost reached Irvine, California, but overshot to Houston and New York in their quest for the unsual and unnormal. 2 are actually Piao Meis.

    4. Their roaming grounds are usually between Bangsar KL, Damansara Perdana PJ, Subang Jaya-USJ, Sections 1 to 32 Shah Alam, Ipoh, Pangkor and Penang.

    5. In persons they may not be the same as in Print... so kindly be informed

    team BSG is now happy to rollover the tagging confession honours to these next 5 Superstars
    " 5 things most people don't know about you..."

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  • xiu long bao char sui pao also must say...
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  • Go for it ! Thank You


    Precious Pea said…
    Aikkss!! I have been tagged. Good that i have the weekend to think about it. Can i just copy and paste my Big 5 from Tummythoz ar?
    What A Lulu said…
    sure-ah, team BSG comprises 7 guys & gals, and not one tonixe who eats like 7 guys and gals?
    Pak Tam said…
    i stumbled upon your blog just now, so i thought this might be a golden oppurtunity for me to change my life financially :) you see i have this stall selling all kind of Malay kueh in wangsa maju. I have also built a website to promote my business, but the problem is, nobody came to see it (10 hits per day). Would you be kind enough to mention it in your next posting. BTW, we sell tasty kueh. I bet some of your readers who live around here know about my stall and maybe they can vouch for that. Thanks
    go to KARIPAP PANAS,
    Rasa Malaysia said…
    Looks like someone will have life-long supply of karipap panas now. ;)
    MeiyeN said…
    wow....7 guys & gals! what a big team there.... so envy! ;)
    UnkaLeong said…
    7 brides for 7 brothers? ;) Hahahah...
    wmw said…
    *scratching head* trying to decipher the 5 things....
    Michelle said…
    wwooo~ i din know BSG such a big team.. ehehe where am i?? here here!!! hehee..

    keep up the good work.. really like entering here not knowing what to eat and with an empty stomach..
    Tummythoz said…
    wmw, I scratch yours, u scratch mine?
    On d other hand, 5 males? No wonder-lar ai-ching & melt no end!
    precious pea
    of coz kanot. bcoz then got 2 tummythoz oredi not allowed, oso one big glutton short like that

    how u know all these ah ? I know, u use yr statistics & graphs !

    karipap panas
    alamak ! u came just in time. We need lots of hot ones ! I sahall c u 2moro !

    Of coz I shall promise(again) to send u lots of them !

    u mean many is good ? haha means really good !

    right on, but v make sure one each from diff places.

    shall b revealed in Galaxie if not drunk !

    welcome back v thoz u r still on the EYE ! wats for dinner dear?

    v r still not sure whether...( shall ask RM...tonight, as soon as v get back from the other ones)
    Melting Wok said…
    thanks for sharing all the gluttons behind the scenes haha, boys & gals, you guys sure knows how to represent :) Ever get food fight or where's to eat when and first ?
    Precious Pea said…
    Team BSG: You can now check my Big 5 things you don't know about me.
    melting wok
    v oni fight over the women keekeke !

    precious pea
    lets have a computer eating game 2gether, soon...