Thai Tomyam ( in Malaysia )

An original quest 4 authentic A u t h e n t i c i t y
The gastronomic challenge from da Queen of 2min instant noodles. Does the above really capture the fire and spice of authentic Thai Tom Yam ? Ok let de test begin.....

Amazing Thailand, the South East Asian tropical and sub-temperate exotic land of true smiles. Malaysia's immediate Northern neighbour. Distinctively oriental, intriguing and a fun place beyond compare.

An unabashed Men's Paradise, with hordes of semi-wild Amex GI's ( from Tour of Duty in Vietnam, those days), camera trotting & whisky swinging Japs & tricky Taiwanese, drunken Germans & British Hooligans, pretty but arrogant Hollywood and Bollywood big shots, holier than thou kiasu Singaporeans and their almighty dollars......
............... also not forgetting many amorous holymen from Kelantan and Bukit Kayu Hitam .... descending on this international R&R of the quickie kind throughout the year.

.....they are all there, for 3 or 4, fun, fun.... and culture ( so they say...) , and YES more and more FOOD. Its true ! Thai cuisine is bright,hot, spicy, no holds barred, of international standard, and is as diverse as they come.

In Malaysia classy( & Xpensive) Thai restarants are mainly found in the bigger towns , and usually claim to have Thai cooks and helpers, which in itself is a scintillating draw what with the renown Thai hospitality & uncanny penchant 4 tantalising & multisenses Xtra services....

De rigeur of Thai cuisine is of course the amazing Tomyam soup, an Xtra sensory superhot & sour orange concoction of lemon grass (serai), tamarind (assam jawa) and red eye chilli (chilli padi) gastronomic wonder reminiscent of Penang Assam Laksa in both looks and tastes ( but not quite). In bigger restaurants Tomyam is never standalone but usually ordered as an accompanying standard soup to the other dishes.

It is not easy to generalise about Tomyam as they are as unpredictable and as different as each Thai lady. Even in Thailand the various districts have different versions and colours and all claim to be da best.

In Malaysia Tomyam , apart from a must order item in all Thai restaurants is also extremely popular as a soup base in steamboat meals and as a noodle dish.

Different versions are available and here is a snapshot of some
Thai Tomyam 'kung' (prawns) noodles
...Malaysian style...

This impressive ( yes?) mocked up DIY showpiece was dressed by BSG's kitchen from Yeo Hiap Seng's Cintan instant tomyam noodle @50cts/pkt( 80g).

Tastes acceptable, at an all-in est cost of under RM2.

From Top Taste, a cute little Penang inspired cafe in Sunway Mentari, PJ behind the Project petrol station. Dry form @RM5.

Heavy assamy taste and on the salty side.

This one is a killer, all @RM17 inclusice ++ from successful Malaysian multi franchise cafe Secret Recipe USJ Summit. A visual disappointment but tastes delicious.

Almost( but not quite) like flavour in Hadyai (Southern Thailand) !

Popular Chinaman set up in a shoplot,Yu Ai in Lorong Segambut Utara,Segambut (one of the busy industrial zones of Kuala Lumpur). Tastes really assamy (paste) strong.

For @RM9 a bowl it is really unChinaman, by golly !

Did U know that D local Malay backStreet stalls and many restaurants are so in love with Tomyam that it is a standard menu besides their ikan bakar and masakan laut taglines? And that many invariably incorporate proudly & prominently the Tomyam name into their always multi-illuminating rainbow signboards? The above prawn popping scene is a typical backStreet Malay styled Tomyam soup outside Kuala Lumpur with
unmistakeable chicken bits, 3 or 4 shelled small prawns, cauliflower, tomatoes, carrots, onions and lemongrass stalks.
Tastes typically mild and distinctly lemon grassy.

@RM3.50 for a standard bowl. So no complaints ok .

Ruen Thai, a stall in Asia Cafe SS15, Subang Jaya. Claims to be authentic Thai.
@RM5 a bowl. Tastes fresh and nice.
Authentic ? Its possible......

Picture perfect 10 min DIY(enhanced version) courtesy of Maggi da Queen instant tomyam mee. An alltime outstation Student/College undergrad fav snack, it tastes similar to Cintan but well maybe d noodles r more bouncy. All for under @RM2, inclusive prawns & Co.
Fire & spice err ....U mean da ladies ?
W h e r e ??

So, whats da VERDICT ?

...V R sorry your Majesty...the answer is N O ! ...& still N O !!

authentic T h a i l a n d we come .......!!



Rasa Malaysia said…
Looks like I am the one who needs to wear a napkin around my neck. ;)

Check out my new will like it.
Yinsi Yat said…
I love tomyam very much. One of my favourite.
irenekay said…
as for the malay style tomyam, it all started probably in Kelantan/thai border where they learn from the southern that side.... pattaya style I think...

check out Vicchuda in Damansara Utama, PJ...apparently the owner from southern/border thai but the clear tomyam is awesome!!!!!

btw u mention in your cheong fun post...where's ipoh old town restaurant?
Unknown said…
i think i tried the segambut one, the one in the factory, sit upstairs one? oh.. that one is heavenly...
Michelle said…
goshh.. u tickled my tastebuds again.. i'm a huge fan of tomyam soup or any thai food.. so tempting to get one tomorrow.. *drooling*
but darnn.. my cough is still bothering me like only god knows when i'm gonna cure...

sighhhh~~~ you harr!! lusty~.... tsk tsk..
boo_licious said…
I still prefer the clear ones vs the southern type. Having eaten Southern Thai food, not so impressed as it's still heavily influenced by the Malay styles.
Wennn said…
Kapun ka....... heheheheh went to Thailand looking for tom yam ker or piao mei ah??? Girls girls girls evrywhere... No wonder la my sifu like tom yam becoz tat's where all the girls girls come from lor...

I like the DIY wans... can add in watever we like and oni cost RM2 veli cheap... Tat one the RM 15 oni 2 big head prawns.. No good so little garnishing not inviting at all... Taste good also moh yung ler!!! The RM9 one is better lookin la...
Tummythoz said…
Like boolicious, clear ones for me too. Was all engine gearing to go when saw your post title but aiya, best is done at home kitchen? O.o??
no no nooooooooooooooo.....

why you show those tom yam...
make me drooling

no no nooooooooooooooooo........
Anonymous said…
i love tom yam - soup or fried. most of the time when eat tom yam soup i like to have prawns only and nothing else.
Unknown said…
Have u ever try on pure Thai Tom Yam in Thailand? The colour is not that red but the taste damn killer!
fatboybakes said…
eh, your cintan one is less than RM2??? what? with the prawns and with the mushroom? mou horrrr lang laaaa!!!

where you buy your prawns ah? tangkap sendiri one issit?
napkins oredi on Hahaha

welkum bek after a long blake. Did u say Timyin Hadyai issit ? hahaha

Welcome to BSG ! Malay tomyam seems 2 b quite consistent in looks etc. Must check out de DJ one tks. de CCF is in Ipoh itself, near de Padang area(St Michael) Old Town.

keropok man
Tks 4 hopping in ! Dis one I m afraid I haven't try. Must check it up too tks. Segambut seems 2 b famous 4 this item !

Hey v r really same tastes la!
Sore throat easy to clear. Drink tomyam kung with raw prawns and fresh lemons ! Still kanot then I have to treat u tenderly myself, kekeke !

When the BSG Gang was in Bangkok/Pattaya we tried multiple versions of tomyam, and they all have rich creamy thick tastes, of different colours. Some better than others I think, so they also have authentic consistency
problems !

4 u cooking is BEST ! I agree ! Wei Thai girls more hot than piao mei la.

ppl like RM,AC, babe & boo of course will say theirs r best, right !? They r great cooks, but you and us are (better?) eaters ! LOL !

great 2 have u bek after a long break ! Can we have some drooling tomyam jokes from you soon?

did u know u can have raw prawns/vinegar with chili padis in Hadyai ? Then go with hotter tomyam soup ? I think u will love it !

Nope, have yet to try this version. maybe nex trip to Thailad. Tks!

I borrow da prawns from Jaxkson's Klang outfit thats why !! Hahaha( now u know)
teckiee said…
My last tom yam experience sucks big time. Bought instant tom yam paste from Giant.... yuckkss
Melting Wok said…
I thought I've used up my oh my gawdddds, I guess not :P wah wah, suddenly felt like orang utan lurking at your "kon lou" tomyum noodles :P Happy ape'ng, cheers ! :)
Michelle said…
sore throat easy to clear?? all i heard is that honey can kinda cure sore throat.. but i never heard bout tomyam kung lorrr!!!!

some doctor u are... hmmmmm..~~~~
Xiu Long Bao said…
wow, so dis is ur tomyam post? ooo...luscious tomyam...i'll make it extra hot!
UnkaLeong said…
When you come over, I hook you up with the real deal...drop me an e-mail :)
theres one imported from Thailand called tae pae or something, quite decent I think ?

melting wok
yeah indeed da noodles look like their hairs la !

u tried oredi ? then let me know ok !

such a lovely name ! welkum 2 gluttons corner ! Looking at yr site u gotta b hot !

definitely bro !
MeiyeN said…
goodness........soooooooo mouthwatering!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wmw said…
Me like the clear ones too....haha, just settle for one in Damansara Perdana. A mamak shop but they have this lady operating a small tom yam stall. Just discovered! Tom yam good and she also fries the nasi goreng kampung! Good stuff!
I know u love tomyam...

u really travel far and wide I must say ! Wats this nasi goreng kpg place name ? Boo will be Xcited !
da BSG gang lurks round this area too
wmw said…
Eh, the name of the place escapes me. This mamak place is the one directly opposite The Place.