Nyonya Kuih / Finger Foods ( Malaysian Desserts )

Dainty sweet & clingy delights

A unique appetising team of colourful Malaysian (cake) desserts, these soft, wet, petite & sweet things are derived from a tender loving blend of mostly rice, tapioca, potato, yam (+ etc) & some indigenous tropical produce lovingly infused with sugar, coconut flakes including milk, grounded peanuts & multicoloured beans+ some more (maybe shrimps/other meats) ....

.....then sensuously shaped, rainbowed, layered and climaxed to a gluttony perfection with aromatic herbs and leaves ( esp pandan leaves )..... &.....

....... some top ( Nyonya ) secret spices.... to reveal these arty
s e n s a t i o n s

introducing da hole-in-one, with grounded peanuts sauce

round tiny green foursome, with juicy wetty things inside
ping pong sized sphere with clingy clingy whites

fearsome sesame seed rough stickon ( can throw also to hurt)

mount Venus ( love u inside out)

da small red sun Goddess, its the hidden yellow core that really matters

sticky 2timing teaser ( ...never ever let u go...)

multi-senses temptress , peel off slow DIY preferably....

glutinuously complex and ...clingy like anything .......

tapioca magic.........Xtra dense Xtra heavy...... resistence is futile

seductive see through negligee.......... uncover whats under

Yam_licious redhotshot with fierychillis and what nots

de other crouchings in waiting

These selected samplings of sweet young (but cold and sticky) things are found especially in Pasar Pagis/Malams ( morning/night markets) and also in many backStreets across our abundant Land.
One notable upmarket stall is found in SS 15, Subang Jaya, PJ ( mornings only) and these miniature bombshells are packed in attractive plastic containers. This randy Papasan would love to talk to you about the various sensations of each of his fair ladies here & m o r e...
1. why these bombs are frangrantless at a distance but Xtraromatic when licked ......&
2. also enquire about their different appeals and colours and why they are secretly
Malaysia's most lusted desserts !
Have a nice sticky fun this weekend !


Wennn said…
Hahahhhaahh I am first but then hor I dun like kuih tat much expect the negligee I saw... Ahh tat one I like veli much put extra extra chilli sauce.....
Anonymous said…
yuck! i never ever like nyonya kueh. no no no. have not and will not take any of these nyonya kueh... except maybe sometimes kueh talam.

hope you will do review of some cookies or buns instead as i prefer them over nyonya kueh!
Rasa Malaysia said…
Aiya, chief glutton, you are missing some important nyonya kuih liao...where is your pulut inti, kuih ko chee, Kuih Ko Sui, Rempah Udang, Kuih Beng Kang, Pulut Tai Tai? ;P
Rasa Malaysia said…
Alamak, how come my link open in a tiny window like that? Anyway, here is the link for your englightenment: http://www.rasamalaysia.com/2006/09/eating-penang-nyonya-kuih.html
Jackson said…
waa..yam cake is definately my choice!!
Michelle said…
"round tiny green foursome, with juicy wetty things inside.."

hahahhaa... nice description.. if not mistaken.. it's onde onde rite?? with gula melaka... yum~.. i like it.

yups.. i always hav my kuih breakfast there back last time with my ex.. long time no go there loo.. thanks for the reminder dear... :P
fatboybakes said…
guffaw, tonixe, my new adjective see foo!!! respect you la. bow bow. somehow karipap always springs to mind, coz when i was young, our malay maid always referred to you know what as karipap, or cipap for short.... has anyone else heard that term?
I knew u like dat negligee, me 2 !

alamak I thot u r from Pg one ? ok buns I will ask Fatboy 2 review !

Thanks! I was afraid 2 many of them sex bombs one shot will cause multiple stains on their LCD screens ! I mean Fbb. Unka, Jackson & the BSG gang....lah ( now they also know where to find da whole harlem, right here in RM, Irvine !)

no stains plse ! U still not fully recovered right ? or more than recovered oredi ? Otherwise I ask Michelle to drop by yr apartment now!

dats right, no no more yr X,
now v have jackson, Fbb, Unka
and us of course.
V r more gluttony means more feel !

No, plse enlighten ? & buns on yr review nex ok !
tigerfish said…
the 2nd one is ondeh ondeh? I love to pop the whole ondeh ondeh at one go and the juice will ooze out slowly. yum.
the 3rd one is tapioca ?
Michelle said…
yeahh.. i'm feeling you.. hahahaha
Unknown said…
I like glutinuously, eat with kaya damn siok! long time never eat it.
What A Lulu said…
ooo... lulu luvs nyonya kueh too. lulu looking for nyonya kuih in ss15. if this is the one which has a kfc on the other end, then they buka too late for lulu. there used to be one at the chee-yok fun stall, but they're not there anymore.
Melting Wok said…
oh my god, you are such a big glutton
teaser !! You are the next, wait, scratch that, The (One)temptRESS !! :P
Btw, can you snap more salty treats next time, ie. pulut panggang ? :P
wmw said…
You had all that in one go???? I am not worthy.....hahaha....
Rasa Malaysia said…
Hey chief kaypo, the more I look at your Red and Green Ang Ku, the more they flunk my test. Ask your kuih hawker to buy new mould liao...can? My late-grandmother used to sell A1 nyonya kuih so my standard is very high!
Tummythoz said…
The one & only (in my small world of knowledge, that is) Grand Food Papasan strikes again! Oh no, how to look at those delicacies the same way again?
MeiyeN said…
my bf used to buy "kuih" from this stall for my mom years ago when we first "pak-toh" and i absolutely love da "Kuih-talam" :D
onde is right, yeah de juice is intoxicating. the 3rd one is sweety dun think is tapioca tho

o my thats most warm...

ya man if in langkawi with beer ? WOW

its da one, u sure come too early. da Papasan can deliver to u u know, after all he loves new faces !

melting wok
ok ok here comes nex Tempter...salt and all
R U ready ?

hey wat r those compared to yr huge Korean/other queensly feasts !

Yes Delicious! Told da Papasan oredi about the doomed Venus and Goddess, he now can't sleep well everynight waiting 4 new mould & De Taste of Malaysia !
So plse R U S H

Plunder them quick now that they r on the loose ! at least 3 will satisfy u perfectly, h u r r y

bull's eye, GOTCHA , now we know...
...to start the affair begin here...
Anonymous said…
Wow...I am big fan of nyonya kuih...but I dunno that I can get it anywhere in KL or PJ :) They looked nice...Are there nice and yummy?
Anonymous said…
enjoy reading your food blog, i actually find your link from jeelife, and i really surprise there is a food blog in Malaysia ! keep it on !
p/s : make your blog title to something like "Malaysia travelling and food blog" etc. it will help other people who like foods to find you easily in search engines.
fatboybakes said…
eh, tonixe, did you read masak masak's blog about the coming martell dinner? http://masak-masak.blogspot.com/2007/01/martell-presents-klue-rsvp-isthmus.html
come la, get your gang. a few of us will be there.
thanks for visiting BSG, Yr comments are most appreciated. I shall be looking at yr suggestions. cheers !

thanks bro but I am now in Ipoh. Sorry. I look forward to yr post on the event. My best regards to Boo, meiyen, jack and the rest .Thanks again!
fatboybakes said…
what do you mean you are NOW in ipoh? the event is next friday 26th ler brada. not around then either ah?