Nasi Daun Banana Kai Lemak, ( Rice Malaysia )

Introducing de ....
...All Malaysian Rice Meal

Standard version

Unique overwhelming taste.....its found nowhere else but here.
A careful & tender loving blend of coconut, curry, & ginger flavoured triple rice with meats/veges on a banana leaf.

Mildly hot & spicy.
Distinctive multi-sensory tantalising feel.

Golden roast peanuts, crunchy fried anchovies, 1 1/2 boiled egg, some cucumber slices, assorted vegetables, steamed chicken slices, curry fish fillets...and that

ultra-secret recipe chilli sauce (sambal).

Version 2

Xtra value added, for some diehard connoisseurs.
Not for conservatives and the traditionals.
Might even be offensive......
So be warned....

Fully loaded,

introducing roast/bbq pork slices + curry beef on

arguably da best single rice dish in the World......

Nasi daun banana kai lemak( NDBKL) ( Banana leaf fragrant chicken rice ),
da future national dish of Malaysia, truly Asia........

Another culinarybreakthrough & bold concoction from d Chef, team BSG Kuala Lumpur

.... as inspired by the best of local Malay, Sino and Indian cuisines.......a humble team BSG contribution (patent pending) to Malaysian Food in conjunction with VMY2007

Available soon at the nearest backStreet stalls near you.

Happy eating.....


fatboybakes said…
aiyo, is that nasi lemak, siew yoke on banana leaf??? YUMMMMMMYYYY!!!! wherrrre is this place? i must go TOMORO.
Michelle said…
Wow!!~ i rreally never seen this before.. or even think of this before...

one minor question >> blend of coconut, curry, & ginger flavoured triple rice....

can ar? won't taste weird?
don mind be a guinea pig though.. hahaha..
wmw said…
Team BSG came up with this??? Eye popping mixture! Hee hee...
boo_licious said…
Very muhibbah mix of foods. Sounds like a great combo of flavours.
MeiyeN said…
whoa... what a great combination! :D da one with roast pork looks, review da place will ya? ;)
Wennn said…
Aiks apa ini lor??? Mixed Nasi Daun campur ka? Ada "siew yuk" then a lot ppl kenot eat la?? where is this kedai buka kat mana??? 3 in one punya nasi pun ada... good potential ya!!!
Anonymous said…
holy smoke! you serious? ok lah of course you are, if not where got so many lovely tantalizing pictures to show!

i am just shocked and amazed to find out there's such a dish - like someone said, a muhibbah combination. where to find it? if it is hot and spicy, i would have love it.
Rasa Malaysia said…
Hah, coincidentally, I just posted my nasi lemak (finally!) Come eat on a computer screen near you and tell me whose banana leaves rice reigns supreme!!!
What A Lulu said…
is this why you change your tag to chief cook, BSG?
lulu was wondering why chief cook as until now, you have only shown elements of being chief eater.
Fbb a nearest pub near u hahaha

d chef will b calling on u soon, he needs more lovely GPs ! TQ TQ !

only a prototype, the real one few weeks time must ask Tengku Adnan to offer to the World, near the 'Eye' LOL

U can't believe how sensuous it

getting the places ready, soon TQ !

dis one dedicated 2 u lah !

only found in BSG's kitchen for now LOL

For that I have left a long comment at yr site ! Cheers !

W A Lulu
Errr very funny.....hehehe
Rasa Malaysia said…
Chief cook - thanks for your kind comment on my blog. You amuse me to no end. :)
Anonymous said…
Holy crap! This looks good. Please tell us when to get it when its in the market.
UnkaLeong said…
Wah..New Invention. I likey...
fatboybakes said…
which pub, which pub????
Michelle said…
i don mind be a lovely GP for the "chef".. but promise me no emergency doctor visits ok? hahhaa.. kidding dude.
Wonderful,gourmet food is supposed to be amusing too u know... !

Missing 4 some time huh? Great 2 have u back!
Fine tuning Rice Malaysia now, getting tested and fellow food bloggers approval...

will be arranging a tasting session soon... ( watch out !)hehehe

Joey da one Tmn SEA !

da emergency doc is right here beside u watching ! so slurrp n enjoy !
Melting Wok said…
lorong chief cook bsg, your 1 1/2 boiled egg sure loooks one heck of a gigantic egghead to me. Btw, whatlahh, the siu yoke so wasted presented w/the nasi lemak. I wanna see some roast goose, siu yoke & black chinese sausage altogether instead.
cheers ! :)
melting wok
Yr wonderful suggestions have been passed to d Chef BSG for quick improvements. Yeah more power more goose, sausages to booster melting senses ! ( will consult if d Chef fails ...)

TQ !
whistler said…
OMG, Can't believe that is nasi lemak, that become super chinese mixed with the mixes of with roast goose, siu yoke and lap cheong.
Jackson said…
OMG! roasted pork with nasi lemak in banana drooling
Michelle said…
jackson.. u coughing rite.. sick la.. hahahha cannot eat.. so better don drooll.. hehehe
tigerfish said…
thanks for visiting my blog. i do check out backst glutton regularly since the pix are sources of motivation for me to whip up new stuff in my kitchen. thks!
do drop by again when you are in some backstreet. ;p
wait 4 real thing, soon !

good ! after this dish u r now better ! fully recovered !

so nice to hv u back again ! much appreciated, so reward is one xtra plate of Rice Malaysia hehehe

my pleasure, v should have an authentic Spore meal soon in the KL backStreets.... as soon as u find land....hahaha