Klang's Original Bak Kut Teh ( Herbal Pork Broth)

da Real Thing

After a long search, it has finally been found, da Maestro's Den.

Infamous and controversial Bak Kut Teh (BKT), a one-of-a-kind health tonic & accidental gastronomical wonder of intense tantalising dark ultra-rich herbal pork soup is said to originate right here in this nondescript lonely cornerlot shop a half century ago. BKT's popularity is such that it has today been copied and commercialised throughout the Chinese culinary world in fusionly forms totally alien to da original recipe.

da ancient corner shoplot between the 1st Klang Bridge, Klang Police HQ, Klang KTM Station and Little India. Not far from the rather famous 'under the bridge' BKT shop 150 metres away. Where it is said the one-&-only original Klang BKT was labouriously concocted (first as a rejuvenating medicinal brew for over-laboured bodies & souls), tested and finally approved for general application many years ago ( & inadvertently became Klang's universal & impecable wonder brew 4 da masses).

This ancient tradition/art of a libido enhancing BKT meal complete with ceremonial but practical Chinese tea ( to neutralise the abundant fats ) is, against all odds, still being steadfastly & proudly maintained by one of the Founder's son ( another brother has moved da Supremo's secrets to fusionly BKT's row near the Klang toll Plaza).

As you enter the shop, quietly find a place to seat and wait to be served.
You will be asked what meats and tea you prefer.
Mild onion flavoured rice will come first in plates, with forks & spoons.
Then your hot bowl of thick dark herbal meats in a bowl (no claypots please)
will follow.

Sense the wonderful rich overwhelming aroma. Feel the vigorous absolutely meaty taste. Do not look for fried bean curds, veges or any of those pampered things.....for there is none...not even sauce and chillis. For isn't this the original that you are looking for?

Hey Gluttons, congratulations !

You have finally found da real thing......

BKT will never be da same again !


Michelle said…
hmmm true of wat u said.. the taste really remained the same since the last time i've been there which was like..more than a decade ago.. hehhe... pure meat bkt.

seldom eat bkt lately.. hate the fact my new or not-klang friends like to link me with bkt just because i'm from klang. *frowns*

hahhaa.. good post!!~
and by the way.. y u coming to cheras??
UnkaLeong said…
I love the way the meat just peels of the bone :) There's a BKT stall I always try to visit when I am back in town. It's located in Selayang, on the junction where the Entrance to FRIM is.
Jackson said…
ohh....really forgot the taste of the original BKT. Must visit this shop next time
Tummythoz said…
"As you enter the shop, quietly find a place to seat and wait to be served."
Err.. why like library-ar, that place?

Harr??!! No chilipadi in soy sauce to dip the meat? Nvm, I'll remember to bring my own.
Rasa Malaysia said…
One word - Jilatable!
I thot they will ask u bout seafood? but of course u know Klang has many other goodies right?I think u should blog bout them too. Haha if invited Cheras is only 20 streets away !Exams over onot?

I will try to remember that one, tho I associate selayang more with some other dishes? eg curry fish head beehoon, drunken lalas, soft shelled crabs...

ya lah, last time I nearly kena scolding for asking chili padi !

bcoz like heritage museum ma! plse no chili/sauce that fella no happy one u know, say his father no approve.

Nyonya Princess
my dear that ia authentic...
Michelle said…
no exams but got hell lotsa presentation.. :(

good thing ur blog cheer my day though..
Anonymous said…
I have tried both Klang BKT and the Selayang one...mmm...no fight at all :) The Klang one taste original without much MSG and artificial flavoring,the meat was so tender, the soup full of herbal taste...good good...
v have linked u to us as klang lady tks 4 yr wonderful presence . Xcept how r v gonna comment on yr blog our dearest?

ha ha ha . Agreed !
Anonymous said…
Next time you come to Klang for BKT invite me also la. I hardly venture out that far to look for BKT. But it sure looks and sound delicious.
yes I shall hijack u soon ! welcome to bSG !
Anonymous said…
BKT - i only like the soup, not the meat or anything else!
Wennn said…
Can I hv one with the meat not so fatty and loads of soup??? But hor no chillies how to eat leh???? Sei leh I hide la inside my bag take out one by one or U tapau sent to me I cut my own at home can arr lidat???
haha, then give da meats all 2 me..

ok i tapau the BKT, and also myself with lots of soup. u wan old or young chillis ?
Wennn said…
Kakakkaakk I wan hot and spicy chillies.... So where is my BKT I am still waiting.. very hungry liao...
Anonymous said…
this shop really has the most original BKT. There's also one in Meru, Klang city centre (opposite Bangunan Tabung Haji (near Plaza Metro and same row as Peugeot) that's famous for tua ki kut
ehh u din receive ah ? let me check again, how can ah ?

welcome to BSG, yes I have ried the tua ki kut also, its great too !
Anonymous said…
im from there!that guy in the pic chopping pork, i dont like his attitude.he wont add soup for me
haha, it happens all the time. cocky boss or bosses with a big personall problem. dun worry !