Indigenous Malaysian Tropical Fruits

Dangerous Roadside Flirts

The next time you are on the trunk interstate federal roads in Malaysia, watch out for makeshift wooden stalls flanking both sides of the busy thoroughfares. There have been many close calls when normally law abiding cars suddenly swerve left ( & even right, & maybe U turns ! ) .....and emergency-park precariously beside these stalls, quite oblivious to other impatient traffic.

Why, u can't really blame these gluttons for the aroma of da King is overwhelming and many just can't resist their pungently charms. Not only that for who can resist the other 4 no-less-famous & able supporting fragrant and colourful cast making their not-everyday but seasonal ( maybe 2/3 times a year ?) cliffhanging flirthy liasons all worthwhile.

Welcome to Malaysia's Top 5 magical fruity sensations !
Rounded and clustered in a bunch, these little beige-coloured spheres are easy to peel when ripe and their translucent colourless flesh is soft, tender and sweet.
But can be sour too so beware.
The greeny slippery seeds are quite bitter, so do not eat them !
Comes in many variants under the Langsat family.

This most sexy of Malaysian fruits need no introduction.
Easy going, addictive, Xtra sweet and Xtra sensuous.
True Gluttons ( like team BSG ) can eat them by the hundreds, until the stock runs out ( so sad ).
Small kids should be extra careful, there have been some cases of fatal chokings of the seeds.....
Also the colourful discarded skins normally paint the roads red, like a red carpet.
Called rambutans, they come in many colours and sizes.

These aromatic golden juicy nuggets occupy one notch higher than their cousin the jackfruit but is more tricky.
Their seeds can be eaten when boiled and they can even be fried to make an irresistible roadside fruit cake alongside the humble fried banana, albeit a most unbeatable in-demand aromatic one. But because they are so unpredictable, indigestion may occur as the golden flesh can be cottony. Best to eat less than 10 nuggets at one go.
Cempedak de dimpled rich juicy one...

They don't call this dark red/white temptress da Queen for nothing.
While the outer cover is hard and mean looking, the voluptuous interior is oozing with the most absolute tender white sweetness you can ever find in Fruitland.
Claimed to be a miracle, it has vitamins from A to Z ( they say).
her Royal Highness da Mangosteen

Durian, da KING. Malaysia's most famous fruit.
World's most banned (too aromatic) legal fruit.
Best enjoyed squatting by the roadside in full view of oncoming speeding cars and lorries and in the tropical heat, wind , dusts and all.
Outstanding kingsly aroma and immaculate hyperrich taste.
Enough said, eat to believe.....
Durian WARNINGs:
*Looks are deceiving, it is best to call along a durian xpert( like BSG) to enjoy authentic durians.
*It is not easy to pick a good durian.
*Beware of conmen durian 'Xperts' ( many of them)
*allow 3 hours after eating to meet potential clients/new friends or else.....

where to find all of the above
along roadsides and shops all over the country, seasonal ( 2/ 3 times a year).
Check pasar malams ( night markets) 4 bargains/& free show
by weight, ranging from RM1 to RM 10 a kg.
Look out for bumper harvests where prices can topple to almost free.


Michelle said…
ngek ngek ngek.. i like.

"True Gluttons ( like team BSG ) can eat them by the hundreds..."

hundreds in one go?? seriouss?/? how many are there in team BSG?

mangosteen = queen..
durian = king...

hmm.. not really a matchy couple.. ahahhaa.. mind me.. i'm not myself today.. :P
Wennn said…
Hahhaahhaah not enuf ppl to eat the hundreds take me too, I can help.....

Ahhhhh yes magosteen for da Queen= ME!!! Kekkekekeekek :P

Durian okie lor not so much liao becoz hv to take expert then oni can buy wor!! If no expert dun buy liao lor!!!

The rest of the fruits okie nia.. Me only like 2 and a half among all....
MeiyeN said…
interesting!!!!! da only fruits that i eat from your selections would be langsat, yummy! :D
Yinsi Yat said…
Each time I come your blog sure feel hungry wan leh.
Melting Wok said…
hey duku chief bsg, I almost forgot how delicious those ugly looking spot-on langsats are :) Did you however, somehow, perhaps, hehe forgot to snap some "ciku" *ahem* ? :)
Rasa Malaysia said…
Toni - the first one is called Buah Rampai.
yes its true we can do that, & more.Team BSG is 4 going on 8, with u becomes 9 Hahaha !da king is hyper heaty, while da Queen is supercool, so its a good match ( dun agree?)yr sore throat still kanot?
ok here I go to Cheras !

english rose
U must take me along otherwise they will serve u potatoes called durians.

hey? how come?
darlin din bring u to try all of them ah ?
Da queen & King u know, how can?

that overbig guy on da sand still trying to lay one langsat issit?
Wakekekekakaka !

melting wok
I din forget, they disappeared.....

Nyonya Queen
Tks !
Tummythoz said…
Any suggestions where to score some of those red-haired beauties and the queens cheaply?? If got ciku, better still!! Nowadays, scarce supply-hor. :(
fatboybakes said…
hey, see foo, may i ask what camera u use? ur colors are very brilliant.
Rasa Malaysia said…
Alamak, calling me Nyonya Queen pulak...yeah lah, is mine too, but I haven't had time to update the template and write for it (plus I have to go home and ask my mother and aunt to teach me how to cook those really complicated Nyonya dishes. Anyway, want to be my guest writer ke...perhaps Nyonya King?!
Melting Wok said…
bsg, that's ok :) my profit ratio as following *grins*
langsat = n/a
rambutan = canned "unrecongnised taste" USD$1.29
jackfruit = frozen USD$2.99/lb
fresh USD$4.99
mangoesteen = poochi-elek !
durian king = USD$2.99-3.99 "quality not guaranteed"

For every picture you listed above = "priceless" :)))
the best place would be outside KL say like trunk Ipoh-KL road, Ulu Langat,Raub/Bentong and Plus Highway R&R @ Bukit Gantang I believe, near Changkat Jering, Taiping?

my camera very basic one Nikon 5mp, its the computer enhancing u should look at. Also daylight/natural light is best as flash can result in overexposure. 4 more plse refer WMW/Boo, LOL

Nyonya Princess
If only I could, but I can't, after all I am only a glutton, not a cook or recipe king (omg)but tenkiu 4 yr confidence. Maybe if I look more at RM, who knows ?

melting wok
amazing those figures. I'll gladly take it. Now we know, u r the Jackfruit Queen !

Hey, BSG priceless or the pixs ? U r melting me...
MeiyeN said…
tonixe, cannot!!!! da king is so fattening!!!! :p
Hahaha, good 4 u !

no wonder u look ever so immaculately slim/perfect
Melting Wok said…
tengku toni, particular queen bee bocor longkang my identiti izit ? :P Thx, cempedak goreng kiap nin kow, yum2 :)
no worries darlingg...v will always love u bocor ornot.
Melting Wok said…
ok toni, the fruit porn king have spoken, one fruit a day, keeps the love going hahahaha :)