Indian Rice, Bangsar, KL

Its still frying H o t !

Bangsar KL ( da happening place ), a middle-class suburb near the Mid Valley Megamall
is well known amongst city dwellers for its up-market condos,
modern fine dining (eg "La Bodega" of M'sian Tatler 118 fame , 5 Star Bangsar 1 ),
contemporary eating establishments/pubs ( the "Talk", "Absolute Chemistry")
and classy shopping centres ( Bangsar Shopping Centre, Bangsar Village ).

In fact it is accepted by many to be one of the few & rare modern, brighter and
generally less pretentious entertainment zones and attracts many of KL's youngish
and more nocturnally-hyperractive residents...
...and de occassional Xpat & (local) partner.

Before the infamous Thai Tom Yam driven Crash of 1997/8 ( which financially crippled
many an Asian State ) Bangsar was leading the exuberant/some say decadent new age
make-it-and-rip-it lifestyle of the aspiring rich and prosperous city wannabes
with all R&R outlets packed to the brim.

Today tired Bangsar has slowed down considerably, probably reflecting the sign of the times.

Bangsar proper is divided into 3 zones
pub heavy Jln Telawi,
traditional Lucky Gardens &
laidback Bangsar Baru, each having its own charms.

Take a slow walk here one day and you will know what we mean !

This simple & hardy all weather cornerlot Indian crowd-puller in Lucky Gardens (near the Lorong Ara Kiri area ) is packed at lunch time with office workers and other hungry gluttons. While its pride is the pricey Fish Heads in curry, it is more of a people's stall kinda place here. So you will see lots of Indian plainest of plain rice with fried chickens, fried fish and fried squids and some plain vegetables, notably beansprouts, ladies fingers and brinjal ( & thats all there is ! )

Then compulsorarily ( just do it !) & heavily widespread-it-up-on-top with that orangey oily fish CURRY with floating greenies from the giant pot ( what else !).

Giving you this most simply appetizing Indian rice with fried chicken drumstick and beansprouts in signature...
...actually the only one fish (head) curry @RM3 only (yes !)

Or if you prefer... with fried fish and fried squids in same vegetables. @RM 7

Indian rice, simply nice and as curried as can be .

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    Rasa Malaysia said…
    Your yellow sotong looks much better than my purple sotong in Tokyo.
    Anonymous said…
    i like indian rice! much more than chinese rice. indian rice as compare to nasi kandar, they said is much healthy.
    Precious Pea said…
    Being a glutton, i would most probably take each of everything. Slurpz.
    UnkaLeong said… rumbling tummy.Settle down, settle down...You'll get your fill of Indian food soon...
    Tummythoz said…
    Aha! My kind of plates. Filled with dishes until can't see rice. *overhead p.a. system in office,' Staff 108, salivating on keyboard is strictly forbidden. And stop gnawing at the monitor.'*
    Rasa Malaysia said…
    Chief - either Audrey or I will send out an Evite soon, so please be on the lookout. You jangan jangan "fong ngoh fei kei" okay, or else I will be merajuk! :P
    Unknown said…
    I just wanna blog about this stall... I never miss this stall every week, it's like my drug, I must have it at least once a week! One more... it also damn cheap! yummy~~~~!!!
    shall I keep the sotong 4 u ? dun worri I am sure Audrey will be doing a good job.

    interesting ! I know many chinese friends who love curry more then the sweet sour things !

    precious pea
    looking at yr K Selangor food I believe and agree !congratulations !

    I hv already told the skinny boss to look out for the returning Bangkok guy. He will give u Xtra head ( with tail also) !

    yr boss has to curryproof the monitor la like that ! Pg people terror one.

    kenny one
    now everybody knows kenny's secret of hot jokes and hotter songs !